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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Received an email from my friend. THe Article was Shocking & to think it happens in Langkawi it is more upsetting. I dont believe its happening in Langkawi.

WELL the Authorities should start to investigate & capture this culprit. THere goes the eco-tourism industry if this kind of act cannot be stop.

This maybe one of many cases in Langkawi.  Lucky the passerby caught the act.. But no arrest been made so far!  


Original Article Here..

"No, this is not a stock image downloaded from the internet. 

This is reality in Langkawi. It shows a dead Langur mother shot by local villagers on the 20th of January 2012 at the foot of the hillside at Pantai Tengah. My informant was on his bicycle when he drove around the corner and the dreadful sight of the dead monkey hanging head down in the tree opened up to him. At the same time he caught the three local culprits by surprise. They were dragging along two injured and blood covered baby Langurs. One of the men carried a brand new 16 gauge shotgun. 

My informant immediately started to question the guys and managed against their will to get hold of the two babies which had strangling roots tight around their neck. Not feeling comfortable with the rifle in his opponent’s hands and worried about the well being of the little orange ones he headed direct towards the animal clinic. While one of the monkey babies died in the first night, the second one seems to be ok so far and hopefully might stay alive.

I am actually wondering that only a few days after a similar incident in Pantai Kok again Lemurs were killed. There are plenty of Macaques to see on Langkawi but Lemurs are rather seldom to see. And these few are destroying the rubber plants on his plantation one of the guys claimed? Is it coincidence or are the "hunters" after the Lemur babies? Is maybe someone paying good money for them? I know quite a few licensed hunters and none of them would ever shoot an animal mother carrying children. It is not only cruel by all means it is also absolutely illegal."

Note: The author wrote "Lemur", in which he was referring to the "Langur". 

Sea Eagle feeding Langkawi

Sea Eagle

Picture of the day. Sea Eagle rooms freely in Langkawi. Amazing picture taken by LOOK78. Such a great combination of contrast & color. Among the best picture so far i've encounter.

Thanks bro for sharing. More here

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tanjung Rhu HDR by Martin

Tropical Beach
Tropical BEach
Picture of the day by Martin. Amazing HDR picture. Picture was taken in Tanjung Rhu. Lots of work to create such image. Well it worth it.   

More of his picture here.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Take Off - LIMA 2011


Picture of the day.  Great picture of Aircraft taking off during LIMA show. Thanks to Taufik for sharing.

Refer here for more interesting picture.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Customs Dept confident of surpassing collection target of RM30 billion this year

LANGKAWI, Dec 19 (Bernama) -- The Customs Department is confident of exceeding its collection target of RM30 billion from duties this year, said its director-general Datuk Seri Mohamed Khalid Yusuf.
Mohamed Khalid said until now, the department had recorded its biggest revenue success this year, with total collections at more than RM29 billion.
He said the department also seized an assortment of drugs worth RM166.6 million this year, a four-fold increase compared to the last year's RM44.4 milion.
"This is a meaningful achievement for the department with settled 83 drug smuglling cases including 34 at the KLIA (KL International Airport)," he told reporters after chairing the 67th annual meeting of state Customs directors here, today.
Mohamad Khalid said the department also seized contraband cigarettes and liquor worth RM483.9 million so far this year (last year RM507.6 milion).
He added that this year's success had been the result of good teamworks at all levels of the department.

AL :-
Kudos to Custom Department..  

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Feedback of Fellow Divers in Pulau Payar

Its quite sad to see feedback from fellow Malaysia divers with regards to Payar Island. I was there myself 2 years back (2010). What they said was true. The diver visibility is a big problem & the corals number is depleting. However, i dont know the condition now. Might be good, might be bad.


Special Shots LIMA 2011

RMN Super Lynx

RMN Super Lynx

Picture of the day. Special exclusive shots by Azri Zainul. The best about his pictures were there're shot where I know other might not have. Thanks for sharing bro. Were you on the submarine ride with Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng of Penang?

Anyway thanks for sharing..

More his picture here.

