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Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Langkawi Experience For Hafiz FlyFM

To some, Langkawi could just be another gorgeous escape to the blue ocean and flawless beaches. A member of the Global Geoparks Network which fosters the conservation of the location's geographical heritage, Langkawi is a beautiful getaway filled with mystical elements. From its history of legends and myths, Langkawi is a place where monumental acts of love happened.

What really impressed Hafiz Hatim (who currently hosts Fly 30 on Fly FM with JayDee) about Langkawi was when he witnessed an eagle feeding. This majestic occurence takes place Kilim Nature Park. Famous for its mangrove forest, this is the habitat for hundreds of birds of prey. According to him, from a boat, the boatmen will throw bait into the water, and then just get the cameras ready. The sky will be covered with these beautiful predators circling the waters and then swooping in at breakneck speed for the food offered.
Plus the name Langkawi is derived from Helang which means Eagle. As a Geopark, Langkawi is a great place for nature lovers to discover its ecosystem.

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