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Monday, February 28, 2011

How to take a ferry to Langkawi



  1. 1
    Medioimages/Photodisc/Photodisc/Getty Images
    Determine which Jeti or port to depart from to get to Langkawi. The Jeti for Penang is located in Georgetown at Swettenham Pier, near the Beach Street clock tower. There are two departures from Penang to Langkawi each morning. The ferry ride from Penang Island takes approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes.
  2. 2
    Kuala Kedah Jeti is located on the west coast of peninsular Malaysia in the state of Kedah. There are daily departures every half hour from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. on multiple ferry lines. The ferry ride from Kuala Kedah takes 1 hour and 45 minutes to Langkawi.
  3. 3
    Kuala Perlis Jeti is located about an hour and 15 minutes north of Kuala Kedah on the west coast of peninsular Malaysia. There are daily departures every half hour from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. The ferry ride takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes to reach Langkawi.

    AL :- Interesting article for fellow travellers

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Festival Tangkap Sotong Langkawi Meriah.

Gambar oleh Hamzah Othman
LANGKAWI, 26 Feb (Bernama) -- Sebanyak 223 kilogram sotong berjaya didaratkan di sekitar perairan Langkawi sempena program "Suluh Sotong Langkawi 2011" yang bermula malam tadi dan berkahir di Jeti Kuala Cenang pada Sabtu.

Ia disertai kira-kira 250 peserta mewakili 49 pasukan yang acaranya dianjurkan oleh Lembaga Pembangunan Langkawi, Pengurusan Sumber Perikanan Kuala Cenang dan para pengusaha pelancongan.

Pasukan Rebak dengan tangkapan seberat 13.405 kg muncul pemenang kategori sotong terberat berpasukan untuk membawa pulang wang tunai RM3,000, sementara naib johan Team Pensil dengan tangkapan seberat 13.225 kg menerima RM1,000 dan di tempat ketiga kumpulan Sinar Pagi menangkap seberat 12.445 kg dan menerima RM800.

Pasukan Tanjung Rhu menjuarai kategori sotong terpanjang.

Timbalan Menteri Pertanian dan Industri Asas Tani Datuk Wira Johari Baharom menyampaikan hadiah kepada para pemenang.


Gambar oleh Hamzah Othman

Eagle of Langkawi

Eagle by Syahir
Picture of the day. Another close-up view of eagle. Not sure where is it taken but rather a rare close up. I think this is the white bellied sea eagle. Thanks syahir for sharing. Please refer to his photo stream for more pictures.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Langkawi by Peigee's Simple Life.

27th DEC =)
Again, Awal awal pagi i woke up. But this time it was all by myself. No throwing hp and whatsover. Cos mum's room is so so so far away from mine! WULALA
Were at another Fishvillage kind of jetty this day. Preparing ourselves to go visit the THREE islands beside Langkawi. It is known as the GEOPARKs.

Check here for more interesting pictures & article.

A/L :- 
What a comprehensive article by peigeesimplelife. 
A lot of interesting picture & u'll feel like you're together joining the trip. Kudos..

Friday, February 25, 2011

Shah Rukh Khan Di Langkawi : Don 2

Gambar Oleh Hamzah Othman
Kepada para peminat filem hindustan @ Shah Rukh Khan. Penggambaran DON 2 berlangsung di Langkawi. Tempat yg dipilih oleh Penerbit & pengarah adalah di Kampung Kilim. Sesuai kerana berdekatan dgn sungai & menjadi set pangkalan pemprosesan dadah. Berlatar belakangkan set yg indah & sungai yg menarik menjadikan tempat tersebut amat sesuai utk penggambaran. Cuma kita harap xdakla kacau tempat-tempat sensitif seperti hutan & lain2.

Terima Kasih Hamzah Othman atas gambaq.

Beras Basah Island/ Pulau Beras Basah

Picture by Funky Plum
Picture of the day. Another view of Pulau Beras Basah Island. The island have among the best beaches in Langkawi. With white sandy beach & no jellyfish threats. But the only setback was the boat parking on the beach & of course some contamination will took place from the fuel or fog from the engine. If you do ride the boat insist them to send you to the jetty not park at the beaches. 

Boat park on the beach side.
Anyway thanks for sharing Funky Plum. For more his great pictures please refer here. For more great Langkawi pictures refer here.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mizumi Japanese Restaurant by Aan Andes

We stopped by this Mizumi Japanese Restaurant in the Oriental Village for lunch.MrComot had oyakudon which is too salty and tasted like ayam padprik, and me had tempura lunch set. The tempura so sedap but a bit oily and use our local vegetable instead the of the normal japanese stuff. More info here..

A/L :-
1st review i've met for this restaurant.. Great info.
Wonder if its open at night?

