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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Chenang Beach by Kc Contreras

Picture of the day. Chenang beach during peak hours. Thanks KC for your picture.

Comments by him :- 
My trip to Langkawi was AMAZING. the food, the people, the beaches, the water, the waterfalls the accommodations...all top notch. I will be back that is for sure.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Langkawi Cable Closure Media Release

Want to know whether the cable car is safe to use? Do you have fear every time you ride the cable car?
Have no fear & read the report in the link below. Maintenance is a mandatory requirement to operate the cable car.

Please find the report given Panorama Langkawi Cable Closure Media Release from Langkawi-Gazette here.
Thanks Panorama & langkawi-gazette for sharing.

Incinerators in Pangkor and Langkawi to start operations soon

THE incinerator in Pulau Pangkor to manage solid wastes at islands and highland areas is ready for operation while the one in Langkawi is expected to be ready for testing in July.
National Solid Waste Management director-general Datuk Dr Nadzri Yahaya said the two were among five mini incinerators which would go into operation soon.
He also said the government would need to build 11 more landfills to cope with the increasing amount of rubbish produced by Malaysians annually.
He said that in 2005, Malaysians produced 19,000 tonnes of rubbish per day which was expected to touch 30,000 tonnes by 2020.

“Presently the average Malaysian produces 0.8kg of rubbish a day,” he told a press conference at Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (C) Kuo Kuang 2 in Johor Baru last week.
Dr Nadzri said the 11 landfills would be built under the 10th Malaysia plan.
He said there were 176 landfills in Malaysia and more were needed to handle the increasing amount of rubbish.
He added that food waste made up the most amount of solid waste.
“The others include plastic waste, metals, glass and papers,” he said, adding that campaigns such as the 3R (reduce, reuse and recycle) had generated a sense of awareness among the people to reduce plastic waste and paper waste.
He hoped that people would be aware of the 3R and would practise it as they need to do their part to save the earth.

AL :-
I never know that the Incinerator not start up yet. Anyway, hopefully everything goes well & the incinerator can solve rubbish problem in Langkawi.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

HDR Kilim + Kapal Layar oleh Ali

Gambar pilihan hari ini. Cantik gambar sungguh lawa gambar ini walaupun sedikit senget. Teknik HDR yg menarik & menyerlahkan tone warna yg menarik. Terima kasih Ali kerana berkongsi. Utk melihat gambor2 lain tgk sini..

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dayang Bunting Island & Eagle Square by Steven Tan

Dayang Bunting Island
Picture of the day by Steven Tan. Marvelous & great panoramic picture. Among the best picture so far i've come across. If you wonder how Dayang Bunting Island look like & what activity it can offers please check the picture. A heaven for photographer to test their skill.

More picture by him here. Thanks for sharing mate.

Comment by Him :-

This is my 1st time to Langkawi (Mar 18-20), our company trip. I must say i'm quite enjoy the trip and maybe go back again if time allow. Pantai Cenang area is quite happening and remind me the relax feel in Bali, of course still need to improve in a lot of expect but i can see the bright future in this place (if developing in right way). We very enjoy the meals in Orkid Ria Restaurant and strongly recommend to others to having meal in that restaurant.

Eagle Square Kuah
A bit disappointing for place like Kuah Town, nothing there except Duty Free shop, Eagle Square is nice but you won't hang out there for half day. Lucky we met a guy there told us there is a "island hooping tour" is suitable for us, and that is the BEST activities we have there!

Overall, i think Langkawi is a nice place for tourist (like Bali) but must work harder in a lot of aspect to attract more tourist such as facilities, hotels, shopping street , activities on land or water etc.

Your blog is very informative about Langkawi, good job, keep it up!



Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pantai Pasir Hitam by Herman

Gambar hari ini. Pantai Pasir Hitam di sebelah utara Langkawi. Pasirnya Hitam & menjadi satu kawasan yg amat menarik bagi jurugambar matahari terbenam @ naik.

Thanks Herman Tan for sharing. Please check his flikr account for more picture. Picture taken in Black Sandy Beach. Beautiful sunset..

