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Friday, December 31, 2010

Jellyfish alert in Berjaya Beach Resort

BERJAYA Langkawi Resort has erected signages along its beachfront to warn and advise swimmers about the presence of jellyfish in the waters.
The resort’s general manager Graeme L. Dwyer who hails from Australia is putting to good use his experience in tackling the jellyfish danger.
He said the public had to be warned of the dangers of jellyfish and the signages provided information on the do’s and dont’s when one is stung.
Dwyer also said first aid in the form of applying or pouring vinegar on the area where one has been stung would be provided at three first aid stations set up along the 180m stretch of the beach.
He was speaking at a press briefing at the resort recently.
“The whole swimming area will be skimmed to remove any jellyfish and at a later stage, a protective beach net will be spread to safeguard the whole area.
“The jellyfish situation in Langkawi is manageable as far as the deadly box jellyfish species is concerned,” he said.
“The presence of jellyfish increases from December to March and we have to be prepared,’’ he said.

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Anaklangkawi :-
Such a responsible effort taken by Berjaya which we applause. I'm not sure how serious it is but perhaps more research need to be done to determine the species of jellyfish in the waters. Create a precaution to control their numbers & as well as the plan if the tourist get sting by more dangerous species. Better now than never.

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