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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Langkawi Isle: Lagenda Park

The Lagenda Park is a huge 20-hectare park stretching along the Kuah waterfront and is located next to the the Eagle Square in Langkawi. The lush green, beautifully landscaped park aims to showcase the myths and folklore of the island by having sections of the park dedicated to each mythical stories of the island. A variety of local floras and faunas such as the hornbills can be seen within the park.

At this park, there are 4 artificial lakes, 17 story-telling monuments, a man made beach, a few resting places and other public facilities for visitors, mostly covered with beautifully designed landscape, giving the park a really natural looking environment.

A/L: Come across this blog/ wordpress. Quite impressive picture of the Taman Lagenda in Kuah especially the above picture.

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