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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bid to make Langkawi waters jellyfish-free

LANGKAWI: Thanks to a group of some 100 volunteers from various agencies and non-governmental organisations, the waters at this idyllic tourist destination are fast becoming clear of jellyfish.
During a day-long outing, they helped to collect the deadly sea creatures during a gotong-royong at Pantai Chenang here yesterday.

Organised by the Langkawi Development Authority, 200 box jellyfish of various species, including the common Carybdeid Morbakka, were caught by the group using the common fishing nets.Langkawi Recreational Club president Datuk Mansor Ismail said the event would be held regularly to make Langkawi waters jellyfish-free and safe for tourists.

"A total of 150 cases involving stinging by jellyfish were reported this year. The move (to remove) should trigger more frequent collaborative effort between various agencies as well as the public.

“Perhaps, catching the jellyfish can be turned into a competition to popularise it.”
Universiti Sains Malaysia marine biology unit officer Sim Yee Kwang, who supervised the event, said samples of the caught jellyfish would be sent to the university laboratory for further research.

He said the jellyfish’s presence in Langkawi waters was not alarming compared with other areas in the peninsula, such as in other parts of the Straits of Malacca.
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Anaklangkawi :-
I do agree on the suggestion to make catching the jellyfish as a competition. Perhaps once a year with sponsored by local authorities & LADA. Make it an official event & awareness program to the people. Invite authorities such as the Hospital representative to talk about 1st aid treatment when encountered with the jellyfish. Perhaps Langkawi should have a guideline on know how to treat this jellyfish issue.

Make it as a compulsory for Hotels near the beach to have staff who knows how to treat tourist which effected by jellyfish sting.

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