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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Paradise Langkawi

Title: Paradise
Photographer: Yusuf Millington-Hussain
Date taken: April 2010
Location: Langkawi, Malaysia
Behind the scenes: This photo was taken at sunset from our resort at Tanjung Rhu. It was just amazing to see such spectacular colours in the sky and how the water changed from crystal blue to this gorgeous blue-green. The islands you see in the distance is the coast of Thailand.
Camera used: Nikon D80


Monday, August 22, 2011

Weddings in Langkawi on the Increase as People Seek More Exotic Weddings and Honeymoons

PRLog (Press Release) - Aug 03, 2011 - Weddings in Langkawi, Malaysia on the Increase as People Seek More Exotic Weddings and Honeymoon Locations.

Malaysia offers what is considered by many to be one of the most remarkable places in the world to get married.

The exotic jungle location of the Malaysian island of Langkawi is one of the world’s most popular places to marry and it doesn’t take long to figure out why.

“Langkawi not only has the Jungle to offer where you can have your service, but the service can also be held in the hotel, on the beach or in the garden, so there is something to suit most people, hence it is no surprise that we have seen an increase in the requests for wedding loans and honeymoon loans to be able to go to Malaysia” said James Jones from Poor Credit Loans 4 You who specialise in helping to acquire wedding loans and honeymoon loans.

More info here..



WCA 2011 NEWS:

We are proud to announce KEE Action Sports (USA) and Napshot Paintball (Malaysia) as the Platinum Sponsors for THE PAINTBALL WORLD CUP ASIA (WCA) 2011 - LANGKAWI - MALAYSIA.

The new range of Empire Paintball products will be showcased during the Paintball Expo at WCA 2011!!

Special thanks to KEE Action Sports and Napshot Paintball for supporting the Paintball World Cup Asia (WCA) 2011.

WCA 2011 Highlights include:

Special note: It will be the WORLD'S FIRST EVER international paintball tournament hosted indoors
with the following world-class facilities and highlights below:

I) The Royal Patron for WCA 2011 - H.R.H The Princess of Kedah, Malaysia.
II) Multi-million dollar facility - The Mahsuri Hall (Mahsuri International Exhibition Centre-MIEC as used by LIMA - The Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace Exhibition)
III) Air-conditioned (A/C)
IV) Astro turf playing fields
V) The Intercontinental Cup
i) Expected participating teams and players expected from 20+ countries:-

1. Australia
2. Thailand
3. Japan
4. South Korea
5. USA
6. United Kingdom
7. UAE
8. Malaysia
9. Singapore
10. New Zealand
11. Indonesia
12. Philippines
13. Dubai
14. Iran
15. Venezuela
16. Germany
17. France
18. Uruguay
19. Cambodia
20. Vietnam
21. India
22. Brunei
23. Canada
24. Russia
25. Taiwan
26. Myanmar
27. Guam

AL :-
Interesting event.. Wish can be one of the participant.. Hehehe.. Not enough gearlah.. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

a Weekend at the Westin - Langkawi

Last weekend was for total R + R time for us both ... and that's how it was.  We flew from Singapore to Langkawi early Friday morning and we were unpacked and ready for 'anything' by mid afternoon.

From the moment we arrived till we left just after noon on Sunday, we seriously had a lovely time and Saturday was even spent with friends we had not seen for sometime. 

The resort was especially nice, much larger than I expected and a lot more children than I expected as well .... though they did not disturb us at all. Our room was very comfortable and equally as quiet.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Langkawi Link Vacation Guide - 2011 August ISsue

Langkawi Link is a free travel magazine which offer great guideline & travel info to Langkawi Tourist.
Get yours today in Airport, Kuah Jetty or selected places. Please email me at for pdf copy..

PNKL Plans To Expand Marketing Of Bilis Crispy

LANGKAWI, Aug 9 (Bernama) -- The Langkawi Fishermen's Association (PNKL)plans to expand the marketing of local anchovies-based snack food, "Bilis Crispy Rangup", to the mainland.

Chairman Mahadzir Ibrahim said PNKL has been undertaking the production of even tastier Bilis Crispy Rangup at its building in Penarak here since last July.

"The proposal has been made known to a number of mainland fishermen's association's to assist with the marketing," he told Bernama here today.

He said at present the product is being sold only at shops, supermarkets and tourist areas throughout Langkawi.

He said an intensive promotion would be undertaken in respect of the marketing as the Bilis Crispy Rangup was packed with protein.

Mahadzir said the decision to expand the marketing of the product was made based on the encouraging response from traders and the public.

He said the project was also being implemented to diversify PKNL's activities as well as generate more income.

