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Friday, December 31, 2010

Obor-Obor Di Langkawi

Mengenai obor-obor di perairan Langkawi beliau berkata, Lembaga Pembangunan Langkawi (Lada) dan agensi lain telah mengambil beberapa langkah menangani perkara itu termasuk bergotong membersih perairan Pantai Cenang.


AL :
Adakah obor-obor menjadi semakin  masalah baru kepada industri pelancongan langkawi.
Moga2 tidak. Tetapi satu peringatan kepada pengunjung. Berjaga2 lah bila mandi & elakkan mandi jika terdapat tanda-tanda obor2 di pantai.

Jellyfish alert in Berjaya Beach Resort

BERJAYA Langkawi Resort has erected signages along its beachfront to warn and advise swimmers about the presence of jellyfish in the waters.
The resort’s general manager Graeme L. Dwyer who hails from Australia is putting to good use his experience in tackling the jellyfish danger.
He said the public had to be warned of the dangers of jellyfish and the signages provided information on the do’s and dont’s when one is stung.
Dwyer also said first aid in the form of applying or pouring vinegar on the area where one has been stung would be provided at three first aid stations set up along the 180m stretch of the beach.
He was speaking at a press briefing at the resort recently.
“The whole swimming area will be skimmed to remove any jellyfish and at a later stage, a protective beach net will be spread to safeguard the whole area.
“The jellyfish situation in Langkawi is manageable as far as the deadly box jellyfish species is concerned,” he said.
“The presence of jellyfish increases from December to March and we have to be prepared,’’ he said.

The Star

Anaklangkawi :-
Such a responsible effort taken by Berjaya which we applause. I'm not sure how serious it is but perhaps more research need to be done to determine the species of jellyfish in the waters. Create a precaution to control their numbers & as well as the plan if the tourist get sting by more dangerous species. Better now than never.

Pulau Tuba To Be Developed Into Knowledge Centre - Kedah MB

LANGKAWI, Dec 30 (Bernama) -- The Kedah government plans to develop Pulau Tuba here, into a knowledge centre to especially benefit the young.

Kedah Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Azizan Abdul Razak said towards realising the aim, a Quran learning and science school would be set up on the island.

"The State Islamic Religious Department and Registrar of Kedah Religious Schools will prepare a working paper on the plan to be tabled to the state government," he told a news conference after his visit, here, Wednesday.


AL :-
Talks about developing Pulau Tuba are not news. Few years back there's a plan to built University of Tomorrow -lah then a lot of so call plan being made. We'll see how this goes as well.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fire In Langkawi Courtasy of Hamzah Osman

While most of us just read the news from the news paper. But for Hamzah Osman a freelance journalist have some 1st hand picture on the unfortunate event happen in Bukit Malut.

I thank you for sharing the picture in Langkawi Updates..

Langkawi Underwaterworld by

The last time I set foot here was back in 2005. I was a little disappointed then because the Penguin section was under renovation.

Today, the place didn’t change much but I was impressed that the Penguin section is fairly big, 2 big sections for 2 types of Penguin. However when I looked at the Penguin, I feel sad for them because they are caged. They looked bored. Anyway that’s was the major part of the attraction in Langkawi Underwater World.

The rest were the usual sea creatures like coral fish, stingray, sharks, jelly fish and all types of fishes.
My children like to see the Penguin but only for a short while as they were distracted by a digital light game that shines on the ground. That was the most fun they have in there.

Please refer to her full article & nice pictures here..

Anaklangkawi :-

I must say i agree with her with regards to this place should be a place you need to go when u visit langkawi.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Langkawi Targets 2.5 Million Tourists Next Year

LANGKAWI, Dec 27 (Bernama) -- The Langkawi Development Authority (Lada) is targeting 2.5 million local and foreign visitors to this island next year.

Lada Tourism Manager Megat Shaharul Azman Abas said today the target could be achieved in view of the various national and international events to be held on the duty-free resort island in 2011.

He told Bernama that this year more than two million tourists had visited Langkawi, and next year's target could be attained easily.

Anaklangkawi :-
Quite a high target but i think its realistic. Just ensure that continuos effort been done to promote Langkawi from time to time.

Promosi Kedai Pengantin Sha D'Rias ~ Iklan


Kami menyediakan pakej dan kelengkapan perkahwinan seperti set lengkap pakaian pengantin, pelamin, bilik tidur, meja makan dan solekan pengantin.

Harga ditetapkan mengikut pakej atau tempahan kelengkapan yg diingini. Jika anda mempunyai sebarang pertanyaan sila hubungi kami ditalian yg tertera.

Sila Hubungi kami di :                    
0175920074 (Pn Erra),
0125882707 (Pn Nadia)

Alamat :
Kampung Baru, Mukim Ulu Melaka, Langkawi.
(berdekatan dengan tapak pasar malam ulu melaka)

Sunsets, Paradise, and Low Costs Draw Expatriates to Langkawi by Carola

Story and photos by Carola C. Reuben

On a tropical island in a Muslim country in Asia, Christmas carolers sing in English near a rainforest, and partygoers drink German beer at an Oktoberfest by a balmy beach.
Expatriates bring events reminiscent of their native lands to Langkawi, Malaysia, and they can find out about them from a calendar of activities on a facebook page in English.
Perhaps following the beat of her own drum, Vanessa Workman created the page, Island Drum of Langkawi. She refers to her 7-month-old Island Drum as an experiment to find out what would happen if given a mouthpiece. The mouthpiece might feature upcoming parties, a lecture for a "greener island," an inquiry about pottery classes as well as a reward for a missing dog.

Full Story Here.

Anaklangkawi :-
Carola an active blogger & most of the thing he blogs we about expatriates living in Langkawi & tourists, are among of expatriates which resides in Langkawi. She's They fall in love with the Island & cherish every moment in Langkawi. Actually there's a huge gap between locals & expatriates in the old days. But as time goes by the expatriates & local blend together untill a symbiosis relationship happen. Hope we all have our part in this beloved Island. I'll try my best langkawi-updates to be a place where locals & expatriates share same view & interest related to Langkawi. May this blog be place where we know stories about locals, expatriates & as well as tourist interest.

Kebakaran di Perkampungan di Bukit Malut & Sumbangan UMNO Kedah

LANGKAWI, 28 Dis (Bernama) -- Sebanyak 57 buah rumah musnah dan hampir 400 orang hilang tempat tinggal dalam kebakaran di kawasan penempatan Bukit Malut, Mukim Ulu Melaka Langkawi di sini Isnin malam.

Kerugian ditaksirkan lebih RM1 juta. Tiada kecederaan dilaporkan.

Ketua balai bomba Langkawi Yaakob Hassan, yang juga pegawai operasi, berkata lima jentera dari balai bomba Jalan Persiaran Putra dan Jalan Ayer Hangat dengan 40 anggota dan dibantu 30 anggota Polis Langkawi, Jabatan Pertahanan Awam serta Rela Langkawi dikejarkan ke tempat kejadian sebaik menerima laporan pada pukul 11.39 malam.

Kecekapan anggota bomba dan agensi lain berjaya menyelamatkan 243 buah rumah berdekatan dan harta benda bernilai RM4 juta.

Kebakaran itu merupakan kejadian ketiga seumpamanya di kawasan itu, selepas yang pertama dan kedua pada 2006 dan 2007 membabitkan lebih 200 buah rumah musnah.


