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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Received an email from my friend. THe Article was Shocking & to think it happens in Langkawi it is more upsetting. I dont believe its happening in Langkawi.

WELL the Authorities should start to investigate & capture this culprit. THere goes the eco-tourism industry if this kind of act cannot be stop.

This maybe one of many cases in Langkawi.  Lucky the passerby caught the act.. But no arrest been made so far!  


Original Article Here..

"No, this is not a stock image downloaded from the internet. 

This is reality in Langkawi. It shows a dead Langur mother shot by local villagers on the 20th of January 2012 at the foot of the hillside at Pantai Tengah. My informant was on his bicycle when he drove around the corner and the dreadful sight of the dead monkey hanging head down in the tree opened up to him. At the same time he caught the three local culprits by surprise. They were dragging along two injured and blood covered baby Langurs. One of the men carried a brand new 16 gauge shotgun. 

My informant immediately started to question the guys and managed against their will to get hold of the two babies which had strangling roots tight around their neck. Not feeling comfortable with the rifle in his opponent’s hands and worried about the well being of the little orange ones he headed direct towards the animal clinic. While one of the monkey babies died in the first night, the second one seems to be ok so far and hopefully might stay alive.

I am actually wondering that only a few days after a similar incident in Pantai Kok again Lemurs were killed. There are plenty of Macaques to see on Langkawi but Lemurs are rather seldom to see. And these few are destroying the rubber plants on his plantation one of the guys claimed? Is it coincidence or are the "hunters" after the Lemur babies? Is maybe someone paying good money for them? I know quite a few licensed hunters and none of them would ever shoot an animal mother carrying children. It is not only cruel by all means it is also absolutely illegal."

Note: The author wrote "Lemur", in which he was referring to the "Langur". 

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