At present, PNKL is implementing several projects, including the rearing of fish in cages in the waters of Penarak as well as supplying diesel to fishermen.


Anaklangkawi :-
A true Langkawi Product. Once you've tasted Langkawi Anchovies there's nothing compared to it.  

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pantai Chenang Beach

Picture of the day. Long Pantai Chenang beach. Where all the fun begins in Langkawi. :). Can see clearly Mat Cinchang Mountain at the background. Thanks to brombags for sharing.. More from him here.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Langkawi Monkey

Monkey Species Unknown
Picture of the day. This monkey for me is rarely seen on the street. But by a good guide you can easily find it in Kilim & forests in Langkawi.

Thanks for sharing.. Hui-e .. More from her here.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mail Q&A: Taking to the skies - LIMA Organising Director

The Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace (LIMA) exhibition began in 1991 as the brainchild of former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Since 2005, this biennial event has been organised by HW LIMA Sdn Bhd. With the next exhibition slated for Dec 6 to 10, the organiser's managing director Ahmad Dzuhri Abdul Wahab shares with The Malay Mail writer ASRUL HADI ABDULLAH SANI what participants and visitors can look forward to later this year.

Q: What is LIMA’s new approach for this year’s exhibition and how will it be different from previous installments?

A: From 1991 to 2009, LIMA had evolved into more of a defence platformThe current overall market potential in the region shows a strong commercial sector for the maritime and aerospace industries. Certainly, we do not want to miss out on that.
We are trying to revive what was initially intended for LIMA 2009. That being our focus this year, we have included three new segments: commercial aviation, commercial shipbuilding plus maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services, which will be introduced for the first time at LIMA 2011. Already there are signs that this is being received very well.
About 20 per cent of our current exhibitors are from the commercial sector. I think we can get 30 per cent of our existing customers and new customers to participate in the commercial sector exhibits.
In the end, we are looking to have a 60:40 ratio between commercial and defence participation in our exhibition. This is our long-term target. When we can achieve that will depend on how hard we work.

Q: Will the introduction of these commercial aviation, shipbuilding and MRO services sector participation boost LIMA 2011?

A: Definitely. For LIMA 2011, I think we now have attracted up to 23 per cent new-to-market companies. Out of that figure, 20 per cent are from the commercial sector.
Q: Will there be an increase in the number of participants this year compared to 2009?

A: In 2009, we had 25 country exhibitors participating. As of now, we have 33 countries already. In 2009, we had 325 companies while this year we have 368 companies registered as at earlier this month. Once the European companies come back from their summer holidays, we will see this figure increase further. We are targeting to have about 500 companies.
We will also see an increase in country pavilions from nine in 2009 to 13 this year. The new additions include Turkey, our biggest country pavilion, Portugal and Slovakia.

Q: How many aircraft and vessels are going to participate in Lima 2011?

A: In 2009, we had 99 ships. I don't know if we can achieve these figures again. We are targeting about 90 vessels. Agencies, including those of our government, have decreased their participation numbers due to operational requirements.

Q: Do you think LIMA 2011 will be an important platform to promote local aerospace and maritime products and services?

A: Of course. We have put in place several programmes to help our local industries.
First, we are inviting consultants from the aerospace and maritime industries to talk to our local companies about Asean growth potentials and how to penetrate this market.
Together with Matrade (Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation), we have a B2B (business-to-business) programme to act as a forum where meetings are arranged based on a company's profile.
Interested Malaysian companies just have to register with us and Matrade will match them with potential clients. Over two days, they can have six to seven meetings with potential clients and that would be a big boost for our companies.
We also look to LIMA helping our government's aspiration for Malaysia to be a maritime and aerospace hub.
Apart from leveraging LIMA as a better business platform, we are also helping to catalyse interest among school-leavers and students in both the aeronautical and maritime industries.
We have worked with some of the exhibitors, especially our air force and navy, to give talks and programmes during the last two days which we are calling ‘career days’. This is being implemented for the first time in the hope that it would give more value to our customers, visitors and in the end, our industry.

Q: Will there be any special packages for visitors?

A: As far as entry is concerned, we are already generous. It will only cost RM10 each to enter the exhibition areas, but we will probably try looking into family packages and so on.
Q: What will be LIMA 2011’s main attractions?