Mangsa Kebakaran Bukit Malut, Langkawi Terima Sumbangan RM1,000

LANGKAWI, 28 Dis (Bernama) -- Setiap keluarga mangsa kebakaran di kawasan penempatan Bukit Malut, Mukim Ulu Melaka di sini malam tadi, akan menerima sumbangan sebanyak RM1,000.

Pengerusi Badan Perhubungan Umno Kedah yang baru dilantik Datuk Ahmad Bashah Md Hanipah berkata, sumbangan itu, masing-masing RM500 daripada kerajaan pusat dan Umno Kedah, akan diagihkan Jumaat ini.

Anaklangkawi :-
Yg nyata ini bukan kebakaran pertama yg berlaku di Bukit Malut. Dekat tiap2 tahun berlaku. Permasalahan kepadatan penduduk menjadi masalah hingga skrg sehinggakan risiko kebakaran amat besar sekali.
Seperti yg dinyatakan oleh Ahli Parlimen Langkawi satu langkah drastik perlu dilakukan oleh kerajaan tak kira mana iaitu Negeri mahupun Pusat untuk selesaikan masalah penempatan penduduk disini.. 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Langkawi Five-O by Firiz

All my frustration during 4 weeks of STPM examination were paid off. Next day after the exam, my family and I were boarding on AK5203 flight to KL at 6.15am. During the flight, I ate Chicken Rice. The taste was not bad! We arrived at LCCT around 8.15 am. My elder brother and I rushed to the counter for early check-in. While waiting for the flight, my elder brother, sister and I went to McDonald for early breakfast. At 10.00 am, we took AK5322 flight to Langkawi Island. Finally 1 hour later, our plane landed at the 'Island of the Eagle'.

We rented a Nissan Grand Livinia car for RM300 (2 nights). At noon, we reached Hotel Bahagia in the heart of Kuah town. Waiting for check-in, we went sight-seeing around the town before headed to Billion Supermarket for duty-free shopping. We bought a lot of chocolates. Then we ate Nasi Kandar at a Mamak restaurant near Pekan Rabu. We went to the waterfront nearby to snap some photos.

More stories check his full article here..

Monday, December 27, 2010

Boat Restaurant Pantai Tengah by rubinho

Langkawi is renowned for its white beaches and clear waters, green padi fields sprawling fish farms. But it is not renowned for its food. Before heading to Langkawi, I spent close to 6 hours on good eateries to go to but came up with so few of them. So armed with the limited information, I and my cousins decided to hunt them down :)

Please check his food review here.

Timbermad :-
Such a detailed food review.. Nice pictures as well.. tempting food i say..

Budget Hotel List In Langkawi

I'm not sure whether this is updated list, but for fellow travellers with string budget or backpackers you can try calling the from the list attached.

Please refer here for more info..
Update List 2011. ~ Thanks LADA for giving such great detail.

Starwood's 4th hotel in Langkawi to open Jan 1

STARWOOD Hotels and Resorts Worldwide Inc, which operates brands like Westin, Le Meridien and W, is set to open its fourth hotel in Langkawi on January 1 2011.

The hotel - Four Points by Sheraton - will join the already established group brands on the island, The Westin Langkawi Resort and Spa and The Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort.

Starwood also started operating The Andaman a Luxury Collection Hotel, at the end of 2009.

Regional vice president Southeast Asia Chuck Abbott said the hotel is scheduled to open on January 1 2011 with a limited number of rooms.

In an interview with Business Times, he said the hotel may open as early as December 29 2010.

The hotel, previously the Langkasuka Beach Resort located in Kuala Muda, Mukim Padang Matsirat, closed its doors and underwent a RM12 million renovation over a four month period.

Seni Nostalgia gamit kenangan

KEDAWANG - Ahli Parlimen Langkawi, Datuk Abu Bakar Taib terharu ketika melihat sebuah lukisan bertajuk Kuah pada Pameran Seni Nostalgia Langkawi di lobi info teater, Underwaterworld Langkawi.

Beliau dilihat menghabiskan masa kira-kira 30 minit menatap lukisan karya Mohd Jamil Ahmad yang bernilai RM5,800 itu.

Lukisan yang menggunakan medium acrylic, memaparkan keadaan Langkawi pada tahun 70-an yang serba daif.

Abu Bakar berkata, keadaan kini, sudah jauh berubah, banyak pembangunan dikecap hasil anjakan paradigma yang dilakukan bekas Perdana Menteri Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

“Penduduk Langkawi perlu bersyukur dengan pembangunan yang dinikmati, kesedaran itu perlu wujud pada generasi muda.

“Kerajaan telah menyediakan pelbagai kemudahan seperti pengangkutan dan jalan raya, berbanding dahulu di mana kami terpaksa menggunakan bot kecil untuk berulang-aling ke tanah besar,” katanya ketika ditemui.

Bagi Mohd Jamil, dia mengambil masa dua minggu untuk mencari dan melakukan kajian terhadap wajah lama Langkawi.

Menurutnya, bagi menyiapkan karya ini pula, dia mengambil masa dua minggu sebelum dipamerkan.

“Saya melihat jenis kenderaan, yang digunakan ketika itu, malah zaman itu saya belum lahir lagi, untuk mewujudkan mood adalah satu perkara yang sukar,” katanya.

Beliau adalah antara 38 pelukis dan juru foto termasuk dari Indonesia, Brunei, Filipina, Canada dan Sri Lanka.

Pameran itu bakal berlangsung selama dua minggu dengan kerjasama Richarts Wejaya.

Sinar Harian

-AL :-
Sebenarnya amat susah utk mencari gambar & nostalgia lama mengenai Langkawi. Mungkin kita boleh cadangkan satu muzium kecil utk langkawi bagi mengingkap sejarah pulau lagenda kita..

Langkawi by Center

For those seeking a different cultural experience or simply a good vacation, then adding Malaysia to your travel list will not disappoint you. A Malaysian holiday can be a relaxed resort-style escape to one of the islands such as Sabah or Langkawi, bargain hunting and sightseeing in the capital Kuala Lumpur, or perhaps a combination of both, so you can enjoy the diversity of this great country.

Langkawi is located just off the northwestern coast of Peninsular Malaysia, a group of 104 tropical islands during low tide, and includes 99 Island during high tide. Main island of Langkawi, the 47th 848 Hectare followed by Pulau Dayang Bunting and Pulau Tuba, while some others seem to be mere dots in the emerald sea views from the air. In Langkawi a nature adventure had a true blue naturalist as their guide.
Langkawi is the largest in an archipelago of 99 islands lapped by the warm, tropical waters of the Andaman Sea, is the cluster of islands separated from the mainland by the Strait of Malacca Langkawi is famous for its legends and beautiful. Views. Under clear blue water is a Technicolor world of the most amazing tropical marine life. While on the surface, there are plenty of romantic white sand beaches.

Langkawi Transportation

Airport Transfers by far the easiest and cheapest way to get from the airport to the capital via the KLIA Express (airport express train). The train is very modern with video screens showing points of interest and things to do in Malaysia, while enjoying a pleasant trip to Kuala Lumpur in around 35 minutes. Using a bus or taxi will normally take around one hour and costs to the equation a little more.
An added convenience when using the KLIA Express to connect with a departing flight is the opportunity to book your luggage on your trip from the railway station in Kuala Lumpur (assuming you are at least 2.5 hours before your flight). Taxi always ask how much the fare will be to get to your destination before getting into a taxi. Taxi fares in Malaysia are mostly quite good but when a naive traveler can be easy prey, especially on a return flight from a remote area, so be sure to ask about the cost of the fare beforehand and if it seems too high, you can usually find another taxi to a better deal.