Among the lucky ones to ride the Submarine

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Langkawi Penang Family Trip 2011 by Michelle

But if you are looking for a place to buy souvenirs like batik cloths, keychains, snacks and so on this would be the place to be! There is a long stretch of stalls leading to the entrance of Beras Terbakar! The things there are cheaper than elsewhere.

Batik cloths are sold from RM10 per piece! You can find keychains that are sold in bundle of 10 for the price of RM10! Lots of t-shirts too price starting from RM10. Med Ass bought a cute baby tee for her boyfriend's cousin for RM10 too!!

Next place was Makam Mahsuri. Entrance fee for Malaysian adults and children are RM5 and RM2.50 respectively. I think the entrance fee for foreigner wouldn't differ much.

AL :-
Interesting review by Michelle. Honest review & fun to read..

Jobs in Langkawi/ Kerja Kosong by Jobstreet

For those who are looking for job vacancy. In Jobstreet there's a lot of oppurtunity offers.
Among the jobs offered are :-

1- Chef
2- Guest Service Assistant
3- Waiter/ Waitress/ Bartender
4- Manager HR
5- Quantity Surveyor
6- Service Executive
7- Service Crew
8- Employee Relation Executive
9- Front Desk / Duty Manager
10- Security Officer/ Security Personnel
11- Technician
12- Spa therapiest
13- Young Engineer Skim - Bouested

There's about 95 job vacancy offered. Please look here for more details.
Jobstreet - Langkawi

Among hotel offered are :-
Berjaya, Andaman, Langkawi Lagoon, Baron, Reka Intesari, Sea View, Sheraton, Frangipani, GeoPark Hotel, Tanjung Rhu, The Danna, Four Season


Kepada yg mencari pekerjaan. Dalam website ada bermacam jenis pekerjaan yg sesuai dgn pencari-pencari kerja. Antaranya adalah seperti dibawah :-

1- Chef
2- Guest Service Assistant
3- Waiter/ Waitress/ Bartender

4- Manager HR
5- Quantity Surveyor
6- Service Executive
7- Service Crew
8- Employee Relation Executive
9- Front Desk / Duty Manager

10- Security Officer/ Security Personnel

11- Technician

12- Spa therapiest

Terdapat lebih kurang 95 pekerjaan di Langkawi. Sila lihat link dibawah utk lebih lanjut.
Apa yg mereka perlu adalah hantar CV kepada yg berkenaan.

Jobstreet - Langkawi 

Antara hotel adalah :-
Berjaya, Andaman, Langkawi Lagoon, Baron, Reka Intesari, Sea View, Sheraton, Frangipani, GeoPark Hotel, Tanjung Rhu, The Danna, Four Season

Kepada warga @ adik-adik yg tak reti buat CV @ details nanti email saya ok.. Bolehla kot nak tolong2 apa yg patut.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Jawatan Kosong Four Seasons Resort di Langkawi

Four Seasons Resort Langkawi has career opportunities for ambitious and enthusiastic individuals to join us in the following positions:

Assistant Director of Engineer
Sales Manager (2 Positions)
Laundry Manager
Chief Steward
Restaurant Manager

Room Attendants
Security Assistants
Telephone Service Centre Officer

The incumbent should preferably have related experience in the hotel industry.
Interested candidates are invited to submit a detailed resume stating current and expected salary. together with a recent passport-sized photograph (n.r) not later than 5th January 2012 to:
Jalan Tanjung Rhu, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah Darul Aman.
Tel No : 604-950 8955
Fax No : 604-950 8961
Email : Please Login or Register to apply this job online.
Only shortlisted candidates will be notified

Tiger! Tiger! clarifies tiger on its premises

THE management of Tiger! Tiger! Langkawi refers to “Stop permits for zoos” (The Star, Jan 14). As managers of captive animal programmes, we recognise that even the best efforts by the best zoos will have their detractors. Therefore, we welcome criticism of our programmes.
However, we feel somewhat aggrieved by misleading information in the letter by Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM), and would like to clarify several points, as well as to add.