A: We are very excited for this year's programme, we have almost all the plane manufacturers interested in bidding for our (Royal Malaysian Air Force or RMAF) MRCA (multi-role combat aircraft) programme. We have the Eurofighter Typoon, Rafale from Dassault, and Boeing F-18 Super Hornet coming.
All these aircraft will come for static displays and also fly at certain times during the exhibition. For the public, I think this is a wonderful opportunity to see the different types of aircraft in the same sector.
Our transporter Airbus A400M, coming in 2012, will also be at LIMA 2011.
We will also have our 1Malaysia aerobatic team performing, through a public and private arrangement between the RMAF and a local company. We are using a single-seat turboprop aircraft extra 330L and using pilots from RMAF to form what is now known to be the 1Malaysia aerobatic team.
We are still waiting for an answer from the Russian Knights aerobatic team. Most of the aerobatic teams in the world are from the northern hemisphere, the famous ones normally hibernate during the winter months when LIMA is held. That is when they start training new pilots and produce a different team.
So, it has been quite an exercise to get overseas aerobatic teams to come to LIMA simply because it is their off-season then.
Malaysia’s second submarine, KD Tun Abdul Razak, will be coming too. So, it is a fantastic opportunity for the public to come and see something we cannot see any other day.

Q: Will there be any deals signed at LIMA 2011?

A: At the last LIMA, we had RM5.4 billion worth of business conducted. With the addition of the commercial sector, I think we will be able to surpass that amount this year.
I would not like to speak on the behalf of the Defence Ministry on the contracts to be signed, but I believe the value of those contracts will most probably be significantly more.

Q: How much has the government poured into LIMA 2011?

A: This is public and private venture. So it is on a cost-sharing basis between the government and us. Yes, it is overall a bigger budget but the investment the government makes every year has remained at a plateau since 1999. It is indeed a testament to how well LIMA has continued to grow despite government investments remaining the same.

Q: Why should people come to LIMA 2011?

A: Fundamentally, people should come to LIMA this year because there will be lot more aircraft and ships on display. The array of aircraft and ships we are going to see at LIMA this year will be different from any other LIMA.
When I say array, I mean they will be both from the defence and commercial sectors. We have five of the leading combat aircraft manufacturers and assets coming to LIMA.
Four of the leading helicopter manufacturers in the world are coming to show off their assets. We also have Gulfstream and quite a number of business jets being displayed.
So, I think there will be a lot more activities and a lot more things to see, a lot more aerial displays including our aerobatic team. We want people to come cheer our aerobatic team and see how well they perform.
Lastly, it is going to be an educational LIMA with lots of programmes and talks to get people excited about possible careers in maritime and aerospace. There will be a lot of things happening at LIMA this year.

AL :- 
Bigger participant to LIMA exhibition. This just mean one thing.. Bigger crowd & fully booked hotel.. 
I urge Langkawi & Businesses don't take this opportunity to increase the price unnecessary.  

Rock in Burau Bay

Burau Bay Langkawi
Picture of the day. Such an art. Thanks to Led Fuad for sharing. More from him here.

Comment by him :- I felt closer to Langkawi every time i view the photo

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Senior and adventurous

MY cousins and I are travel buffs. We visited Langkawi recently, and our wonderful experience there can best be described by the saying, “One good turn deserves another.”
Langkawi, as travellers know, is a historical place. It’s also hot like the rest of the country. Since the most cooling and serene spot on the island is up in the mountain, we decided to take a cable car up. It was 3pm when we reached the top.

At 710m above sea level, the place was misty, cold and very relaxing. We saw a walking track and six elderly persons struggling up the peak. Without hesitation, we walked down to offer help. There were two pakcik and four makcik.
The thin, cold air must have made them breathless; we felt the same way, too. The three of us took two rounds to help all of them up.

The senior citizens were very appreciative, and we felt like heroines. Later, they took the cable car down, while we continued to enjoy the cool air. Two hours later, we went back down.
Because it was a little chilly that evening, we decided to have some hot, spicy tomyam. Unfortunately, the restaurant famous for this Thai specialty was full, and the queue was long.
Disappointed, we started to walk away. Suddenly, I felt a pair of hands grabbing my arm. It was one of the makcik we had met up in the mountain. She insisted that we join them at their 10-seater table and paid for our dinner. The food was good. We learnt from them that each of the pakcik had brought along his two wives.

They were travel buffs, too, and had travelled to many countries.
When we thanked them for the wonderful dinner, one makcik smiled and said to us in English: “One good turn deserves another.”
We were impressed. They were lovely.

Senoja Siew,
Cheras, Selangor

Taken from the star 

AL :
A great example of 1Malaysia story. 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Archipelago Hotels & Resorts Now Manages The Datai Langkawi

KUALA LUMPUR, July 29 (Bernama) -- Langkawi's luxury resort, The Datai, is now under the management of The Archipelago Hotels and Resorts Sdn Bhd (AHRSB), a new niche player in the high-end luxury hotel and resorts market, it was announced Friday.