Car Rental In Langkawi ~ Hot Topic In Travel Advisor

For readers info, i participate actively in Tripadvisors forum especially the Langkawi Forum section. Its a section where fellow travelers & visitors come for advise, giving opinion & some to the extend giving travel tips report.

Among the hot topic discussed this week was feedback regarding car rental problem. Not knowing the fact right but such arising complain with regards to car rental company. Whether its small or not but all of them have a basis.

A basis such as been conned or not a good service. Been charge excessively & deposit never existed. Such an alarming situation when people start talk bad about the service which might effect the tourism industry as a whole. Tourism Langkawi need to look at this seriously. After all, if we dont want one bad apple to ruin the rest of good apple.

The question is there any guideline the fellow travelers can rely on or aspect? I do tourism authorities can answer this question to eliminate gray area's. And if there's none the Tourism board or whoever responsible shall be proactive enough to create such guideline..

Well, honestly i agree some condition of the car are really bad. The car rental need to be honest & rent the car as fit to the price offered. And as well, need to be very open to give a full refund if the car broke down or having problem. Please, as a service provider be professional & think what it may effect the industry entirely rather than think about short profit.

Be the best on doing business. Our tourism industry depends on it..


Please check Tripadvisor Forum

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Malaysia Aims To Become Best IODA WSC Host

LANGKAWI, Dec 22 (Bernama) -- Malaysia is confident of becoming one of the best host for IODA World Sailing Championship (WSC) at National Yachting Training Complex here from Dec 28-Jan 8 2011.

Malaysian Yachting Association (MYA) general manager Mohd Afendy Abdullah said about RM3mil was spent on preparation including turning a hotel into a sports village.

"We are ready to host the world's biggest sailing event which is just one week away," he told Bernama here Wednesday.

He said 57 countries have confirmed participation including Brazil, Peru, Italy, Turkey, United Kingdom, Germany, Finland, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.

Some 252 sailors would be competing in the championship with each country represented by five sailors.


Timbermad :-
Fairly hope that this will be the best host ever..

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sekolah Dyslexia Langkawi Perlukan Bantuan

Pada akhir tahun persekolahan tahun lepas Elina Hj Din merasa kecewa apabila mencari pertolongan utk anaknya yg berusia 8 tahun. Anaknya dirasakn cerdik & kreatif namun sering gagal dalam kesemua matapelajaran.

"Cikgu anak saya memanggil saya berkenaan keputusan peperiksaannya" Elina cuba mengingat kemabli. "Beliau tidak dapat menentukan kenapa anak saya sangat lemah dalam pembelajaran lebih-lebih lagi penulisan. Kemudian saya telah pergi berjumpa dgn kesemua cikgu2 anak saya & mendapati tiada siapa memahami keadaan anak saya"

"Akhirnya kami pergi berjumpa dgn ahli psikologi pembelajaran di Kuala Lumpur. Ianya tidak mudah mengesan masalah anak kami. Kami telah membelanjakan dr RM 3 ribu hanya utk mendapatkan diagnosis."

Kemudian pada awal bulan Mac tahun ini Elina berjumpa dgn sekumpulan ibu-ibu (dan bbrpd org bapa) yg juga mengalami masalah sama & telah menubuhkan jawatankuasa Dyslexia.

Dalam masa sebulan kumpulan ini telah berjaya membuka sebuat sekolah melatih kanak-kanak dyslexia utk membaca & menulis (dgn pertolongan Persatuan Dyslexia Malaysia PDM KL). Dyslexia adalah gangguan persepsi yg melibatkan 5% dr penduduk dunia.

Penghidap dyslexia melihat perkataan & nombo2 pada sesuate mukasurat berkecamuk dan tidak dapat mengenali antara kiri & kanan. Walaupun IQ pengidap adalah normal @ lebih tinggi dr kebiasaan, pengidap yg tidak didiagnos selalunya dilihat sbg lemah @lembap di sekolah. Mereka dipandang rendah, diperkecilkan & dihukum oleh cikgu rakan & ibu bapa.

Cara-cara utk menentukan sekiranya anak menghidap dyslexia adalah apabila kanak2 itu sering keliru dgn penggunaan huruf2 p, b, d & q dan kerap menulis angka 5 dan huruf S secara terbalik )seperti dalam arca cermin)

Kumpulan sokongan dyslexia disini diketuai oleh Puan Yong (@nama asal Lee Ei Ching) yg mempunyai seorg anak dyslexic berumur 13 tahun. Kumpulan ini dipanggil PDM Cawangan Langkawi & menawarkan ujian penilaian utk menentukan ganguan ini dgn harga RM 100. Sekiranya kanak2 tersebut didapati menghidap dyslexia kumpulan ini menawarkan kursus 3 bulan sbyk RM 450 sebulan utk melatih kanak2 tersebut membaca & menulis dgn menggunakan teknik2 khas.

Mereka skrg mempunyai 2 org guru dilatih khas oleh Presiden PDM, Sariah Amirin. Sekiranya ada keluarga yg tidak mampu utk membayar yuran RM 1,350 utk kursus tersebut, Puan Yong percaya PDM dapat membantu mengumpul dana bg tujuan tersebut.

"Kami diberitahu oleh Puan Sariah supaya tidak membelakangkan sesiapa" katanya. Akan ttp kursus ini tidak akan secara ajaib menyebabkan kanak2 tersebut mendapat markah baik disekolah. Ianya perlu difahamkan anak2 dyslexic tidak akan mendapat keputusan baik di sekolah.

"Disinilah pemahaman khayalak ramai diperlukan. Markah terabik di sekolah bukan pengukur utk anak2 kita" tegas Elina. "Kami mahu menyedarkan ibu bapa oleh kerana anak2 tidak dapat menyesuaikan diri di sekolah tidak bermakna yg mereka gagal dalam kehidupan.

"Bagi kanak-kanak yg tahap pembelajarannya lembab, tidak ada ubat @keajaiban yg boleh diberikan utk membuat mereka belajar dgn lebih cepat" kata Madelyn Rozario, ibu kepada anak dyslexic berumur 10 tahun. "Ttp bagi kanak2 dyslexic, apabila kita mengajar mereka cara-cara utk belajar, mereka akan belajar terus & anda akan melihat kelainan. Kita perlu menolong mereka menyedari bakat semulajadi mereka, walaupun mereka tidak boleh belajar membaca & menulis dgn sempurna".

Madelyn & Kristy Soo adalah yg pada mulanya memujuk Puan Yong utk memulakan kumpulan ini juga menambah, oleh kerana kanak2 dyslexic bukannya kurang IQ @ tidak cerdik jadi sekiranya kita tidak membantu mereka belajar kita mungkin akan kehilangan minda yg berbakat. Ini dapat dilihat dr fakta yg kanak2 dyslexic ada yg membesar menjadi artis, pemuzik, pereka & arkitek yg berjaya- bidang yg tidak perlu terlalu byk pembacaan.


