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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pulau Payar, A Place For Everyone ~ by

We have always heard people talking about Pulau Payar and how beautiful the island is but have you ever wondered who was responsible for it? It is none other than Langkawi Coral. To be honest I only took notice of Pulau Payar because of Emily. She couldn’t stop talking about Pulau Payar and when I asked her what was so special about that island she said “Just comela, don’t ask so much”.

As we made our move towards the boat, I could hear a couple of foreign languages echoing such as Japanese, Greek, Arabic, and a few more that I don’t even know. I was happy and confident that this will be a good trip simply because it has managed to attract so many foreign tourist. Imagine going to an island where you only see locals and yourself, theoretically that impression would just simply mean the island is not attractive enough or in the modern world’s term, sucks. So off we go and Jep was our tour guide of the day. To me, he is simply the best tour guide I’ve ever met not only he knew how to make us excited but he knows every little inch of this island. Ok that’s beside the point, for now.

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