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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sea Eagle feeding Langkawi

Sea Eagle

Picture of the day. Sea Eagle rooms freely in Langkawi. Amazing picture taken by LOOK78. Such a great combination of contrast & color. Among the best picture so far i've encounter.

Thanks bro for sharing. More here


Dreamer said...

As to me, this kind of picture taken is considered as "cheating". Feeding birds to capture images is not a wildlife photography. anyway sucks to promote eagle feeding!

anaklangkawi said...

Eagle feeding might be right on distrupting the chain of enviroment & wildlife. But one thing for sure number of eagles have a significant increase since the introduction of eagle watching.
Its the same like the org utan sanctuary in sepilok. Where they feed the org utan banana

Dreamer said...

Hahahha... definitely there is an increase. If there are people giving FREE food... why not go there to feed?

Btw, there is no such real practice as eagle watching. Operators are still feeding them!

Dreamer said...

Btw, the org utan sanctuary in sepilok feeding is being done in a different concept.

These org utan had undergone rehabilitation in the center. And being in a center, they have no choice but to be fed.

anaklangkawi said...

What should we do then?
Should we stop feeding them.. Or start giving them nutrious food.
Is there any reseach done on the effect of giving this food to these eagle?
Typical guy like me just see increase in number of eagle's a good sign.
Can we follow sepilok santuary then?

Dreamer said...

Do you notice that the increase of these kites/eagles are in the feeding area?

Yes, all of us should stop feeding them, at least gradually. Unfortunately there is no research done. You can imagine if those eagles are feeding chicken skins with those chicken carrying avian disease, this will affect the eagles in a devastated manner. also, chicken skins lack nutrients for their diet.

Like i mention, sepilok is another scenario for different reason.

We need a typical guy like you to spread the words around telling people/tourists to stop feeding our wildlife here.

anaklangkawi said...

I will encourage people not to feed those eagle but, i've once been asked the question what is the effect of feeding the chicken to the eagle.

Which i cannot answer. However, i do agree on we need to gradually stop feeding the eagle since the birds might be to dependent on us..

WEll, not to worry.. Typical guy like me will continue telling ppl not to feed them..