012433 3629/ 012 488 4845/ 019 9865178/ 019 475 7212

Terima Kasih to Mr Patrick from Langkawi Guide

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bid to make Langkawi waters jellyfish-free

LANGKAWI: Thanks to a group of some 100 volunteers from various agencies and non-governmental organisations, the waters at this idyllic tourist destination are fast becoming clear of jellyfish.
During a day-long outing, they helped to collect the deadly sea creatures during a gotong-royong at Pantai Chenang here yesterday.

Organised by the Langkawi Development Authority, 200 box jellyfish of various species, including the common Carybdeid Morbakka, were caught by the group using the common fishing nets.Langkawi Recreational Club president Datuk Mansor Ismail said the event would be held regularly to make Langkawi waters jellyfish-free and safe for tourists.

"A total of 150 cases involving stinging by jellyfish were reported this year. The move (to remove) should trigger more frequent collaborative effort between various agencies as well as the public.

“Perhaps, catching the jellyfish can be turned into a competition to popularise it.”
Universiti Sains Malaysia marine biology unit officer Sim Yee Kwang, who supervised the event, said samples of the caught jellyfish would be sent to the university laboratory for further research.

He said the jellyfish’s presence in Langkawi waters was not alarming compared with other areas in the peninsula, such as in other parts of the Straits of Malacca.
Read more: Bid to make Langkawi waters jellyfish-free

Anaklangkawi :-
I do agree on the suggestion to make catching the jellyfish as a competition. Perhaps once a year with sponsored by local authorities & LADA. Make it an official event & awareness program to the people. Invite authorities such as the Hospital representative to talk about 1st aid treatment when encountered with the jellyfish. Perhaps Langkawi should have a guideline on know how to treat this jellyfish issue.

Make it as a compulsory for Hotels near the beach to have staff who knows how to treat tourist which effected by jellyfish sting.

Langkawi Day 2 ~by I Blog Too

As promised, Day 2! :)

So the day started real early with us having complimentary breakfast at the apartment’s lobby. It’s the buffet style but nothing really fancy, really. It was a bit too heavy for our liking, they served mee goreng, kuey teow goreng, and stuff.

We headed up north (I think) to the Oriental Village for the cable car ride. It was drizzling all morning so we were just trying our luck to see if the cable car is operating.

After a few wrong turns and a beautiful stretch of seaside scenery, we finally reached the Oriental Village. :)

Please read full article here..

Anaklangkawi :-

I really like the above picture.. taken by her.. i must admit i never went to the crocodile cave before.. looking at it makes me put it as a to do list whenever i have time..

Pulau Payar: Getting There & Around by Zemien

There is no accommodation on the island, so you can only do daytrips. In a way this helps preserve the cleanliness of the area. Anyhow, the 2 most popular base for trips out to Pulau Payar would be Pulau Langkawi and Pulau Pinang (Penang).

Although I only took the catamaran ferry from Penang, I'm guessing it is almost the same with trips originating from Langkawi (but with a shorter journey).

For those based in Penang, you'll enter the pier from an old side gate. Just look for the famous Jubilee clock tower and it's right opposite. You can park your car at the nearby Fort Cornwallis parking for RM7/day.

Read full trip experience by Zemien Here..

This article by this blogger quite interesting on how to go & back to Payar Island from Penang. Its quite detail blog on how to make plan to Pulau Payar without getting to Langkawi Island itself.. Honestly i didn't know such services are there from Penang just to Payar Island.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

International Chocolate Fiesta Sets RM200,000 Sales Target

LANGKAWI, Dec 20 (Bernama) -- A RM200,000 sales target has been set for the International Chocolate Fiesta 2010 organised by the largest chocolate and confectionary distributor, Choc-Stop International, at Langkawi Jetty Point here.

"We also give between 10 and 50 per cent discount for every purchase," he said, adding that the fiesta, which began in 1994, had received encouraging response so far and was deemed as one of Langkawi's tourism products.


AL :-
200k of sales. I think they may reach that target looking at the current holiday season. But i do hope that Malaysian Chocolate product should be promoted as well.. Probably promote as well the gamat chocolate..:)

Langkawi Experience ~by mizzvickz

What is there to do in Langkawi
apart from duty free chocs, alcohol and cheap* seafood?

*Cheaper than KL but not super cheap either

Why, take a RM30 tour to go "island hopping" and see eagle feeding!

Such a pity for the bad weather.
Paying peak prices for hotels and flight tix but experiencing off peak weather.
The weather ruined half of our trip. . .
plus my OCD was mentally killing me.

I keep feeling dirty and icky
and I keep having a constant need to bathe and wash my feet.

This particularly happens whenever I go on beach holidays
and stay in hotels with carpeted flooring.

Please refer to her blog for more interesting experience & great picture of delicious food :)..

Orkid Seafood Restaurant, Langkawi Tapaz Langkawi., Sunba Retro Bar Red Tomato Garden Cafe Breakfast Bar Langkawi

Anaklangkawi :-
I must say she should be paid or given free meal for promoting all these nice places to eat in Langkawi.. Such tempting picture.. makes my mouth water drops.. Heheh

Travel to Langkawi by studiomoonspell

This is the best moment i have wait to get this shot. This is my best shot for a landscape to signify Langkawi Geopark. If you like or no, please drop a comment if you can. I would love to hear some of critic and comments from you guys.

Please refer here for more great pictures..

Anaklangkawi :-
This blogger poses the true great art of Black & white picture which i personally endured. Probably among the best shot i've come across for black & white.. Wishing you good luck on your business.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Langkawi X Ride ~ Cycle Network Langkawi

Welcome to Cicli ( Cycle Network Langkawi ), Langkawi’s premier adventure motorcycling
& mountain biking outfitter.

We are located slap-bang in Machinchang Cambrians Geoforrest Park, the one & only
sandstone geoforrest park in the country. With vibrant activities, lust tropicalmountains,
waterfall and pulsating seaside town, we are targeting at the dynamic & energetic crowd
who are looking for something bit different. Our goal is to deliver an experience.

“People are born original but most die as copy, I’ll just want to make tracks wherever I go”

For more details please refer LANGKAWI X Blog.

Anaklangkawi :-
I never new such blog & group existed. Will try it one day..

The 2nd Annual Langkawi International Islamic Finance And Economic Conference 2010 ~ by Dr Syed Iskandar

Yg Bhg Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was invited to give a keynote address to the delegates coming from every corner of the globe with the presence of President of the IDB and YAB Kedah Menteri Besar.

Summary of what Tun Dr M said while comparing conventional and Islamic banks in light of the global financial crisis:-

1) Bank lend money that they dont have.
2) Bank should therefore be able to create money.
3) Bank assume majority of its customers who deposited their money will not immediately use the money--possibly only 10% would have immediate usage of their savings and 90% will keep therefore banks are able to lend money with the deposits that they took from the customers.

~ Please refer Dr's blog for more update news..

Anaklangkawi :-
Waiting patiently on the summary & details regarding the conference. There's a lot of speaker which give great input on the event. Dr' please update us..

Ironman Langkawi Hoping For Sports Ministry Bail Out

LANGKAWI, Dec 19 (Bernama) -- Plagued by financial difficulties, organizers of the Ironman Langkawi Malaysia Triathlon are hoping the Ministry of Youth and Sports will take over the event for 2011.

