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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Beras Terbakar at Padang Matsirat

Recently,I had a trip to Langkawi.Nice place,hot weather and friendly people makes me remember my old memories during I was small.I went to many places in Langkawi and this is one of the place that I visit.Bazaar at Padang Matsirat or as known as Beras Terbakar.History told that the people here burn their rice that they kept to avoid Siamese army take away their food.There are many history and myth here,anyway it’s nice place to take a shot…

AL :-
Beras Terbakar is among a favourite spot for shoppers. Is a must visit place & you need to bargain to get a good price. Normally bargain 2/3 of the price. Interesting photoblogz by Jebeng Otai in

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