Jobs in Langkawi / Kerja Kosong di Langkawi

For those who is looking for jobs in Langkawi there're a lot of openings in Langkawi especially related to tourism industry.

Please check here.. Link to Langkawi Jobs.
Among the job listed there are :-
- Asst Outlet Manager
- Security Guard
- Receptionist
- Chef
- Admin Exec
- Yoga Instructer
- Kid club coordinator & many more..

Also you can check some from 
Among the job listed there are :-
- Juruteknik,
- Penyambut Tetamu/ Pekerja Am
- Kerani Kewangan
- Pekerja Ladang
- Jurual,

Also you can check some from Langkawi Gazette here. 
Among the job listed there are :-
- Gift Shop Assistant
- Yatch Stewardess
- Repairer
- Clinic Assistant
- Retail sales assistant

Try to apply & make sure ready for the interview.
Berikut list diatas adalah senarai kerja-kerja kosong utk bulan Februari ke March. Kepada warga Langkawi yg mencari pekerjaan bolehlah cuba nasib masing-masing utk memintak jawatan yg ada.

Selamat Mencuba

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

World 10 Best Beaches by - Datai Beach Part it

Datai Bay is noted as one of the best beaches in the world. I must admit that i've never been to Datai Bay before. Looking at this picture make me want to go there. Can anyone confirm is this really Datai Bay picture? Click here to see

Beach of Black Sand or Pantai Pasir Hitam

Picture by Novon
Picture of the day. Local boat on the Beach of Pantai Pasir Hitam or Black Sand beach with Island background or mainland background. Great combination of picture with nice setting. Thanks novon for the great picture. For more about his picture please refer here. For more great Langkawi pictures refer here

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hotel/ Motel/ Chalet & Tempat Tinggal Terpilih Langkawi

Terima kasih kepada LADA kerana telah mengeluarkan list hotel & beserta number telefon sekali. Jadi pada mereka yg nak pi Langkawi boleh telefon sendiri & tanya hotel-hotel tersebut utk tempat tinggal & lain2. List tersebut merangkumi Hotel, Chalet, Homestay, Rumah Tumpangan dan lain2.

Sila lihat disini utk melihat no telefon supaya senang utk pelancong-pelancong merancang percutian di Langkawi.


Fishermen Seek Shift In Ferry Route

LANGKAWI, Feb 22 (Bernama) -- The Penarak Fishermen's Association has appealed to the Marine Department to shift the ferry route to Kuala Perlis away from the Pancor Strait to prevent encroachment into the inshore fishing waters.

Association Chairman Marzuki Ibrahim said today an appeal letter had been sent to the department through the Langkawi Fishermen's Association and the matter was raised with Deputy Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister Datuk Johari Baharum during a recent meeting with the local fishermen.

He said Kampung Penarak had more than 100 inshore fishermen.


A good request but diverting the normal route might increase the fuel cost for the ferry.
I think better ask the Deputy Agriculture to create more breading areas for the fisherman.

Majlis Penyerahan Kunci Masjid Baru Riyadus Solihin

Gambar & Laporan oleh M.Saiful
Alhamdulillah, semalam berlangsungnya majlis penyerahan Kunci Masjid Baru Riyadus Solihin Kg Padang Lalang. Mudah-mudahan majlis & masjid yg tersergam indah bakal menjadi gedung ilmu & tempat para muslimim & muslimat bertemu dalam mendekati Allah. Turut hadir adalah Dato' Abu Bakar Taib Ahli Parlimen Langkawi & YB Rawi ADUN Ayer Hangat.

Marilah kita meramaikan masjid ini & harapan bukan waktu jumaat jelah penuh.

Orkid Ria by Aan Andeas

Pic by Aandes
Orkid Ria - ranked as #1 restaurant in Chenang by TripAdvisor.The ambiance. It's full with tourist and hardly sees any local, maybe because of the area.We had:
1) Chili Green Mussels
2) French fries without salt for Zahra Elena
3) Asparagus Belacan
4) Crabmeat soup
5) Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab
6) Steam Garoupa with ginger and soy sauce
The best dish will be #1 and #6. Mussel to pedas giler so kick! And the fish is so fresh.

A/L :-
Great review of Orkid Ria by Aan Andeas. Thanks for sharing.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Facelift For Kuah Taxi Stand

LANGKAWI, Feb 20 (Bernama) -- The taxi stand in Kuah town will get another facelift to provide comfort and make it attractive to visitors coming to the resort island.

Vice-chairman of the Langkawi Hire Car Owners and Drivers Association, Mohd Adnan Md Salleh said the move was being made as the terminal was the focus of travellers as it was located in the heart of Kuah town.