Ironman Langkawi's event director Datuk A. Chandrakumanan said discussions would be held with the ministry soon.

"An appeal letter will be forwarded to the ministry soon," he told Bernama when contacted on Sunday.

Chandrakumanan said the reason for the takeover request was due to lack of support and financial assistance for Ironman Malaysia Sdn Bhd, to organise such a mega event.

"Every year the cost of organizing the event which is into its 11th edition, requires at least RM3 million to cater for the overall expenditure which include prize money, food, transport, accommodation and staff," he said.

He hoped the ministry would consider the takeover proposal since the event had been a major championship that helped promote the country globally.

Ironman Langkawi which normally attracts top class competitors from around the world is an event that comprises three grueling main disciplines - swimming 3.8km, cycling 180.2km and a 42km run.

The event also acts as a qualifying championship for the World Championships held in Kona, Hawaii every year.

Chandrakumanan said organising the event had largely contributed to the promotion of the country and the tourism industry, believed to be worth between RM20 to RM30 million in revenue.

He added that the 12th edition of the championships that was scheduled for Feb 27, may have to be postponed due to the financial difficulties.


Anaklangkawi :-
I don't know this big event having financial problem. Taken over entirely by the Sports Ministry might not be a good thing. There's also event in Langkawi need to be look upon such as the International Yatch Competition.

What i do suggest, national event such as Ironman & other should be cramp together to cut cost. Then ask or instruct LADA to participate as the main organizer.. and ask also state sport exco to participate..

2010 Langkawi ~by nemu-iii

All I can say that, Langkawi = Duty FREE!!!!!

Meaning, a bottle of 1 liter Black Label cost about RM70, where as in KL, the bottle of Black Label is around RM160-180 for the 750ml.



Anyway, was raining all day for most of the day, since its Dec, except for a few hours where we manage to get some sun.

To check the bloggers nicely taken picture.. please check the blog.. (i must admit it gives langkawi a different perspective when browsing the pic)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Langkawi! ~by totallybaosters

my 600th post! wow, haven't realise how long have i been holding on to this's probably been..3 or 4 years since i had it and i guess this blog still have quite some long way to go :))

anyway, as promised, my weekend getaway in langkawi. i thought i wasn't going to enjoy much because i was worried about my work. that week was just hectic and crap. i left for langkawi by flight after my calculation test on friday. shuuush, i skipped 2 lectures........ XD also that same week i handed in my report just 2 days before my test lol not only that i even had a presentation on tuesday which is one day after i came back from langkawi. slides were all ready but i didn't even practiced or anything like that lmao plus it's a group work. the only rehearsal we had was just an hour before the presentation. even that...we only rehearsed twice LOL but like i said, i guess it still went alright after all :D

moving on!! i took the flight with my 2nd sister while my parents and the rest of my siblings had drove down and took the ferry. l o l 6 hours journey. the ferry itself was almost a 2 hours ride ;~; we reached around the same time, and they'd picked us up after renting a car.

Read our friend full experience in Langkawi here.. I must say there's a lot of interesting & nice pictures.. Kudos'


Masuk jer chalet pada hari pertama, bulu roma saya berdiri dan badan saya rasa seram-seram sejuk.
Saya tidur malam tu, rasanya tak lebih 2 jam. Asyik terperanjat.

Malam kedua tu kita sembang-sembang kat lobi, sampai dekat jam 1 pagi.
Masing-masing cerita pengalaman yang sama.
Sah .. memang ada makhluk halus berkeliaran.
Kemudiannya masing-masing beri petua dan nasihat cara-cara nak mengelakkan gangguan.

Tuan Haji ARM beri petua suruh kita telanjang bila masuk ke dalam bilik.
Katanya berkesan sebab dia dah banyak kali cuba.

Utk Baca Lebih Lanjut sila lawat blogger famous ni..

Anaklangkawi :-
Hotel mana yg Tuan kita ni pi.. nak jugak tau.. Kot2 kalau ada boleh la pi bersih buang menatang2 yg tak elok..

Friday, December 17, 2010

Langkawi Story ~ Interesting Group..

There's a newly made blog / website with a concept of personnal touch of fellow langkawian called Langkawi Paparazi. Its quite interesting blog/ website..

Hope having this blog will make Langkawi more happening in the internet world..

For more info & views visit their blog..

TB :- I welcome you to the website / blogger role.. hopefully by having this blog we'll promote more about the same beloved subject..

Rock On To Langkawi. by

Haha. GELOJOH. Terus mula entry dengan gambar tanpa memberi kata-kata pendahuluan. Assalammualaikum. Ni hao ma. Hello. Vanakkam. Amma. Baru-baru ini. Kami adik beradik yang ramai ini berkunjung ke Langkawi untuk menghabiskan masa senggang. Ada 4 family semuanya. Dah macam pergi Rombongan Cik Kiah Ke Langkawi. Pergi situ kami yang paling bising. Pergi sana kami yang paling bising. Meriah betul Rombongan Cik Kiah ni :')

Silalah lawat blog asphaq utk lebih lanjut..

TB :
Huih seronoknya berjalan Langkawi. Gambaq pun semua cantik2.. Lain kali mai la lagi boleh jumpa kami..

Police move in to end beach resort stand-off

LANGKAWI - Things are beginning to go back to normal at the Beach Garden Resort here after police finally stepped in and ordered a group of people who had laid "siege" to the resort to disperse or face the consequences.

Police arrived on Monday night and ordered the group to disperse besides directing them to remove the plastic tape they had used to seal off the resort in Pantai Chenang.

They also detained two men who caused a commotion when they tried to prevent workers from reconnecting water supply to the resort.

Click here to find out more!
However, the duo were released the next day after their statements were recorded.

Resort general manager Wolfgang Sauer yesterday expressed relief and thanked the New Straits Times for highlighting the problems faced by the resort as it helped in getting police to put an end to the chaos.

"The police finally put an end to the stand-off on Monday night, five days after the group disrupted our operations. We now have a peace treaty and the problem should not recur.

"The situation has finally been brought under control by the police, and water supply has been restored. Our guests and those of the island in general will be able to enjoy their holidays without fear of any further disturbance."

Sauer said the group had also assured the management that they would clear piles of red earth that had been dumped at the resort's entry and exit points since last Wednesday.

It was reported in the NST that a group of local residents, identified as members and sympathisers of seven families who co-own the plot of land where the resort stands, had resorted to disrupting operations at the resort by unloading truckloads of red earth at the entry and exit points.

They also sealed off the resort by putting plastic tape around the perimeter before harassing and threatening guests, workers, suppliers and neighbouring resorts who tried to help out by giving water to the resort.

Guests staying at the resort were in fear for their safety and the problem was compounded when local authorities here failed to act decisively to put an end to the group's blatant disregard for the law.

The incident was sparked off when members of the family, which owned the land, got into a dispute over whether the lease agreement with the resort, which has been operating on the land for the past 20 years, should be extended for another 12 years.

Family members who disagreed with the lease agreement decided to take matters into their own hands even though the resort management had successfully obtained an interim injunction from the High Court to prevent the disputing parties from entering the resort or disrupting its operations.

NST ..

