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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Langkawi! ~by totallybaosters

my 600th post! wow, haven't realise how long have i been holding on to this's probably been..3 or 4 years since i had it and i guess this blog still have quite some long way to go :))

anyway, as promised, my weekend getaway in langkawi. i thought i wasn't going to enjoy much because i was worried about my work. that week was just hectic and crap. i left for langkawi by flight after my calculation test on friday. shuuush, i skipped 2 lectures........ XD also that same week i handed in my report just 2 days before my test lol not only that i even had a presentation on tuesday which is one day after i came back from langkawi. slides were all ready but i didn't even practiced or anything like that lmao plus it's a group work. the only rehearsal we had was just an hour before the presentation. even that...we only rehearsed twice LOL but like i said, i guess it still went alright after all :D

moving on!! i took the flight with my 2nd sister while my parents and the rest of my siblings had drove down and took the ferry. l o l 6 hours journey. the ferry itself was almost a 2 hours ride ;~; we reached around the same time, and they'd picked us up after renting a car.

Read our friend full experience in Langkawi here.. I must say there's a lot of interesting & nice pictures.. Kudos'

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