Tiger! Tiger! opened on Feb 14, 2010, as a private initiative towards increasing awareness of the Malayan Tiger and highlighting the plight of the 500 remaining wild Malayan Tigers.
Tiger! Tiger! is open to the public on a free admission basis, although guests are welcome to contribute donations towards the upkeep of the tiger. Tiger! Tiger! does not conduct photography sessions with the tiger.
Subsequently, Bolaven Cafes commenced operations on May 1, 2011. As such, Tiger! Tiger! brought the cafe to its premises, and not otherwise as implied by SAM. Bolaven Cafes was selected on the back of its humanitarian initiatives helping coffee farmers break the cycle of poverty in Laos, where the coffee is grown.

Tiger! Tiger! has never claimed to be conservationists. However, as owners of wildlife, we fully recognise that our primary duty is to provide responsible care for our animals. Furthermore, we primarily work with tame wildlife (and not “wild” as suggested).
While guests are often excited at the prospect of our finding a mate for our tiger, we do not harbour captive breeding programmes for the sole purpose of having more tigers.
However, if SAM were to initiate a programme to re-introduce captive tigers into the wild, for example, we would throw our full support behind the initiative by conditioning tigers for the purpose of release.
The question that really begs asking – considering that the estimated 500 wild tigers in 2010 in Malaysian jungles meant that there were 100 fewer tigers than there were in 1998 – is how many tigers will there be in 2022, the next Year of the Tiger?
No tiger country, except Russia, has recorded an increase in wild tiger populations. Ultimately, like SAM, we would like to see wild tiger populations in Malaysia increase, and we would also like to contribute towards this.

However, until SAM or other similarly chartered NGOs succeed at protecting our forests and tiger habitats, zoos will be the only safe haven for our tigers: captive or wild.
Meanwhile, we keep to our primary duty of caring for animals to the best of our abilities.
Lastly, the origins of our permits date back to 1997. In all fairness to the Department of Wildlife and National Parks, we do not believe any new zoo permit or special permit has been issued by it.

Tiger! Tiger! Langkawi.

Full letter here.

 AL :-
The best thing to do now is both party sit down & discuss the way forward. With reference to applicable laws. Both have present the case & its not a good thing to discuss in public. 

Pantai Pasir Tengkorak & Pantai Teluk Burau

Pantai Pasir Tengkorak

Gambar terbaik hari ini. Gambar Pantai Pasir Tengkorak & Pantai Telok Burau. Long Exposure. Memang cantik gambar ni.

Pantai Teluk Burau - Masih nampak coral di Pantai
Memang menarik gambar-gambar oleh Crazyshutter. Dia ni mmg buat kerja-kerja 'freelance' & hasil-hasil mmg menarik. Pada yg berminat utk menggunakan perkhitmatan beliau silalah lihat website dia.. Terima kasih sbb 'sharing' bro..

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Panorama Langkawi lancar ”Skycab Duck Tour”

Ducktour di Melaka
LANGKAWI - Pengendali perkhidmatan kereta kabel Langkawi, Panorama Langkawi Sdn Bhd melancarkan produk terbaru ”SkyCab Duck Tour”, yang membolehkan pelancong bersiar-siar di darat dan air menggunakan bas amfibia.
Menerusi pakej yang diusahakan bersama Duck Tour Sdn. Bhd. itu, pelancong dibawa bersiar sejauh dua kilometer ke Telaga Harbour sebelum meneruskan perjalanan di atas air di sekitar Telaga Harbour, kata Ketua Pegawai Operasi Panorama Langkawi Ebi Azly Abdullah.
"Kerjasama antara Panorama Langkawi dan Duck Tours Langkawi ini diyakini akan mempelbagaikan lagi produk-produk kami terutamanya dalam menyediakan perkhidmatan alternatif kepada pelawat,” katanya dalam kenyataan, di sini hari ini.

AL :-
Produk baru di Langkawi yg amat menarik utk dikunjungi. Syabas kpd Panorama kerana memperkenalkan produk baru ke Langkawi..

Friday, January 20, 2012

Stop permits for zoos

SAHABAT Alam Malaysia’s attention was drawn to an e-mail from a tourist diverted to us for follow-up action on a tiger exhibited in a small area at a cafe in Burau Bay, Langkawi.
A visit by SAM revealed a tiger on display at a cafe in an enclosed area, with a natural setting of grass and bamboo plants, while another exhibit next to the tiger enclosure displayed a marmoset.
There is intent to bring in a pair of tigers some time this year.
There are already zoos in theme parks and resorts.
Such being the case, it won’t be long before cafe outlets move in with plans for mini zoos, aviaries and/or aquarias.
The cafe claimed that the wild female animal presented by a zoo was not a hybrid.

