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Monday, August 23, 2010

Langkawi Anchovies To Be Processed Into Light Snacks

LANGKAWI, 19 Ogos (Bernama) -- The Langkawi Fishermen Association has embarked on processing anchovies harvested in Langkawi into snacks under the brandname of "Bilis Crispy Rangup". Its General Manager, Abdul Majid Ibrahim, said most of the catch now were processed and sold as dried anchovies but the association, had since July, diversified its operations to further process the anchovies into crispy snacks, with the intention of increasing its income.Sixty five per cent of the anchovies produced in the country comes from Langkawi."We have gone on a promotion trial at grocery stores, supermarkets and shops located at the Langkawi cable car tourist spot."If the response is overwhelming, we would spread our wings abroad," he told Bernama in an interview Thursday.

Abdul Majid also said large-scale promotion would be undertaken soon at institutions of higher learning and schools, nationwide, since the "Bilis Crispy Rangup" snack was protein-rich and was suitable for students. Between three to ten kilogrammes of the snacks are produced daily and has a shelf-life of six to 10 months."We are in the midst of obtaining a halal licence for our product," said Abdul Majid, adding that retailers and the public have shown encouraging response for the snacks. The Fisheries Development Authority of Malaysia had allocated RM246,000 to help the Langkawi Fishermen Association kick start the business."We plan to expand our operations and tap the markets of the Middle East, Brunei, Indonesia, the Philippines and Singapore in a year's time.-- BERNAMA

AL :
Its about time someone come with this idea. Langkawi are among the best ikan bilis in Malaysia. Famous for its small bilis blue eye. Very delicious & tempting when eat with nasi lemak sambal. Anyway its a good effort.
Hopefully it will not be just a plan..

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