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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sun Cafe Langkawi by Sim Yee

The one and only tasties Barracuda i've ever tasted. I wana thank my mom for bringing me into this world to taste such amazing food. Ok i'm over exaggerating. Forgive me. I am serious that this dish is brilliant. This Barracuda fillet is marinated in lemon and honey before grilled and served with spinach. The spinach tasted slighty milky so i guess they marinated the spinach as well.

I need to admit that i never been to this Cafe as well.. Looking at the review i might drop by sometime.. Great review though..


SIM YEE said...

OMG! thank you so so much for sharing my review here. its an honor!

anaklangkawi said...

The pleasure is mine, for sharing your great review..