TB : Need to settle the dispute. Its quite a shame to outside world.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Langkawi Coral Marine Park ~ by

Wanna try guessing? :) I was actually at Swettenham Pier upon boarding when this picture was taken, where we were shipped to Pulau Payar, one of the interesting islands before Langkawi. Heart the clear blue sky. Simply awesome can! This would be a mini getaway for myself and my bunch of friends as well as I believe they might be in a similar condition as I do; burnout!

To read full article please visit her Blog..

Anaklangkawi :-
Such a very informative writing which i feel that I'm together with the writer on full journey to Payar Island..

Pulau Payar, A Place For Everyone ~ by

We have always heard people talking about Pulau Payar and how beautiful the island is but have you ever wondered who was responsible for it? It is none other than Langkawi Coral. To be honest I only took notice of Pulau Payar because of Emily. She couldn’t stop talking about Pulau Payar and when I asked her what was so special about that island she said “Just comela, don’t ask so much”.

As we made our move towards the boat, I could hear a couple of foreign languages echoing such as Japanese, Greek, Arabic, and a few more that I don’t even know. I was happy and confident that this will be a good trip simply because it has managed to attract so many foreign tourist. Imagine going to an island where you only see locals and yourself, theoretically that impression would just simply mean the island is not attractive enough or in the modern world’s term, sucks. So off we go and Jep was our tour guide of the day. To me, he is simply the best tour guide I’ve ever met not only he knew how to make us excited but he knows every little inch of this island. Ok that’s beside the point, for now.

Read Full Article Here..

Anaklangkawi : Great to know u have a wonderful time.. :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Budget Travel to Langkawi by

Sometimes, when we get a day off, we would want to venture to some places and make the day more interesting. And with a budget of RM300 to spend and not looking for over night, the trip below will be the most suitable for people who want to relax and at the same time enjoy the nature tour.

This time we headed to Langkawi island in Kedah. The trip departed from Penang Swettenham Pier port. The ride took almost 3 hours. It is always a good idea to prepare yourself with some arcade games or smart phone during the journey.

To read full article please refer to Stevengoh Website..

Langkawi at losing end of family dispute

LANGKAWI, Malaysia - A beach resort here is seeking help from the Tourism Ministry and former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad in dealing with a vigilante-like group who have sealed off land in a beachside spot.

The group is involved in a family dispute over the land on which the resort stands.

Despite the resort management having a court order prohibiting the disputing parties from entering the resort or disrupting its operations, it would appear that family members have taken the law into their hands.

Click here to find out more!
Beach Garden Resort general manager Wolfgang Sauer claimed that several foreign guests staying at the resort in Pantai Chenang were intimidated and threatened with physical violence by the group.

He said he had contacted several embassies to notify them of the situation.

"I had to alert them as we can no longer guarantee the safety of our foreign guests.

"The vigilantes have grown more brazen by trespassing on our property and threatening our staff and guests.

"I just don't know what else to do. We have lodged four police reports."

He claimed the police and other authorities here had washed their hands of the matter, saying it was a private issue.

Sauer said Langkawi's reputation as a tourist destination had been hurt by alerts guests had posted on the intimidation and inconvenience in various travel blogs and websites, including tripadvisor.blogspot.

"After sealing off our entry and exit points, cutting off our water supply and threatening foreign tourists and our workers, they are now targeting all those who are helping us.

"They have issued death threats to our workers and the management of a neighbouring resort who are helping us out."

He said three Tourism Ministry officials visited the resort yesterday to see things for themselves so that they could brief Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen.

"I hope the ministry is able to intervene and help resolve this standoff as we are fully booked for Christmas and up to April.

"The other hotels and resorts are also fully booked so we cannot place them anywhere else. If the situation is not resolved, then Langkawi's reputation is going to take a big hit and it may be an age before tourists have the faith to come here."

-- New Straits Times

AL :

Its quite sad to see this things happening. The authorities must get involved in this issue to prevent damaged reputation.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Breeding Proposed To Maintain Sea Cucumber Population

LANGKAWI, Dec 11 (Bernama) -- The Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Ministry is taking measures to increase the "gamat" (sea cucumber) population in Langkawi waters in an effort to prevent extinction of the valuable marine life.

Deputy Minister Datuk Johari Baharom said the Fisheries Department was identifying a potential area to breed the sea cucumber, which is eaten and also used in the production of a variety balms and oils.

"We do not want this marine life, found in abundance in Langkawi waters at one time, to become extinct," he told a news conference after launching a leader-with-the-people programme in the Langkawi parliamentary constituency at the Mardi Agro-Technology Park here yesterday.

Mohd Johari also urged the people of Langkawi, particularly fishermen and farmers, to come up with unique agro-based products to draw more tourists to the legendary island.

He said the fishing village of Tuba Island, for example, had the potential to conduct home-stay programmes which could incorporate attractions such as seafood and angling.


TB :
Well, well. Its about time this suggestion is proposed. Even now folks of Langkawi have to buy all the sea cucumber from neighboring country. The question is who will take the challenge. Hopefully not just talks..

By the way thank you for asking me to contribute to the blog..

Ternakan Rusa Tarikan Baru Di Stesen Mardi Langkawi

LANGKAWI, 12 Dis (Bernama) -- Ternakan Rusa menjadi tarikan baru di Taman Agro-Teknologi Stesen Mardi Langkawi, Lubuk Semilang, Ulu Melaka di sini bagi meningkatkan lagi kedatangan pelancong menerusi produk pelancongan yang menarik.

Pemangku Pengurus Stesen Mardi Langkawi Abdul Kadir Din berkata ternakan itu merupakan antara projek yang dilaksanakan di bawah projek prasarana pelancongan di taman itu membabitkan peruntukan berjumlah lebih RM3 juta daripada Lembaga Pembangunan Langkawi (Lada) dan untuk permulaan enam ekor rusa diternak bagi dibiak mulai Disember ini.

"Projek itu dilaksanakan di bawah Rancangan Malaysia Kesembilan untuk memberi lebih keselesaan kepada pengunjung," katanya kepada Bernama di sini Ahad.

Beliau berkata antara kemudahan yang disediakan adalah dewan terbuka yang boleh menampung lebih 100 orang, menara tinjau untuk membolehkan pelancong melihat pemandangan indah, pondok rehat, laluan jalan kaki ke ladang dan kawasan memancing.

Beliau berkata kehadiran pelancong semakin meningkat setiap tahun untuk tempoh 11 bulan pertama tahun ini dengan 41,881 pengunjung melawat taman itu berbanding tahun lepas sebanyak 32,304 orang.

Tahun 2008 mencatat kehadiran pelawat sebanyak 24,722 orang manakala tahun 2007 dengan 18,820 orang.

Beliau berkata 80 peratus pelawat yang berkunjung ke taman itu adalah pelancong asing seperti negara-negara Timur Tengah, Eropah, Jerman, Jepun, Taiwan, India dan China.


Anaklangkawi :-
Baguihla tambahkan tarikan baru rusa kat situ.. Sbb mmg stesen mardi dah famous dikalangan pelancong terutama musim buah-buahan.. Cuma satu ja.. Bela rusa bukan senang maka jgn mati pulak rusa tu.. Harapannya yg menjaganya ada ilmu @ sudah di'train utk menjaga rusa tersebut.. bukan apa takut mati..

Monday, December 13, 2010

Paintball 3 Kingdoms ~ Langkawi

Recently there's a Paintball Fight in Langkawi. The event was held in an abandoned Langkawi Marble factory. Its among the best event & great war site ever held in Kedah. It can be confirm by interview of the people who join the event.

