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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sunsets, Paradise, and Low Costs Draw Expatriates to Langkawi by Carola

Story and photos by Carola C. Reuben

On a tropical island in a Muslim country in Asia, Christmas carolers sing in English near a rainforest, and partygoers drink German beer at an Oktoberfest by a balmy beach.
Expatriates bring events reminiscent of their native lands to Langkawi, Malaysia, and they can find out about them from a calendar of activities on a facebook page in English.
Perhaps following the beat of her own drum, Vanessa Workman created the page, Island Drum of Langkawi. She refers to her 7-month-old Island Drum as an experiment to find out what would happen if given a mouthpiece. The mouthpiece might feature upcoming parties, a lecture for a "greener island," an inquiry about pottery classes as well as a reward for a missing dog.

Full Story Here.

Anaklangkawi :-
Carola an active blogger & most of the thing he blogs we about expatriates living in Langkawi & tourists, are among of expatriates which resides in Langkawi. She's They fall in love with the Island & cherish every moment in Langkawi. Actually there's a huge gap between locals & expatriates in the old days. But as time goes by the expatriates & local blend together untill a symbiosis relationship happen. Hope we all have our part in this beloved Island. I'll try my best langkawi-updates to be a place where locals & expatriates share same view & interest related to Langkawi. May this blog be place where we know stories about locals, expatriates & as well as tourist interest.

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