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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dayang Bunting Island & Eagle Square by Steven Tan

Dayang Bunting Island
Picture of the day by Steven Tan. Marvelous & great panoramic picture. Among the best picture so far i've come across. If you wonder how Dayang Bunting Island look like & what activity it can offers please check the picture. A heaven for photographer to test their skill.

More picture by him here. Thanks for sharing mate.

Comment by Him :-

This is my 1st time to Langkawi (Mar 18-20), our company trip. I must say i'm quite enjoy the trip and maybe go back again if time allow. Pantai Cenang area is quite happening and remind me the relax feel in Bali, of course still need to improve in a lot of expect but i can see the bright future in this place (if developing in right way). We very enjoy the meals in Orkid Ria Restaurant and strongly recommend to others to having meal in that restaurant.

Eagle Square Kuah
A bit disappointing for place like Kuah Town, nothing there except Duty Free shop, Eagle Square is nice but you won't hang out there for half day. Lucky we met a guy there told us there is a "island hooping tour" is suitable for us, and that is the BEST activities we have there!

Overall, i think Langkawi is a nice place for tourist (like Bali) but must work harder in a lot of aspect to attract more tourist such as facilities, hotels, shopping street , activities on land or water etc.

Your blog is very informative about Langkawi, good job, keep it up!



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