Anyway i can bet all the war mongers out there having fun that day..

I wonder who wins?

More info about the recent event from other blogs :
- P8ball4life - Terjahpaintball -

The opening ceremony was officially launch by MP Langkawi Dato' Paduka Abu Bakar Taib. The event was a success which attracts 200 participant around Malaysia & from Australia.

Hopefully this kind of event will be more conducted next year to attract a new breed of tourist to the Island.

Kudos to the organizer..

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Kraf Menggamit Di Pulau Langkawi

Dalam Mingguan Malaysia hari ini terhadap satu iklan untuk Promosi Kraftangan Malaysia 2010. Bertempat di Kompleks Kraf Langkawi Teluk Yu, Mukim Bohor Langkawi. Kepada yg berminat utk melihat sendiri bagaimana kraftangan dilakukan & produk2 Kraftangan di Langkawi mahupun dr dalam negeri maka pergilah ke pameran tersebut.

Artikel dr Mingguan Malaysia

AL : Cek amat mengalu-alukan promosi kraftangan. Pusat kraftangan Langkawi perlu lebih aktif dalam memberikan galakan & sokongan kepada penduduk langkawi utk menceburkan diri di arena kraftangan Langkawi. Ramai suri @ janda di rumah yg perlukan bantuan drpd kraftangan. Maka buatlah carilah mereka & bantulah..

Kepada pelancong2 ke Langkawi. Pergilah ke kompleks tersebut.. amat dekat dgn Air Hangat..

Langkawi Needs New Impetus To Be Premier Tourist Destination - Najib

LANGKAWI, Dec 8 (Bernama) -- Langkawi needs to have new impetus as part of the plan to be a premier tourist destination in the world, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said Wednesday.

He said that since a year ago he had discussed with several parties, especially Khazanah Nasional Berhad, about Langkawi's redevelopment process in order to fulfill former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's wish to develop Langkawi as top tourist destination.

"We want new development. Therefore, we need new impetus. The development concept must preserve the current situation and natural habitats around the island," he said in his keynote address at the official launch of Teluk Datai Resort's Development Plan at Teluk Datai, here.

Also present were Dr Mahathir and his wife Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali, Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop and Managing Director of Khazanah Nasional Berhad Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar.

Najib said the redevelopment process also should create value to the country, such as joint venture with local companies, as tourism was a major sector that the government wanted to push.

"The development is not only for Teluk Datai but for Langkawi as a whole. Many people said Langkawi is a loss after Tun Dr Mahathir's era as prime minister," he said.

He said today's event was to announce a four-in-one project, with the development of 14 units of villa as the main project.

"The second is to build a new 300-room hotel, the third an upmarket five-star to six-star hotel and the last the redevelopment of the Datai Golf Course to international standard," he said.

Najib said the development plan was a partnership between government-linked companies and private companies to create value to the project and the country.

The development projects would involve about RM1 billion to be invested in Teluk Datai via its investee, Teluk Datai Resorts Sdn Bhd, a joint venture between Khazanah Nasional and also the original founders, through Archipelago Hotels (East) Sdn Bhd.

As part of corporate social responsibility, Teluk Datai Resorts has adopted Sekolah Kebangsaan Ewa under the Pintar programme. It is one of the schools in Langkawi where the most number of employees of Teluk Datai Resort send their children.


Anaklangkawi :-
Its about time Dato Seri Najib give attention to the re-development plan in order to create Langkawi as Premier Tourism destination. Its a pity if the good infrastructure not been use to the fullest. Just my hope that more local folks will get direct impact on the plan.

Friday, December 10, 2010

RM1b for Teluk Datai project

LANGKAWI: State investment arm Khazanah Nasional Bhd, through its investee company, Teluk Datai Resorts Sdn Bhd (TDR), and partners are investing RM1 billion in the Teluk Datai master development plan that will be completed by 2014.

The five-year plan, which will see the expansion and upgrading of TDR's hotel and golf course as well as the construction of new hotels, was launched yesterday by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

Najib said: "Based on the development plan for Teluk Datai, more jobs will be created for residents.

"This will increase the value of their assets and their quality of life.

Present were former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Khazanah managing director Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar.

Langkawi, with a population of about 99,000, was identified by Dr Mahathir as a tourist destination more than two decades ago.

Najib said the development of Teluk Datai, with its pristine surrounding and beaches, was ideal to boost Langkawi's position as a premier tourist destination.

Under the plan, The Datai Lang-kawi hotel will expand to include 13 one-bedroom pool villas and one two-bedroom pool villa, while The Golf Club, Datai Bay, will be re-developed into an international golf course to host tournaments.

Najib said the construction of the villas was expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2012, while the golf course would be completed in the third quarter of the same year.

Also in the plan are a 300-room five-star resort, which will be jointly developed with Shangri-La Hotels, a six-star hotel and villas for sale.

Najib said the plan would boost leisure and tourist attractions at Teluk Datai, located northwest of Langkawi and facing the Andaman Sea, to strengthen the bay's position as an international tourist destination.

TDR plans to develop only a fifth of 598ha at Teluk Datai, while the rest, comprising 100,000-year-old rainforests, will be untouched.

TDR engaged Camco South East Asia Ltd (Camco SEA), in which Khazanah has a 5.3 per cent stake, to conduct a sustainability scoping study for the project.

Camco SEA, a green energy expert listed on the AIM London stock exchange, will also design a long-term strategy on rainforest conservation as well as explore opportunities for tie-ups with local partners to conserve land.

Khazanah, in July, acquired a 70 per cent stake in TDR, which owns The Datai Langkawi, The Golf Club and the 598ha at Teluk Datai.

The remaining 30 per cent is held by its founder, Tan Sri Razali Rahman, and Datuk Hassan Abas, through Archipelago Hotels (East) Sdn Bhd.

At the launch, TDR signed an agreement with Shangri-La Malaysia to set up a joint venture to develop the five-star resort. TDR will hold a 51 per cent stake in the company while Shangri-La Malaysia will hold the balance. Shangri-La International Hotel Management Ltd will manage the hotel.

Khazanah executive director (investment) Mohd Nadziruddin Mohd Basri said the development would create about 3,000 jobs.

He said the arrival of more tourists would create more jobs and opportunities for residents.

"We are positive about the project. The returns must be attractive for us to attract the private sector."

He said Khazanah was considering funding options for its investment, including equity partnership and bank borrowings.

Read more: RM1b for Teluk Datai project

AL :-
Its a good news for Langkawi folks. But how do government ensure that the Hotel will create jobs for local folks? If we see randomly throughout the Hotel in Langkawi most of the torism worker come from mainland. It is really crucial to really look into this & I hope this resort expansion really creates job opportunity to Langkawi folks..

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Penerbangan Sewa Khas Finnair Ke Langkawi Ditunda Minggu Depan

LANGKAWI, 8 Dis (Bernama) -- Penerbangan sewa khas Finnair, iaitu syarikat penerbangan kebangsaan Finland, ke pulau Langkawi yang dijadual tiba petang ini, ditunda ke 15 Dis ini.

Pengurus Pelancongan Lembaga Pembangunan Langkawi (Lada) Megat Shaharul Azman Abas berkata penundaan itu disebabkan oleh faktor yang tidak dapat dielakkan.