"It is hoped that the Langkawi Municipal Council can assist in providing public toilets and planting flowers," he said after the handing over of two 'pondok wakaf' of public shelters costing RM20,000 donated by the Langkawi Member of Parliament Datuk Paduka Abu Bakar Taib to the association, here Sunday.

Mohd Adnan said the two public shelters would give comfort to the tourists while waiting for the taxis besides giving shade to taxi drivers.

There are1,000 taxis operating in Langkawi.


 A/L :- 
Well continuous shall be made to ensure improvement the status of Langkawi as a tourist attraction. I applause the continuous effort by the MP & all people involve. 

Crocodile Cave Kilim

Picture of the day. Amazing picture of Crocodile Cave. Great combination of Aperture setting & exposure. Very hard to get the shot i guess. But great job. By the way.. I never been inside the cave as well. Maybe i should try one day. Thanks Emma. For more great Langkawi pictures refer here

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shah Rukh Khan pilih Melaka, Langkawi

MELAKA: Filem baru Datuk Shah Rukh Khan berjudul Don 2 yang sedang menjalani penggambaran di Sungai Udang, dekat sini, sejak Ahad lalu, bakal disaksikan berpuluh juta penduduk dunia apabila disiarkan serentak di 32 negara pada 23 Disember ini. Ketika di temui di Bandar Baru Sungai Udang petang semalam, bintang terkenal Bollywood itu berkata, filem sambungan Don bercorak aksi, bakal memaparkan tiga lokasi di negara ini iaitu Melaka, Kuala Lumpur dan Langkawi.

"Penggambaran di Melaka mengambil masa antara lima hingga enam hari sebelum disambung pula di Kuala 
Lumpur dan Langkawi.

"Filem ini dijadual ditayang serentak di 32 negara pada sambutan Krismas ini dan kita jangka mendapat sambutan hebat," katanya selepas menerima kunjungan Ketua Menteri, Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam, di lokasi penggambaran filem di Bandar Baru Sungai Udang.

Selain Shah Rukh, filem ini turut dibintangi artis terkenal, Priyanka Chopra, Lara Dutta, Boman Irani, Kunal Kapor dan Nawab Shah. Seorang bintang filem tanah air, Adiputra turut diberi peluang untuk beraksi dalam filem ini.- Berita Harian

A/L :
Bintang yg ditunggu-tunggu oleh peminat cerita hisdustan. Nnti kita kaji kat mana depa nak buat penggambaran..  

Kedah Plans To Allocate Land To The Poor Staying On Government Land

LANGKAWI, Feb 20 (Bernama) -- The Kedah government will consider giving land to the poor who have been living on government land for a long time, said the State Executive Councillor for Housing and Local Government, Datuk Phahrolrazi Mohd Zawawi.

He said currently two group applications involving jungle land had been received from the Langkawi District Land Office for consideration.

"We will consider applications from groups who have been living on government land for a long time because the government sympathizes with the poor who do not have any land," he told Bernama after presenting contributions to 11 fire victims at Kampung Kelibang, at the Langkawi District Office, on Sunday.

The state government contributed RM1,000 to each victim in the fire on Sept 9, last year, involving 18 shop houses which were destroyed in the incident.


A/L :-
I wonder which jungle will be given to these group. 

Langkawi Shop (Ikan Bilis) & Eat by Azy

Langkawi is known as a duty-free shopping zone, which suggests a really good time, but I can sum up its offer very briefly as: ikan bilis, chocolates, gamat and dish wares. This means that the men sit outside the shops and watch in disbelief as the women scour each aisle with hawk-like precision. The best place to go is Pekan Kuah, specifically at Jalan Pandak Mayah off Persiaran Putera, where there are endless rows of similar shops selling a dizzying display of dish wares and chocolates.

More here..

A/L :- Ikan bilis (dried anchovies) in Langkawi are among the best in Malaysia. Not to be buyers but its the fact. The best gred especially the blue eye one. Not chewy & great to eat with nasi lemak. WOW.. So dont get back without one.. :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Air Terjun Durian Perangin Waterfall

Picture of the day. There are three famous waterfall in Langkawi. One of it is Durian Perangin Waterfall. (Air Terjun Durian Perangin) Situated in Mukim Ayer Hangat. Nice to go during raining season. Thanks for the picture RoseMarie .

More Langkawi pictures here.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Pancing di Langkawi by KOS-YAN

Terima kasih pertama tama sekali diucapkan kepada Gorila Gang member Roy Azral (@ Azrai kat Langkawi je) and his family kerana tolong setup janjitemu dengan Ikan Kerapu Langkawi ini.

