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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Breeding Proposed To Maintain Sea Cucumber Population

LANGKAWI, Dec 11 (Bernama) -- The Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Ministry is taking measures to increase the "gamat" (sea cucumber) population in Langkawi waters in an effort to prevent extinction of the valuable marine life.

Deputy Minister Datuk Johari Baharom said the Fisheries Department was identifying a potential area to breed the sea cucumber, which is eaten and also used in the production of a variety balms and oils.

"We do not want this marine life, found in abundance in Langkawi waters at one time, to become extinct," he told a news conference after launching a leader-with-the-people programme in the Langkawi parliamentary constituency at the Mardi Agro-Technology Park here yesterday.

Mohd Johari also urged the people of Langkawi, particularly fishermen and farmers, to come up with unique agro-based products to draw more tourists to the legendary island.

He said the fishing village of Tuba Island, for example, had the potential to conduct home-stay programmes which could incorporate attractions such as seafood and angling.


TB :
Well, well. Its about time this suggestion is proposed. Even now folks of Langkawi have to buy all the sea cucumber from neighboring country. The question is who will take the challenge. Hopefully not just talks..

By the way thank you for asking me to contribute to the blog..

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