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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pulau Payar: Getting There & Around by Zemien

There is no accommodation on the island, so you can only do daytrips. In a way this helps preserve the cleanliness of the area. Anyhow, the 2 most popular base for trips out to Pulau Payar would be Pulau Langkawi and Pulau Pinang (Penang).

Although I only took the catamaran ferry from Penang, I'm guessing it is almost the same with trips originating from Langkawi (but with a shorter journey).

For those based in Penang, you'll enter the pier from an old side gate. Just look for the famous Jubilee clock tower and it's right opposite. You can park your car at the nearby Fort Cornwallis parking for RM7/day.

Read full trip experience by Zemien Here..

This article by this blogger quite interesting on how to go & back to Payar Island from Penang. Its quite detail blog on how to make plan to Pulau Payar without getting to Langkawi Island itself.. Honestly i didn't know such services are there from Penang just to Payar Island.

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