Guide saya pada hari tu merupakan otai (old-timer) di Kg Bohor Tempoyak, betul2 sebelah dengan Pantai Cenang dan Tengah. Abang Rahim namanye, anak jati Langkawi yg turun menyumbang bakti..kepada rakyat setempat dan juga geng Gorilaz Pelancong hehehe.

Utk baca lebih lanjut sila lihat blog Gorila Gang.. 

A/L :-
Sememangnya memancing di Langkawi ada baiknya dijadikan salah satu produk pelancongan Langkawi. Langkawi penuh & kaya dgn spesies ikan baik. Nelayan pun boleh tambah rezeki dgn membawa kaki pancing ke lubuk2 tertentu.. (teringat pancing ataih batu)

Kerajaan Kedah Diminta Wartakan Hutan Di Langkawi

GEORGE TOWN, 17 Feb (Bernama) -- Persatuan Pengguna Pulau Pinang (CAP) menggesa kerajaan Kedah supaya mewartakan seluruh kawasan hutan diLangkawi termasuk hutan paya bakau sebagai hutan simpan kekal bagi menyelamatkan khazanah alam semula jadi di pulau peranginan itu.

Presidennya S.M. Idris berkata langkah itu perlu dilakukan melalui usaha memelihara dan memulihara kawasan hutan termasuk kawasan paya bakau yang telah diterokai dan dimusnahkan sebelum ini.

Beliau berkata tinjauan CAP mendapati ribuan hektar hutan bakau di pulau itu telah dimusnahkan dan ini menyebabkan berlaku pencemaran laut, hakisan tanah dan tempat pembiakan hidupan air terancam.

Idris berkata kerajaan negeri harus mengawal projek pembangunan di Langkawi agar ia dilaksanakan secara lestari.


A/L :- 
Setuju.. Selagi hutan kat Langkawi tidak diwartakan.. Selagi itulah akan ada pihak yg teroka hutan & meminta geran tanah atas nama pertanian & penerokaan. Macam yg berlaku di kawasan hutan sekitar jalan Kedawang ke Pantai Cenang. Jgn sampai habis semua tarak sudah.. Waktu tu baru semua gigit jari.. 

Mana persatuan Pengguna Langkawi?

More Efforts To Promote Kedah To Tourists In Langkawi

LANGKAWI, Feb 16 (Bernama) -- Tourism Malaysia is intensifying its efforts to promote tourism products in Kedah to tourists in Langkawi.

Kedah Tourism Malaysia director Roslan Othman said two tourism packages - Alor Setar City Tour and Royal Heritage Trail - had also been made available to lure tourists in Langkawi to Kedah.

"A total of 20,000 brochures on the packages had been distributed for this purpose and they were placed at three tourist information centres in Padang Matsirat International Airport, Kuah town and Kuah jetty," he told Bernama, on Wednesday.

He said the Royal Heritage Trail, which showcases the history of Kedah Sultanate, would bring tourists to several attractive destinations in the state like the Yellow Palace, Merdeka House, Tunku Sultan Gallery, Golden Jubilee Park, Zahir Mosque, Royal Museum and Anak Bukit Palace.

The Alor Setar City Tour would comprise a visit to Alor Setar Tower, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's House, Kedah Museum, Padi Museum, Sultan Abdul Hamid College (oldest college in Kedah), Keriang Mountain and Tanjung Chali.

Roslan said many were still unaware of the attractive tourism products available in Kedah, including Alor Setar.

Hence, he said the promotion was hoped to increase the number of tourist arrivals in the state.

"So far, the promotion in Langkawi has received encouraging response from the tourists," he added.


AL :- Good effort to bring tourist to Kedah. But the Kedah government need to ensure all the places suggested need to be in tip-top condition. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pantai Pasir Tengkorak Beach

Picture of the day. In datai there's a small beach called Pantai Pasir Tengkorak (Skull Beach). I dont know the reasons for the name. Will find out. The beach is very small & secluded in Datai. There is no hotels nearby & Temurun Waterfall is just around the corner. Thanks stephen for the great picture. To see more stephen pictures here. 
More Langkawi pictures here.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Puncak Gunung Raya Langkawi by Azmask

Perjalanan ke puncak.. jalan yang berliku2 & betul2 di pinggiran bukit. Best + ngeri.. Di bawah sana kelihatan Langkawi.. Di sepanjang jalan ni kami terjumpa lembu, babi hutan melintas jalan & jugak monyet yang menunggu pengunjung memberi makan sambil menyeringai..

AL :-
Ni lah 1st time cek jumpa cerita pasal D'Coconut kat Gunung Raya. Tak ramai bercerita pasai tempat ni sbb byk yg tak pernah pi. Cek pun kali terakhir pi naik ataih gunung raya tahun 2003. Tapi melihat pada yg ni.. Nampak gayanya mmg kena naik pulakla bila ada masa..