AL :-
Baru berkobar2 nak tgk kedatangan pelancong yg baru ni. Jgn tak jadi udah le

Langkawi Link - Vacation Guide

If you come to Langkawi Island please make sure you get a Vacation Guide for free in Airport or at Langkawi Jetty. Its free guide for tourist on where to go & what's going on for that month.

If you wish to get a softcopy of the guide feel free to email me & i'll be happy to email it to you.

(from the editor of Langkawi Guide)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Going Places - Jamie Allan Scott ~Cystal Yacht Holidays

Picture of Allan with Wife Ryoko from Japan. ( I wonder where he's from)

In section Biz Talk in the Going Places December 2010 Magazine there's an article about Jamie Allan the founder of Crystal Yacht Holidays. He's a foreigner running a cruise / boat business in Langkawi. Its good to hear the good stories about them & how they fall in Love with Langkawi & living it. I just like the approach by Allan with locals in Langkawi.

To those who wish to use his service you can contact him at here.. Well i wish him good luck in his businnes. Maybe one day i'll try his service.. Who knows..


Kenyataan Wan Azizah terus dikecam ~ NorSaidi Nayan Pemuda UMNO

KUAH - Lebih 500 orang berhimpun di Kompleks Pekan Rabu selama 40 minit bagi membantah kenyataan Presiden PKR, Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail yang mahu konsep Ketuanan Melayu dihapuskan.

Terpapar lebih 10 sepanduk dibawa oleh mereka bagi menunjukkan tanda protes.

Kira-kira 20 pegawai polis bertugas sekitar lokasi berkenaan bagi mengawal keselamatan perhimpunan tersebut.

Ketua Pemuda UMNO Langkawi, Norsaidi Nanyan; Ketua Wanita UMNO Langkawi, Mariyam Othman dan wakil Persatuan Seni Silat Bangau Putih, Harun Jasni Ahmad antara yang berucap dalam perhimpunan terbabit.

Norsaidi berkata, PKR yang mempersoalkan Ketuanan Melayu pada dasarnya mereka adalah golongan tidak bersyukur selepas menikmati pembangunan dan keamanan di negara ini.

Menurutnya, antara perkara yang dipersoalkan oleh UMNO adalah tindakan pembangkang memberi kesempatan kepada orang bukan Muslim membaca ayat suci al-Quran dan mempertikaikan Ketuanan Melayu di dalam Fasal 153 Perlembagaan Malaysia.

“Fasal 153 adalah hak Melayu yang tidak boleh digugat manakala membiarkan orang bukan Muslim membaca ayat suci al-Quran adalah satu penghinaan secara halus.

“Mereka sepatutnya bersatu dengan UMNO sebagai rumpun Melayu, mempertahankan hak Melayu dan bersama-sama membangunkan negara ini,” katanya selepas perhimpunan tersebut.

Sinar Harian

AL :-
Jgn sampai jem satu Langkawi sudahla.. Janji mesej sampai kepada mereka..

Monday, December 6, 2010

Koperasi Al Taqwa Offers Syariah-compliant Car Financing To Diversify Business

LANGKAWI, Dec 6 (Bernama) -- Koperasi Al Taqwa Kampung Kisap Langkawi Bhd will introduce syariah-compliant car financing facilities next year in efforts to diversify its business and generate income.

Its secretary, Mohd Nazri Hashim, said Bank Angkatan Koperasi Kebangsaan Malaysia Bhd would offer the cooperative a loan which would be used as capital to offer car financing.

"The residents in Langkawi will get an opportunity to apply for the syariah-compliant car financing when applications are opened," he told Bernama here Monday.

Meanwhile, he said, the cooperative would invest in the hotel industry to meet the needs of tourists and to increase its sources of income.

"A hotel, named Al Taqwa Islamic Hotel, has been in operation since last November in Kuah.

"The hotel, based on tour-and-study concept, aims to attract more tourists to the island," he said.

Mohd Nazri said Koperasi Al Taqwa was set up in July 2009 under Masjid Al Taqwa Kampung Kisap.

Koperasi Al Taqwa is among 30 cooperatives in Langkawi.


AL :
Its good to know that the Koperasi is expending its operation & as well offer syariah compliance loan to users..

Mare Blue Kafe ~ Cari Makan Langkawi by I love to Eat

Mare Blu Cafe

We chosed to dine here that night. My husband ordered lamb shank, I had salmon and the kids had spaghetti with clams. They were okay, everybody finished their food except the kids. They were so shocked when their food arrived as it was full with clams..

From blog I LOVE To EAT.

Mare Blue Cafe terletak di Telaga Harbour & agak jauh dari pemandangan bandar kuah. Telaga Harbour terletak dalam perjalanan ke Cable Car Langkawi. Disitu jugak letaknya THE LOAF yg dipunyai oleh Tun Dr. Mahathir.

Cafe ni bagus dikunjungi pada waktu malam kerana suasana yg menarik, sejuk & pemandangan yg cantik pada waktu malam. Harganya adalah agak tinggi iaitu mengikut harga Hotel.

Tetapi adalah tidak salah jika kiranya datang ke sini utk berjalan-jalan diwaktu malam sbb agak romantik disini.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Produk Baharu Biskut Cip Coklat Gamat Di Langkawi

LANGKAWI, 26 Nov (Bernama) -- Sebuah syarikat tempatan mengambil inisiatif memperluas produk gamat dengan memperkenal biskut cip coklat gamat, yang kini dijual di pasaran.

Pengurus Roha Zara Enterprise, Hasruha Othman, 41, berkata beliau mengambil peluang ke atas keluaran gamat yang banyak di Langkawi untuk mengeluaran biskut tersebut.

"Berbekal modal sebanyak RM5,000, saya memulakan pengeluaran yang pada mulanya secara kecil-kecil untuk memperkenal biskut itu," katanya kepada Bernama ketika ditemui semasa menyertai pameran dan jualan Juara Rakyat Bulan Petani, Penternak dan Nelayan, di perkarangan Kompleks Nelayan Penarak, di sini hari ini.

"Pada masa ini, syarikat berkemampuan mengeluarkan 500 kotak, dengan 12 biji biskut setiap kotak, sehari," katanya.

Pihaknya sedang dalam proses mendapatkan logo halal untuk pengedaran lebih luas, termasuk di tanah besar.

"Biskut rapuh berperisa coklat gamat mempunyai kelainan rasa dan berkhasiat, digemari pengunjung," katanya.

Katanya beliau ialah usahawan asas tani Jabatan Pertanian yang berpeluang mengikuti beberapa kursus sebelum berkecimpung dalam bidang perniagaan.

Selain itu, beliau turut mempelbagai pengeluaran seperti kek cawan, dan sedia menerima tempahan untuk majlis-majlis perkahwinan dan keramaian.


AL : sama2lah kita membantu mereka2 yg baru nak berjinak2 dgn perniagaan..

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Going Places ~ Eva Zimmerman " Damai Indah"

There's an interesting story in Going Places December 2010 edition about an expat living in Langkawi. Its about Eva Zimmerman. She's a German Nationality which have settle down in Langkawi after falling in Love with this beloved Island.

Now she own's her own Chartered Boar business & a lovely boat called Damai Indah. Such an interesting story & hopefully one day i try ride Damai Indah.. :)

AL : Wishing you all the best Eva..