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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Senior and adventurous

MY cousins and I are travel buffs. We visited Langkawi recently, and our wonderful experience there can best be described by the saying, “One good turn deserves another.”
Langkawi, as travellers know, is a historical place. It’s also hot like the rest of the country. Since the most cooling and serene spot on the island is up in the mountain, we decided to take a cable car up. It was 3pm when we reached the top.

At 710m above sea level, the place was misty, cold and very relaxing. We saw a walking track and six elderly persons struggling up the peak. Without hesitation, we walked down to offer help. There were two pakcik and four makcik.
The thin, cold air must have made them breathless; we felt the same way, too. The three of us took two rounds to help all of them up.

The senior citizens were very appreciative, and we felt like heroines. Later, they took the cable car down, while we continued to enjoy the cool air. Two hours later, we went back down.
Because it was a little chilly that evening, we decided to have some hot, spicy tomyam. Unfortunately, the restaurant famous for this Thai specialty was full, and the queue was long.
Disappointed, we started to walk away. Suddenly, I felt a pair of hands grabbing my arm. It was one of the makcik we had met up in the mountain. She insisted that we join them at their 10-seater table and paid for our dinner. The food was good. We learnt from them that each of the pakcik had brought along his two wives.

They were travel buffs, too, and had travelled to many countries.
When we thanked them for the wonderful dinner, one makcik smiled and said to us in English: “One good turn deserves another.”
We were impressed. They were lovely.

Senoja Siew,
Cheras, Selangor

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