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Gotong Royong di Pulau Payar

Peserta-peserta Gotong Royong.
Pic by Hamzah Othman
Baru-baru ini telah warga Langkawi beramai-ramai ke Pulau Payar utk aktiviti gotong-royong sekitar Parlimen Langkawi. Peserta-peserta gotong royong terdiri dari Dato' Bakaq Ahli Parlimen Langkawi, Jabatan Alam Sekitar, Jabatan Taman Laut Negara, LADA, Pejabat Daerah, Majlis Perbandaran Langkawi, E Idaman, JKR, Pejabat Pembangunan Persekutuan, JASA, JPS, Pejabat Pelajaran, PDRM, Polis Marin, TLDM, APMM, Pejabat Belia & Sukan, JPAM, NGO-MPWK, Pertubuhan Ibu Tunggal, Belia 4B & JKKKP. Seramai lebih kurang 200 peserta terlibat.

Dekat setengah hari masa diluangkan di Pulau Tersebut membersih & mengindahkan kawasan sekitar. Bagi yg belum pernah menjejakkan kaki di Pulau tersebut rata-rata tertarik dgn keindahan pulau tersebut.

Tahniah atas aktiviti yg julung2 kali diadakan & ada eloknya dijadikan acara tahunan. Saya puji Jabatan Alam Sekitar yg mengelolakan aktiviti tersebut & juga ahli Parlimen Langkawi juga agensi2 lain yg terlibat..
Syabas,. Jadikan aktiviti ini berterusan...

Kuala Temoyong ~ Where the river & sea meets.

Kuala Temoyong
Picture of the day. For those who loves local nature + island + sea. This is the place. Mixture of all the nice scenery. This is the place where local fisherman park their boats & wait for the next high tide coming in (air pasang in Malay) to get out again. Thanks Abe for the picture.

Beras Terbakar at Padang Matsirat

Recently,I had a trip to Langkawi.Nice place,hot weather and friendly people makes me remember my old memories during I was small.I went to many places in Langkawi and this is one of the place that I visit.Bazaar at Padang Matsirat or as known as Beras Terbakar.History told that the people here burn their rice that they kept to avoid Siamese army take away their food.There are many history and myth here,anyway it’s nice place to take a shot…

AL :-
Beras Terbakar is among a favourite spot for shoppers. Is a must visit place & you need to bargain to get a good price. Normally bargain 2/3 of the price. Interesting photoblogz by Jebeng Otai in

CCTVs to make Langkawi a safe destination

LANGKAWI (Feb 14, 2011): A network of 16 closed circuit TV (CCTV) systems has been installed to make this island resort a safe destination.
President of the Langkawi Municipal Council Abdul Rahman Salleh said today the installation of the CCTVs at an estimated cost of RM2 million was financed by the Housing and Local Government Ministry under the "safe city" programme.
Strategic locations had been chosen for the CCTV, including Pasir Tengkorak, Padang Matsirat town, the Cenang and Kok beaches, Taman CHOGM, the Kuah jetty and the council office.
This network complements the CCTV system that the police had installed, financed by the Langkawi Development Authority.

-The Sun

AL :-
Yes, it will make langkawi more & more safer.  

Monday, February 14, 2011

Kuah Town from above

Picture of the day. Picture above shows how Kuah Town looks like from above. Just a small town & a shopping heaven for some. Please refer this blog for more picture of Kuah town. By The W Perspective

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Langkawi Island Sea Panaromic View From Sea Cruise

Panaromic view by Koo Hoaming
Picture of the day. Great panaromic view from sea Cruise. Quite interesting picture from angle i've never seen before. I guess this picture was taken near Porto Malai. Please refer more his picture here. 
For more Langkawi pictures see here. Thanks for sharing Koo Hoaming.

Suluh Sotong 2011

Suluh Sotong Squid Torch Event 2011 will be hosted by the Langkawi Development Authority(LADA). The event is expected to become an annual event and Langkawi will be aunique attraction to tourists who come to see as well as participants. Not forgettingthe local residents who could benefit. This event is a continuation of the Sauk Sotongwas introduced in 2004 by Langkawi Tourism Action Council (MTPL). The last time the Sauk Sotong was organized in 2009. OBJECTIVE This event became a unique event in Langkawi as well as being able to attract local residents and overseas.Diversify its attractions and events organizing hubs in Langkawi. Promote Langkawi rich in marine Become an annual event organized by the LADA Langkawi. DATE, VENUE & TIME The proposed event was held on 25 & 26 February 2011 (Friday & Saturday), at JettyKuala Cenang. Gifts over RM7, 000.00 Cash Prize.