Sahabat Alam Malaysia.

Full letter here.

p/s: Agree with SAM. This is not a good way to make profit.

Please email me if you need any info with regards to your travel to Langkawi & also if you need any advertising enquiry. ( )

Thursday, January 19, 2012

2011's most searched travel spots in Malaysia - Langkawi No.2

The islands of Tioman and Langkawi top the list of the most searched travel destinations in Malaysia during 2011, according to Internet firm Yahoo Malaysia.
On 12 January 2012, Yahoo Malaysia editorial manager, search content analysis, Zul Rejab, said the company's search logs revealed the most popular spots during 2011 that Malaysians checked online on Yahoo before they made travel arrangements.

"Malaysia has some great travel spots that lure both Malaysians and international travellers, said Zul. "It has an ideal combination of islands, highlands and rainforests that provide great get-away destinations for travel seekers."

"Yahoo Search Trends consolidated the overall searches for travel for the entire year of 2011 and found that the top spot for travel was the Island of Tioman, which was the most searched in Yahoo Malaysia, followed by Langkawi and the Cameron Highlands," he said.

The Yahoo top 10 Malaysia travel destinations for 2011:
1-Pulau Tioman
2-Pulau Langkawi
3-Cameron Highland
4-Pulau Redang
5-Pulau Pangkor
6-Pulau Perhentian
8-Pulau Kapas
9-Port Dickson

Sunday, January 8, 2012

LIMA 2011 Amazing Pictures.. "Black & White"

Amazing black & white picture by noorizeyes photography. Picture above shows the Malaysian Submarine.. at Awana Porto Malai during LIMA 2011

Below shows the Malaysian Aircraft.. MIG Aircraft in LIMA 2011

Love the details.. More picture in his website here.. Must SEE!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Review of Red Tomato Langkawi by Sidney Toh

Come across this blog which give interesting picture & review of Red Tomato.
Located in Pantai Chenang.. Thanks Sidney toh for the great review..

Friday, January 6, 2012

Ministry to address oil shortage

LANGKAWI: The Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry's enforcement division has assured the people of Langkawi that the cooking oil shortage they have been experiencing the past few days would be resolved soon.

"Wholesalers have guaranteed that eight tonnes of cooking oil would be brought into the island in stages," said  branch chief enforcement officer Azmi Dan yesterday.

"The shortage is due to the festive season and New Year."

He added that they  were monitoring and checking shops and supermarkets following complaints of the shortage.

Consumers, particularly traders,  had to buy  cooking oil from the mainland the past few days due to the shortage.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Call for more chartered flights to Langkawi

LANGKAWI: The Langkawi International Airport managementwants the authorities to allow more chartered flights to the legendary resort island to increase foreign tourist arrivals.

Its manager, Abdul Halim Othman, said they were collaborating with theLangkawi Development Authority (Lada) to rope in more airline companies toinitiate direct flights or chartered flights to Langkawi.   
Among the companies currently providing chartered flights to the island areFinnair of Finland and Scat Air of Kazakhstan, he told Bernama here today.   
Apart from that, there are 21 scheduled flights provided by MalaysiaAirlines, AirAsia, Firefly and Berjaya Air, and Silk Air from Singapore, hesaid.  
On the number of arrivals, he said there were 1.42 million last yearcompared to 1.3 million in 2010.     -- BERNAMA

AL :-
More charter flights means more tourist..
:).. Good for business..

My Experience in Langkawi by Hui-e

A friend and I stayed at The Datai back in August. It was an absolutely memorable trip. Service was impeccable, and the setting was breathtaking. At the main lobby level, you look out past lush rainforest surrounding a pool, and beyond that to the sparkling sea. To the right of the main pool there is a large fig tree so I spent all my time at the main lobby looking out for hornbills and was rewarded on a few occasions.