Introducing Langkawi to Australian by Tourism Malaysia

Some of Malaysia's finest resorts and most stunning beaches come together here to offer visitors a relaxing break amidst UNESCO-listed natural beauty.
Made up of one large island surrounded by dozens of smaller ones, Langkawi is designed for fun family holidays in a beautiful beach setting.
Snorkelling and scuba diving in the clear waters of Palau Payar Marine Park marine sanctuary is a favourite holiday activity.

There's plenty to do on the water as well as under it, with sailing, kayaking and power boating around the many islands a great way to spend the day. There's a stunning array of fish and other sea life in Langkawi to keep you company, including regular visits from three different species of whale, giant whale sharks, four species of dolphin and ever comical sea otters.
Beyond the beach, Langkawi is home to a range of spectacular natural reserves that help protect local animal life and make for great day trips inland.

Check the official Tourism Malaysia site for more info.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Payar Island by Zuwandi Razak

Picture of the day by Zuwandi Razak. Refer here for more great work by him.
Thanks Zuwandi for sharing.

Picture of Payar Island from a different technique & perspective.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Acts of green

Take ownership and ecological responsibility of our planet by pledging an act this Earth Day.
EARTH Day on April 22 is about working together to safeguard our planet. That is why this year’s theme is A Billion Acts of Green.
The campaign calls for people, organisations and corporations to commit to an act that helps reduce carbon emissions and promotes sustainability. It can be a simple gesture, such as drying your laundry in the sun, or immense, like picking up a million pounds of trash. One participant from New York has pledged to donate her two cars and will commute by public transport and walk.
Collectively, these acts will not only have an impact on global carbon emissions, but will also demonstrate the power of small everyday individual acts of green. The goal is to mobilise one billion acts of environmental service worldwide in advance of the global Earth Summit in Rio in 2012. So far, over 80 million actions have been pledged.

Some of the actions pledged: bike to school; take public transport; walk and cycle as much as possible; car-pool; eat more local food; become a vegetarian; wash clothes in cold water; take shorter showers; stop buying bottled bottle; switch to LED lights; turn off PCs and lights when not in use; stop buying individually packed snacks; run ceiling fan instead of the air-conditioner; take the stairs instead of the elevator.
Many have also committed to: eliminate use of pesticides and toxic cleaning products; plant a garden at home or in school; conduct a coral reef clean-up; plant trees; and initiate a Meatless Monday programme at school.
From Malaysia, at least two groups have made pledges.

The group Waterfall Survivors ( aims to round up 1,000 volunteers to clean up Sungai Tua Recreational Park in Selangor on April 24. The group’s Save Our Waterfalls campaign stresses the importance of preserving our natural environment.

Another action is by Starwood Hotels & Resort which owns four properties in Langkawi (The Andaman, Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa, Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort and Four Points). It will plant 1,000 trees at Sungai Bukit Hantu on the island. Local trees which are rarely grown nowadays, such as cashew nut and Malaysian grapes, will be planted.
The first Earth Day was held in 1970. Though it initially was largely focused on the United States, the event is now celebrated worldwide. – By Tan Cheng Li - The Star

AL :
What is your pledge? 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tanjung Rhu Beach by Astro

Tanjung Rhu
Picture of the day. Among the only beach where you can walk when the tide is very low. But, be careful because the tide can change suddenly & you'll not notice the tide changes due to you're walking on the sand island which is higher at middle of the ocean. You'll notice it when you try to get back at the beach when you're walking the depth is higher towards the beach. There're some cases people drown due to this.

More pictures here. Thanks Astro for the beautiful & rare picture.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunset in Langkawi by James

Such a nice picture.
Picture of the day. Langkawi offers among the best place to take sunset picture. But one must have creativity to take in to make it outstanding. Picture taken by James. More picture by him here..

Comment by James :-
In general, LOVED IT...went from penang to langkawi and it was such a nice change, much more relaxed n chilled.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Panorama Langkawi in rebranding exercise

LANGKAWI: A geo-tourism product, which will enhance technology and educational elements, along with improved jungle-trekking activities are among several sub-brands which will be unveiled by Panorama Langkawi Sdn Bhd as part of its brand restructuring exercise.
The company, a wholly-owned unit of Syarikat Prasarana Negara Bhd, currently operates the Langkawi cable car system.

As part of its rebranding exercise, it also unveiled yesterday its new tagline, "Welcome to Happiness".