The management contract took effect from yesterday and from this foundation, Franz A. Zeller, Managing Director Archipelago Hotels and Resorts, said in a statement that the company was set to expand internationally as a premier luxury city hotel and resort management company.

The company's portfolio also includes The Club at Saujana Resort in Subang and Carcosa Seri Negara in Kuala Lumpur.

The Datai, located on the northwestern tip of Langkawi's main island, has put Langkawi on the map for discerning travellers with its 54 deluxe rooms, 40 villas, and 14 suites.


AL :-
So it is confirm that The Datai is under new management.. Any plan to open up a more affordable package to some of the guest? 

Pantai Chenang - Night Life

Picture of the day. One might wonder how Pantai Cenang look like at night. This picture should give you an idea. :) Thanks for sharing Ye-Wa... More from her here.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Langkawi Buffalo Park by Keats the Sunshine Girl

I have to admit I'm not one to sit around on a holiday. Even on a wedding destination which was already packed  with ceremonies. Now you know I'm a kind of pain in the ... with my folks who say that I can't stay still !!! So while  many chilled out and pampered themselves at the hotel, I made contact with my blogging friend, wChinner. She made the arrangements for my husband and I to do an short escapade on the river to  the mangrove swamp. And when I heard about the existence of a Buffalo Park, my mind was made up right away!

No mooing greeted us at the Langkawi Buffalo Park. It was all too quiet when we visited. In the building where the mozarella cheese is made, there was no activity. A pity 'coz we wanted to watch the manufacturing  process.

We headed to the big shed following a signpost. There the buffaloes stood, busy munching  away their green meal. After a while we caught sight of a farm hand who introduced himself as Din. He was busy with the day's routine but stopped to answer some questions.

More related story here..

Ramadan Discount - 50 Per Cent Off For Cable Car Ride In Langkawi

LANGKAWI, July 29 (Bernama) -- Panorama Cable Car Langkawi Sdn Bhd, which manages the cable car service here, is offering a 50 per cent discount for Malaysians in conjunction with a special Ramadan promotion between Aug 1 and 29.

Its operations officer, Ebi Azly Abdullah, said the promotion was held to allow more Malaysians to view the scenic beauty of the resort island from Gunung Matchincang.

The company is also offering special packages to student groups, at RM10 per student for a group of 20, from the normal price of RM30 each per adult and RM20 for a child.

Ebi Azly said the cable car service would operate from 9am until 5pm during the fasting month.


AL :
Good news to the tourists..  

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Laut yg tenang & sampan

Gambar hari ini. Lawa gambar ni. Laut begitu tenang sehinggakan nampak 'reflection' boat. Terima kasih kepada saudara akmaryakub kerana bagi kebenaran gunakan gambar ni. Nak lihat lebih byk hasil kerja beliau disini.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Selamat Menyambut Ramadan Al-Bubarak

Kepada warga Langkawi & pengunjung Langkawi. Selamat menyambut ramadan al-mubarak.

For tourist in Langkawi. This is the time to taste local delight & dish which will be available every day from 4.00 till 7.00pm at various places.. Do try some of the most terrific dish which some exist only during Ramadan month.

Kepada rakan-rakan muslim. Mari kita tingkatkan amalan kepadaNYA. Rapat-rapatkan saf & buang pegangan politik buat seketika..

Monday, August 1, 2011

1Malaysia helicopter tours take off

SUBANG: To attract more high-yield tourists, the Minister of Tourism, Datuk Sri Dr Ng Yen Yen, launched the 1Malaysia Helicopter Tour 2011 on Tuesday at the Skypark Business Aviation Centre in Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport in Subang.
She said Malaysia is blessed with natural wonders such as beaches, islands, rivers, lakes and ancient rainforests, and the helicopter tours will be an exciting way to observe the country’s varied terrain, as well as provide an aerial perspective of Malaysia’s skyscrapers and other man-made landmarks.

In Langkawi, visitors are treated to aerial views of the UNESCO Global Geopark, Gunung Machincang, Dayang Bunting Island and other exciting attractions.

The six travel agents offering these helicopter packages are Shajasa Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd, Elite Luxury Vacations (M) Sdn Bhd, Global International Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd, Langkawi Helicopter Xtours, Amazing Borneo Tours & Events Sdn Bhd, and Discover Borneo.

Source - Malay Mail

AL :-
The main thing about helicopter tours will be the cost. Hopefully it will follows the 12 Apostle in Australia Helicopter tour...

Eagle Square - Sunset

Picture of the day. Eagle square by hamba Malam. A lot of beautiful shot can be taken at eagle square. Just need the right moment & the right gear. Patience also will be a factor.. :).. More from him here.

Thanks bro for sharing..