AL: -
Much waited event by 'kaki pancing' in Langkawi.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Menara Langkawi/ Langkawi Tower

Proposed Langkawi tower picture from a blogger. Nice picture taken. Anyway, after this i'll make a poll to vote for the tower plan. Against or not. :) Thanks from feelfreetofly for the nice pictures.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Langkawi Lion Dance in Langkawi by Langkawi

For those who miss the Lion Dance in Langkawi, thanks to the amazing lion dance can be seen in You-Tube.

Please check here for the amazing site.

Masalah sampah hanya 5 peratus

KUAH - Pelbagai pihak diingatkan supaya tidak merendahkan imej Langkawi hanya disebabkan masalah sampah.

Pegawai Daerah Langkawi, Abdul Aziz Abdul Ghani berkata, kawasan yang terjejas disebabkan masalah sampah hanya sekitar lima peratus sahaja termasuk kawasan pantai.

Menurutnya, pada setengah tahun pertama tahun lalu, sebanyak RM2.5 juta diperuntukkan untuk kerja-kerja penyelenggaraan dan memperindah pulau ini.

“Manakala pada tahun ini Kementerian Kewangan telah meluluskan RM5 juta setahun bagi kerja-kerja yang sama.

“Orang ramai tentu boleh lihat perubahan ketara mengenai masalah sampah dan kawasan yang lima peratus itu seperti di Pantai Chenang sedang diselenggarakan,” katanya ketika menghadiri majlis penyerahan cek di Pejabat Daerah, Kuah.

Abdul Ghani berkata, pendekatan dilakukan terhadap kerja-kerja pemotongan rumput di jalan protokol, memperbaiki lampu jalan dan meningkatkan kebersihan tandas.

Menurutnya, Majlis Perbandaran Langkawi (MPL) sedang berusaha memperindah tandas setanding kawasan rehat dan riadah seperti di Lebuh raya Utara Selatan.

“Kami akan meletakkan operator dan pencuci tandas bagi memastikan tandas awam sentiasa bersih dan berbau harum.

“Selain itu sebanyak 300 tong sampah akan ditambah sekitar Pantai Chenang dan kampung berdekatan,” katanya.

Beliau berkata, pihak hotel juga disaran sentiasa mengingatkan tetamu hotel supaya menjaga kebersihan.

 AL :-
5%. Itu statistik berdasarkan apa. Kalau tgk baru-baru ini di You-tube pun ada video keadaan sampah yg teruk di Pulau Tuba. Jgn hanya tertumpu ke kawasan pelancong dalam menangani masalah sampah. Kena buat aktiviti kesedaran sikit kepada para pelancong & penduduk setempat.

Fisherman at Sea

Fisherman picture by Sameer
Picture of the day. Great picture by Sameer Khan. Its the picture of people fishing in Langkawi in wooden boat. Quite rare picture when you need to be on the boat at the open sea. Picture was taken in Kuala Teriang near a 'Tuas' (fish breeding area).  Thanks Sameer for sharing.. More pictures here. 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Crocodile Farm, Langkawi by Ang

Such an interesting shots by Ang Photography. The 1st picture just make me wander what happen to the croc's tail. Do let me know if anybody knows what happen. Second & third is just amazing. Wait till you see the rest of his shots in his blog. Thanks Ang for sharing.

Pantai Kok Di Langkawi Dicadang Jadi Tempat Aktiviti Jet Ski

LANGKAWI, 8 Feb (Bernama) -- Pantai Kok di Langkawi dicadang dijadikan zon khas untuk aktiviti sukan air kerana kawasan ini sesuai untuk kegiatan tersebut, menurut Pengerusi Persatuan Ajen-ajen Pelancongan dan Pengembaraan Malaysia (Matta) Kedah, Pishol Ishak.

Kerajaan Kedah atau pihak berkuasa Langkawi hendaklah mewartakan Pantai Kok untuk kegiatan sukan jet-ski yang kini tertumpu di Pantai Cenang, katanya kepada Bernama di sini.

Beliau juga menyokong saranan Menteri Pelancongan, Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen supaya kerajaan Pulau Pinang perlu mewujudkan zon khas untuk sukan air di pantai bagi mengelak kejadian kemalangan.

Dr Ng membuat saranan itu berikutan kejadian seorang pelancong warga China, Zhu Li, 47, patah kedua-dua kaki akibat dirempuh sebuah jet-ski di Batu Feringghi, Sabtu lepas.

Pengurus Besar Persatuan Pelayaran Malaysia (MYA) Mohd Afendy Abdullah pula mahu aktiviti sukan air jeti-ski diadakan sekurang-kurangnya 200 meter dari pantai.