"Langkawi Cable Car has been the island's flagship brand for a decade, but the time has now come for Panorama Langkawi to be brought to the forefront of public attention as our main brand," the company's chief operating officer Ebi Azly Abdullah told reporters during a media gathering here .

He said Panorama Langkawi is now in talks with a telecommunications provider and local university to set up a collaborative arrangement for the project.
"By partnering these two parties, we will be able to develop the content and facilities required for this new product, which we are touting as Malaysia's first," Ebi Azly said without elaborating.

Ebi Azly said with the brand restructuring of the company's assets, which include the cable car and a 700-metre-high curved bridge, Langkawi Cable Car will be better positioned to host its present and future products.

"By rebranding ourselves as Panorama Langkawi," he noted, "present and future world-class products can be parked comfortably as sub-brands.

"We are now at the threshold of change and this rebranding exercise will also see the inception of a completely new brand identity, which in the months to come, will transform our venue into a more tourist-friendly destination."

AL :-
Interesting to hear Panorama planned to extend their business for jungle trekking. 
I suggest they should make a trek from the lower part of the cable car to the upper part. But make sure that it will not harm the virgin rainforest.

Langkawi International Mountain Bike Challenge returns for year two

Later date planned for five day race The Langkawi International Mountain Bike Challenge (LIMBC) is back for 2011. The second edition of the race will be held on October 17-23.

Organised by Human Voyage (M) Sdn Bhd and sanctioned by the Malaysian National Cycling Federation (MNCF), the five-day race will take mountain bikers throughout a protected tropical rainforest area.
The event, which is officially listed as an international event on the UCI calendar, offers ranking points in the UCI standings for the top 10 finishers. LIMBC will end with a jamboree for social riders wishing to participate for fun amongst nature, friends and family. The race boasts the biggest purse in Asia - with a RM360,000 in cash and prizes.

The adventure will begin with stage 1 on October 18 with the 62km. Next up will be stage 2, a cross country which starts and finishes at Kampung Tok Senik Resort. Stage 3 will be a seven-hour endurance cross country special stage race at Telaga Harbour Park, Pantai Kok, followed by the nerve-shredding King of the Mountain and cross country race which will end at the Gunung Raya Hill as stage 4, before the event culminates with Stage 5, a short track race. The jamboree ride event marks the closing and final day of this much-anticipated race, with a limited participation of up to 1,000 riders for the 44km race. Social riders of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to participate.

More info here..

AL :- 
Another great event in Langkawi will be held October 17-23 this year. Large sum of price & among the biggest in Asia. Please check LIMBC official website to register or get more details.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Pesta Air Langkawi 2011/ Water Festival 2011

Water festival in Langkawi will be held tomorrow in Today. Take the opportunity to have fun..

Note:- Please be cautious on your sensitive items such as wallet & handphone. Cover it well from wet.

Wild Mushroom at Telaga Tujuh

Wild Mushroom by Yuhui at Telaga Tujuh
Picture of the day. Simple subject such as mushroom can be a great subject in the eyes of photographer. Langkawi is famous for its wildlife & nature. Even at the areas not far from human yet you can see how diversify nature is..

Thanks for the picture Yuhui.. More picture from her here.

Comment from her :
the Langkawi trip is ok, not a shopping paradise, but probably a good place to just relax.  

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Top 10 Places to visit at Langkawi by Firefly Blog

Langkawi is a place to an alluring variety of beaches, historic buildings, museums, sports activities and interesting sightseeing places. Take advantage of Langkawi’ attractions and those in the surrounding area while you are there, be it indoors or out.
Here’s a simple guide of the Top 10 things or places that you should visit while you are at Langkawi.

1. Cenang Beach
The first place you must visit on your trip to Langkawi. Relax and unwind yourself at this clear, clean and pristine beach. After all, Cenang is one of the famous beaches in Langkawi with just 25km from Kuah town.

2. Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls (Seven Wells)
Enjoy freshwater streams cascades about 90 metres from this majestic waterfall with a series of seven magnificent wells. The uphill trek to the top is less than a mile, the trip is quite strenuous, and you’d be well advised to take water with you. Also, be careful – the rocks are slippery. It is just 45km from Kuah town.