It's even better when the fig tree is fruiting....I have seen Great Hornbills there before on a prior trip, flying from branch to branch.

A leisurely walk down to the beach will take you past the spa and some mangroves, before emerging from the trees onto a secluded bay with a long stretch of sand. The Datai has a chilled out beach club and swimming pool there. We spent a few hours lounging under the trees, reading, napping and snacking. But look out for jellyfish....we got stung a little while swimming in the sea and immediately went to the beach club where the friendly staff had some vinegar on hand to pour over the sting.

One of the best things about The Datai are the nature walks by Irshad Mubarak. Irshad is one of those people whom you wished was one of your personal friends because an hour with him increases your IQ tremendously. He regales hotel guests with stories not just about nature, but in many ways how they are related to key historical and political events. He conducts the morning walk at 730 or 8am and an evening walk at about 6 ish. These walks are around the hotel grounds as well as a short stretch outside the hotel on the main road.

It was amazing how much we saw and learned in those few hours, even if the location was only around the hotel. We saw alot, from dusky leaf langurs, to asian fairy bluebirds, white bellied sea eagles, brahminy kites, to the very rare and reclusive resident tarantula (!!) and Colugo (a kind of lemur). Irshad also gave wonderful insights to the plantlife around the hotel and pointed out some very interesting a type of orchid where, when in bloom, resembles pigeons!

It was unfortunate my stay was short, otherwise Langkawi has much to offer the nature lover. In a previous trip I climbed up the Seven Wells and to my delight at the top there were many hornbills circling around. There were also several hiking trails near The Datai that I would definitely do on my next trip, but in dry weather when there are fewer leeches.

The Datai was sold recently to a local Malaysian company, so I really hope they upkeep the standards there. It would be a real pity for that property to fall into a state of poor maintenance typically associated with locally owned hotels (no offence to Malaysians, but I think you would agree with me).

Also, with the recent announcement of the Malaysian government wanting to promote Langkawi strongly as a tourist destination, hopefully it will not mean development at the expense of the island's ecological richness.

AL :-
Thanks for sharing you honest experience. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

LIMA - Super Hornet FA-18F

Super Hornet FA-18F US NaVy

Another great picture by Arifuddin Rahman. Thanks for sharing bro. I dont have any lovely picture like this soo better put yours which is more better. :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Negative Gravity - LIMA 2011

Negative Gravity by mazr80
Negative Gravity, a photo by mazr80 on Flickr.

Picture of the day. Great picture taken by Mazr80.  Thanks for sharing bro..

Monday, January 2, 2012

Timely boost for Langkawi

NO doubt Pantai Cenang in Langkawi has many food outlets that can delight most palates. But hidden in Padang Mat Sirat, very near  the airport, is a curry house that the regulars pay homage to.

Located next door to a private clinic, the curry house goes by the name of Kalut. You won't find the name on any signboard, but everyone knows it. Or at least the regulars do.

 I don't know how the outlet got its name, but it's been there for a long time. With all the development around Padang Mat Sirat right up to Pantai Cenang, Pantai Kok and Burau Bay, Kalut has survived the test of time.

 Kalut has many meanings, one of which is crazy, or disorderly. I recall customers rushing for food at the stall in the early days, which could have prompted the name.

 In fact, it survived very well. The house specialty is fish curry cooked to order.   You can select the fish you want and it'll be served piping hot.  Add freshly fried ikan kembong or tenggiri, and you have a finger-licking dinner.

 Share a plate of ulam  with really spicy sambal belacan and you have a dinner to remember. I know friends who time their arrival at the legendary island to coincide with Kalut's opening time --  around 6pm.

AL :-
In-fact what the article said its true. The island was negleted for nearly 2 terms by former PM. Well, hopefully it will change in the future. With the start of the boost from Federal Government. LADA should not be so haste on using the fund. Apart from infrastructure the money should be channel to train local tourist guide who is not only knows to bring people around but knows how to explain to the tourist in terms of History, Culture & Nature. This 'ilmu' will only be available if training is provided.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Its been a busy & exciting year 2011. 2012 will be more exciting for Langkawi.

Wishing EveryOne Happy New Year 2012..