Katanya aktiviti jet-ski mengganggu latihan pelayar negara yang menjalani latihan di perairan di hadapan Kompleks Latihan Perahu Layar Kebangsaan Langkawi di Pokok Asam, di sini.


AL :- 
Tak tahulah idea ni elok ke idak. Kalau dari satu segi ok. Tapi Pantai Kok jauh dr tempat & chalet pelancong. Kecualilah lepas ni nak bagi kawasan Pantai Kok mcm jadi Pantai Chenang. Pada saya eloklah tgk balik @ buat guideline utk aktiviti sukan air supaya tragedi seperti haritu x berulang. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Langkawi Link Vacation Guide - 2011 February Issue

Langkawi Link is a free travel magazine which offer great guideline & travel info to Langkawi Tourist.
Get yours today in Airport, Kuah Jetty or selected places. Please email me at for pdf copy..

Pulau Beras Basah Island

Picture of the day. A calm beach before all the Island Hopping tours drop by. This is among the best beach in Langkawi. A must go beach. But the only problem here is the toilet.

Great picture by sydbad. Thanks for sharing.. Please refer more great pictures here.
More langkawi pictures here.  

Communication Tower Langkawi

Picture of the day. Rare picture of Communication tower up from Gunung Raya. Nice picture. Some never know it even existed.
More pictures please refer his flikr. For more great Langkawi pictures refer here.

Thanks for sharing your picture.

Sunset View by Alan Tee

Picture of the day. Great sunset view from Langkawi Beach. 
Mr. Alan Tee is a freelance photographer. All his art & works can be seen here.
If you wish to get his beautiful picture please contact him at  

*If anyone like his photos, it is available for sell at reasonable price in order to get the original digital copy.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

April date for solid waste deal ~ Incinerator In Langkawi.

ALOR SETAR: The privatisation of solid waste management system will take effect this April even though several states have yet to agree to the move, said Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Chor Chee Heung.

He said the full privatisation would be carried out under the Solid Waste Management and Public Cleanliness Act 2007 that will come into force in April.
On another matter, Chor said the ministry hoped all state governments would collect the assessment arrears for solid waste management amounting to RM384mil as the money could be used to improve the garbage collection system in the states.

Chor said that in Kedah, the ministry had agreed to upgrade the facilities at four dumpsites to reduce pollution.
He said the dumpsites were in Semeling in Sungai Petani, Padang Cina in Kulim, Belanga Pecah in Langkawi and Jabi, here.

Chor said the ministry has also built an incinerator in Langkawi to treat 100 tonnes of solid waste daily.
The incinerator that could provide 1MW of electric power would be in operation by the middle of this year, he added.


AL :-
Its about time the dump-site in Langkawi will be upgraded. In-fact the incinerator will help reduce pollution & at the same time generate electricity to the public. Kudos..  

Tragedi bot karam

KUAH - Seorang masih hilang manakala dua selamat dalam kejadian bot karam selepas terlanggar seketul batu besar di Teluk Penarak, pagi kelmarin.

Ketika kejadian jam 1.30 pagi itu, Shukor Ramjan, 29, dan rakannya, Muhammad Fitri Baharudin, 23, dalam perjalanan dari Kuah, ke Kuala Perlis untuk menghantar rakan mereka Zairy Zainol, 30, yang dipercayai masih hilang.

Terdahulu, Zairy yang tiba bersama Muhammad Fitri di Langkawi awal pagi kelmarin, dikatakan meminta pertolongan Shukor menghantarnya pulang ke Kuala Perlis dengan menggunakan bot gentian kaca selepas tertinggal feri penumpang terakhir pada jam 7 malam.

Namun, selepas beberapa minit, bot dipandu Shukor terlanggar seketul batu besar berhampiran Pulau Bumbun Besar mengakibatkan bot pecah dan karam.

Shukor berkata, kejadian berlaku dengan pantas dan mereka bertiga tidak sempat berbuat apa-apa melainkan berusaha menyelamatkan diri masing-masing dari lemas dengan berenang ke pulau berhampiran kira-kira 500 meter. 

Lagi di Sinar Harian

AL :- 
Sedih dgn apa yg berlaku. Pakailah life-jacket, mungkin ia boleh menyelamatkan kita.. 

Updates :-

LANGKAWI, Feb 7 (Bernama) -- The body of a man reported missing after the boat he was in capsized last Friday was found floating near Jeti Pulau Tuba in Kuah here Monday.

Marine Operations Force (Region 1) Commanding Officer DSP Sallehuddin Mat Zaman said the body of Zairy Zainol, 32, from Kampung Abi Tok Hashim, Kangar, Perlis, was found at 9am.

AL :
Such a sad tragedi.