3. Gua Cerita Cave (Cave of Stories)
As the name suggests, the cave is entrenched in mystery and folklore. Inside the caves, you’ll find inscriptions written in Jawi that reportedly date from 1754 AD. To reach the cave, you’ll need to catch the boat ride from Tanjung Rhu.

more info here. from Firefly blog

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sea's of Kuah - Ships everywhere..

Picture by azhar ishak
Picture of the day. Nicely taken picture by Azahar. How many ships all together.. :)

More pictures by him here. Thanks for sharing bro..

What Americans Pay for a Night in Asia

Quick: What city in Asia charges the highest hotel prices? Tokyo? Hong Kong? Singapore? Wrong. Langkawi, Malaysia.
According to a recent report, hotels in the upscale resort area charged travelers from the U.S. the highest average nightly rates in Asia last year — US$201 — an 11 % increase from 2009.
Of course, in 2009, the time of the global financial crisis, prices dropped dramatically. One place whose hotels recovered dramatically from that 2009 drop was Singapore: Daily rates averaged $198 last year, up 33% from 2009, though still a bit short of their $201 average of 2008.
The study, by, is based on 18,304 online bookings made and paid for by U.S. travelers and covers the range of accommodations from budget to five-star.
Prices in Bali, Indonesia were high, too: The resort area’s hotels charged U.S. tourists an average $188 a night, up 35% — a jump the study attributed largely to the island’s use as a setting for the 2010 feature film

Original article here..

AL :- 
Looking at the below comparison i'm not sure what this review is based on. It seems that Langkawi will be on the top list for the most expensive pays per night compared to australia, singapore or even Bali. 
Well, if they compared with Datai or Andaman or  Tanjung Rhu or 4 Season maybe they're right. I think it should cover or take other hotels as a whole not selectively.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Kerajaan Rancang Beri Nafas Baru Kepada Langkawi

LANGKAWI, 10 April (Bernama) -- Kerajaan kini merancang beberapa langkah proaktif untuk memberi 'nafas baru' kepada Langkawi dalam usaha menjadikan pulau peranginan itu sebagai destinasi pelancongan utama setanding Hawaii, Bali dan Phuket.

Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop berkata antara yang dirancang ialah memperbanyakkan penerbangan berjadual dan sewa khas dari pelbagai destinasi dan kekerapan bot dari Pulau Pinang ke Langkawi.

Beliau berkata selain itu, tahap kebersihan perkhidmatan feri penumpang Langkawi, Kuala Perlis dan Kuala Kedah juga akan ditingkatkan untuk keselesaan penumpang

"Fokus akan diberi kepada pembangunan eko-pelancongan kerana Langkawi mempunyai banyak kelebihan dan keunikan berbanding negara lain," katanya pada sidang akhbar selepas menghadiri mesyuarat bagi mewujudkan plan asas untuk membangunkan Langkawi secara lebih berkesan, di sini Ahad.

Mesyuarat tertutup itu turut dihadiri bekas perdana menteri Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, wakil-wakil jabatan kerajaan serta pengusaha pelancongan.

Nor Mohamed berkata kerajaan yakin Langkawi mempunyai potensi sebagai destinasi pelancongan yang setanding dengan Hawaii, Bali dan Phuket tetapi sejak beberapa tahun kebelakangan ini berlaku kemurungan dan pulau itu kurang menyerlah.

Kerjasama erat pelbagai pihak seperti Unit Perancangan Ekonomi, Lembaga Pembangunan Langkawi (Lada), Kementerian Pelancongan dan kerajaan negeri amat penting bagi menjayakan usaha ke arah membangunkan pulau itu, katanya.


AL :-
Langkawi perlukan perancangan terancang & lebih fokus kepada sesuatu bidang yg khusus. Langkawi tak boleh dicampur adukkan semua pembangunan nak dibangunkan. Jadikanlah langkawi pusat pelancongan & sebarang rancangan patutnya terarah kepada utk menambah baik aktiviti pelancongan & menambah kapasiti kawasan yg boleh dilawati pelancong.. 

Cotton Hopper - Insect of Langkawi

Cotton Hopper by Samantha Craven

Picture of the day. Cotton Hopper taken behind by Samantha. Very rare picture. I never know this beetle even existed. Anyway, i'll find it out one day. I suggest Biology teacher make site trip to the place. More picture by her here.

