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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Suluh Sotong 2011

Suluh Sotong Squid Torch Event 2011 will be hosted by the Langkawi Development Authority(LADA). The event is expected to become an annual event and Langkawi will be aunique attraction to tourists who come to see as well as participants. Not forgettingthe local residents who could benefit. This event is a continuation of the Sauk Sotongwas introduced in 2004 by Langkawi Tourism Action Council (MTPL). The last time the Sauk Sotong was organized in 2009. OBJECTIVE This event became a unique event in Langkawi as well as being able to attract local residents and overseas.Diversify its attractions and events organizing hubs in Langkawi. Promote Langkawi rich in marine Become an annual event organized by the LADA Langkawi. DATE, VENUE & TIME The proposed event was held on 25 & 26 February 2011 (Friday & Saturday), at JettyKuala Cenang. Gifts over RM7, 000.00 Cash Prize.

AL: -
Much waited event by 'kaki pancing' in Langkawi.