Langkawi Isle: Lagenda Park

The Lagenda Park is a huge 20-hectare park stretching along the Kuah waterfront and is located next to the the Eagle Square in Langkawi. The lush green, beautifully landscaped park aims to showcase the myths and folklore of the island by having sections of the park dedicated to each mythical stories of the island. A variety of local floras and faunas such as the hornbills can be seen within the park.

At this park, there are 4 artificial lakes, 17 story-telling monuments, a man made beach, a few resting places and other public facilities for visitors, mostly covered with beautifully designed landscape, giving the park a really natural looking environment.

A/L: Come across this blog/ wordpress. Quite impressive picture of the Taman Lagenda in Kuah especially the above picture.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Awaiting Storm in Kuah

Picture of the day. A very great picture by mmsyfullah. A very calm ocean awaiting storm to come. Great combination of various sets. Thanks mmsyfullah for sharing. See his photostream for more great pics.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Not Enough Rooms For Visitors In Langkawi

LANGKAWI, Feb 5 (Bernama) -- The arrival of too many foreign and domestic tourists to the resort island of Langkawi during the Chinese New Year has left many of them with no place to stay.

An estimated 50,000 tourists arrived on the legendary island to spend the Chinese New Year holiday resulting in all hotels, resorts, chalets and homestays being fully occupied.

Those who have no place to stay slept in their vehicles, at the beach and also in mosques.

A few ferry operators when met, said last Thursday was the busiest day as they had to handle about 20,000 passengers.

A spokesman for the Baron Group, which owns a resort and hotel chain in Langkawi, said all rooms at their hotels were booked for the Chinese New Year holiday.

He advised those wishing to go to the island, especially during the holidays, to make early plans, including room reservation.

A manager of a passenger ferry service, Wong Sie Kiong, said there was enough ferry service to ferry visitors from Kuala Perlis and Kuala Kedah to Langkawi.

He said there were more than 40 ferries operating the routes between Kuala Perlis, Kuala Kedah and Penang to Langkawi.

Besides being a shopping heaven, as Langkawi is a duty-free island, other attractions on the island are the cable car, the Under Water World and its beaches, especially Pantai Cenang.


AL :-
Good news or bad news? Should we control the arrival? Or should we welcome more?
There's a lot to think about. But in other hand langkawian benefited from large turnout.

Kilim - Awaiting Tide

Awaiting the Tide by Ben Sharif
Picture of the day. A picture by Ben Sharif of boat or 'sampan in Malay' awaiting the high tide. Thanks ben Sharif. See more his interesting pictures here.
More langkawi pictures here. 

Langkawi National Observatory Provides Space Studies Facility

LANGKAWI, Feb 3 (Bernama) -- The Langkawi National Observatory, launched on Friday, provides an excellent venue for local and foreign scientists to carry out space research.

Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili said the observatory is equipped with the country's first robotic telescopes, each for stellar and solar observatories.

"The telescopes can be controlled remotely via the Internet, allowing a detailed collection of data and information," he told reporters after launching the observatory in Bukit Malut, here.

Present were his deputy Datuk Fadillah Yusof and National Space Agency director-general Dr Mustafa Din Subari.

The RM8 million facility proved the government's commitment in strengthening the country's capability in the field of science and technology, he said.

"Malaysia will move forward towards a developed nation status with the setting up of key infrastructure like the Langkawi National Observatory, which contributes to a much deeper research into space," he said.

Ongkili said the facility could also be utilised by students nationwide as a place for study trips.


AL :-
Hopefully the project will not become another 'White Elephant' Project. But its good to have this Observatory as one of the tourist attraction.  

Friday, February 4, 2011


Wishing A Happy CHinese New Year to All Langkawian & Visitors of Langkawi-Updates.. May this Rabbit Year brings you prosperous life..

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Interactive Travel Map by Langkawi Travel Guide

Come across this interesting site. There's a Map that you can refer for traveling. However, some of the tag is not correct. Anyway at least most of it is correct. See more here.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sunset at Eagle Point Kuah

Sunset Eagle Point Kuah by ClickClick1981
Picture of the Day. I never thought that at Eagle Point Kuah we can get such a nice picture. But this picture shows that you can. Its just a matter of 5-10minutes sunset you'll get such a great picture. With combination of Bunting Island, boats & sunset. Such a great combination..

Click here to see the image.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sun Cafe Langkawi by Sim Yee

The one and only tasties Barracuda i've ever tasted. I wana thank my mom for bringing me into this world to taste such amazing food. Ok i'm over exaggerating. Forgive me. I am serious that this dish is brilliant. This Barracuda fillet is marinated in lemon and honey before grilled and served with spinach. The spinach tasted slighty milky so i guess they marinated the spinach as well.

I need to admit that i never been to this Cafe as well.. Looking at the review i might drop by sometime.. Great review though..