Comment by Samantha
The cotton hopper is a beetle. I don't know much about it except that it can jump very far and have cotton like camouflage over their bodies.

I saw these at the rainforest behind book village.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Night Market or Pasar Malam

Night market by la belle mumu - Yong Tau Foo stall
Picture of the day. Night market or Pasar Malam in Langkawi are a must visit place for tourists. The place offers 'cheap' local food & its offers different kind of food to the tourist. Quite a variety of foods can be found here & the best place so far for me will be in Padang Matsirat & Pekan Kuah.  
1.Sunday at Padang Matsirat
2.Monday at Ulu Melaka
3.Tuesday at Kedawang
4.Wednesday at Kuah
5.Friday at Padang Lalang
6.Saturday at Kuah
Opens from 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm. Bring small change & say  'No to Plastic bags'

Thanks la Belle mumu for the picture. More picture by her here.

Comment by her :
langkawi is good very cheap ...but one week is ok no many day is necessarily

Friday, April 8, 2011

ToptoTop Global Climate Expedition in Langkawi ~ No Plastic Campaign

As usual this is video made by with regards to the Top to Top Global Climate Expedition in Langkawi. make an oath to supports this kind of campaign in order to make Langkawi sustainable for our future generations.

Kudos to all that make the event a successful one. Thanks to Langkawi Story for the great video.


Langkawi is a cluster of about 99 islands on Malaysia's west coast and is a great holiday haven. Nestled in the azure blue Andaman Sea, some of the islands which are uninhabited are a tourists' paradise. Langkawi can be visited throughout the year and hotels in Langkawi are always busy.

1. Cenang Beach is on the south-western shoreline of Langkawi. This is a well-known beach and one of the most beautiful too with its stretch of faultless white sands. This beach has a lot of restaurants, and hotels catering to all budgets. The island interiors have thick rainforest foliage and are also a hub for adventure trips. The sunset view is great from this island and the duty-free shopping policy at Langkawi also adds to a tourist's joy. Wading to the nearby Rebak Kecil Island during low tide, the underwater World and Laman Padi are other major draws here.

2. Gua Cerita or the Legend cave is situated in the northeast of Langkawi. This is basically two legendary sea-facing limestone caves located one above the other. Many tourists visit this place to view this limestone marvel.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

HDR Shot of Telaga Harbour & Kedawang Mosque

Telaga Harbour

Kedawang Mosque
Picture of the day. Fantastic picture of Kedawang Mosque & Telaga Harbour. Not many photographer have the skill to produce great HDR shots. Thanks for sharing. More picture by JSRL'S here. 

My KL skyline shot is taken without any flash... just a normal setting... on tripod..

Program : M
shutter speed : 2.5 sec
f : 11
ISO : 200

All my other landscape shot are done without flash either... mostly HDR shot.. how to take in HDR.. follow this link...

Waterfall... I use ND8 filter as the filter will reduce exposure by 3 stops to avoid overexposure for slow shutter speed... setting usually

Program : M
shutter speed : 8 sec
f : 22
ISO : 100

Waterfall, all shot taken on tripod with remote release cable to avoid camera shake..

All taken without any flash....

Pulau Dayang Bunting Island

Pregnant Lady Island by Rawclicks
Picture of the day. Local says the Pregnant Lady Island is resemblance of a pregnant lady lying on the sea. Legend says that the Island is actually a lady turn into the island by a mystic beast called 'Sang Kelembai'. Well, the picture shows how the Island looks like it.

Thanks to rawclicks for his picture.. For more of his picture please see here.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Raining Season by Matusin

Raining Season by Matusin
Picture of the day. Wonder how it looks like during raining season in Langkawi. Even raining season gives a beautiful setting to eyes of the photographer. Plan your trip well because once you come to Langkawi on the wrong season a lot of activities will be at stake.

Thanks for the picture Matusin. More pictures from him here.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Cerita Beras Terbakar Langkawi

Satu cerita sejarah Pulau Langkawi yang termasyhur ialah cerita "Beras Terbakar". Tempat yang dikata beras terbakar itu ialah di Kampong Raja, Mukim Padang Matsirat. Luas kawasan tempat yang didapati beras terbakar itu ialah kira-kira tiga puluh kaki persegi. Dalam yang didapati tertanam dalam tanah lebih tiga kaki. Apabila hujan lebat beras itu timbul.

Mengikut cerita orang tua-tua, Pemerintahan Pulau Langkawi 200 tahun dahulu sampai kurun sembilan belas bertempat di Kampong Raja yang tersebut. Ini boleh dibuktikan iaitu seorang daripada Pegawai Daerah, Pulau Langkawi, yang telah meninggal dunia 80 tahun dahulu telah dikuburkan di kampung ini dan kubur itu ada sampai sekarang.

Berbalik kepada cerita beras terbakar itu, selepas beberapa bulan pembunuhan Mahsuri dengan perintah Datuk Seri Kerma Jaya, datuk yang memerintah Langkawi pada masa itu, pulau ini telah diserang dengan hebatnya oleh orang-orang Siam.
Tempat pertempuran yang dahsyat dan di mana Datuk Seri Kerma Jaya dan panglima-panglimanya yang gagah telah terkorban ialah di Selat Berhala Balik iaitu selat jalan masuk ke Pelabuhan Kuah sekarang.
Sebelum pertempuran yang tersebut itu berlaku, Datuk Kerma Jaya berasa Pulau Langkawi akan tewas, oleh itu ia beri hukum kepada orang-orangnya sekalian beras simpanan hendaklah di tanam supaya tiada terlepas ke tangan musuh.

Ketewasan Datuk Kerma Jaya bagi mempertahankan Pulau Langkawi, mengikut kepercayaan orang-orang pada masa itu dan sampai sekarang pun, ialah dengan kerana sumpahan Mahsuri yang berbunyi "Dengan kerana kezaliman yang dijatuhkan ke atasnya, Pulau Langkawi tidak akan aman dan makmur sehingga tujuh keturunan". Satu daripada bukti sumpahan itu ialah beras simpanan terbakar.
Beras terbakar itu sampai sekarang digunakan oleh sesetengah orang sebagai penawar bagi orang-orang demam panas dan kepialu dan ubat sakit perut.

Timbermad :-
Cerita berkenaan dgn Beras Terbakar... Kepada yg nak tau sejarahla.. Lebih lanjut sila bukak website ni.. Warisan Budaya Malaysia: Sastera Rakyat 

Thai Man Rescued After Falling Into Sea

LANGKAWI, April 3 (Bernama) -- The Region One Marine Operations Force here has rescued a crewman who was believed to have fallen from a passenger ferry from Thailand in the waters of Pulau Rebak, here Saturday.

Its assistant commanding officer, ASP Rodzi Abu Hassan said the man, identified as Anuar Bota, was found at 6.10pm about one nautical miles from Pulau Rebak.

"The 21-year-old man from Satun, Thailand was believed to have slipped and fallen into the sea without the captain and other crewmen of the Tiger Lines ferry realising it," he told a press conference at Bukit Malut here Sunday.

The ferry was heading to Telaga Harbour here from Tanjung Cincin when the mishap occurred.

Rodzi said the man was not seriously injured and would be handed over to his employer soon.


AL :-
Kudos to the saver..

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fisherman at Sea's of Langkawi

Picture by Dave Whiteman
Picture of the day. Black & white picture by Dave Whiteman. Very calming picture. Not sure where it been taken but i bet its at Tanjung Rhu area. Thanks for sharing Dave. More pictures by him here.

Comment by Dave Whiteman :-
I should tell you now that my wife Liz and I absolutely loved Langkawi and we would go back again. Indeed we are hoping to go later this year. As for good and bad... only good!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Langkawi Link Vacation Guide April 2011 Issue

Langkawi Link is a free travel magazine which offer great guideline & travel info to Langkawi Tourist monthly.
Get yours today in Airport, Kuah Jetty or selected places. Please email me at for a pdf copy..

If you come across the magazine at Langkawi Cable car please purchase as part of helping dyslexia students in langkawi (the profit will be donated to the dyslexia Langkawi)

Ship Docking at La Farge Port

Rare Picture
Picture of the month. A very rare picture taken in Langkawi by Naim Nasir. Interesting to see how he can take the shot from a moving boat. Well, its quite hard to take the picture since it requires access to the boat. :) Thanks for sharing mate.. More picture here.