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Friday, September 30, 2011

Froom to Ride In Langkawi

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 22, 2011 – Chris Froome, Britain’s new cycling sensation who finished runners-up in the recent Vuelta, the Tour of Spain, will saddle up for the Langkawi International Mountainbike Challenge 2011 next month.
Currently competing with the British team in the World Championship in Copenhagen, Froome is looking forward to swapping his road bike for some off-road action on the legendary island of Langkawi on Oct 17-23.
The 26-year old said: “I actually started cycling through mountain biking, so it’ll be a nice change to switch away from the road bike for a bit and go back to my roots at the Langkawi International Mountain Bike Challenge.

“I believe Langkawi is a paradise for training, so I plan to ride an event or two and then spend some time enjoying a few outdoor activities, exploring a few places and taking in the scenery on my bike.”
Froome’s attendance is seen as a further boost to the Langkawi event which, into its second year, is already attracting considerable international interest from the mountain bike community.
Race organiser and Human Voyage CEO, Datuk Malik Mydin, said: “We are naturally delighted to have a rider of Chris’s stature come to Langkawi and participate in our event. I’m sure the other riders will relish the rare opportunity to meet him and ride alongside a true international star of cycling.
“The island of Langkawi provides him the perfect place to ride, relax and enjoy himself after his recent remarkable results and I’m sure his attendance will attract more world class athletes in the years to come. Above all his presence in the jamboree event will allow riders from all social strata to ride beside him. That opportunity does not come often,” said Malik.
Froome’s epic battle in the recent Vuelta a Espana with eventual winner Juan Jose Cobo had cycling fans around the world on the edge of their seats.

AL :-
Great to hear even Froom will be coming to Malaysia. For those who already sign up! You'll be riding with a star.. 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Out to Sea @ Berjaya Langkawi Resort Malaysia!

Staying at the Berjaya Langkawi Resort in Malaysia is a great way to spend a relaxing beach holiday with your loved ones and friends!

In August 2011, my wife and I spent three fun-filled days and luxurious nights at the popular Berjaya Langkawi Resort in Malaysia.

But we didn’t restrict ourselves to just the resort’s private beach and its facilities.

AL : 
Nice captured picture.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

'Trepang' breeding project in Langkawi

LANGKAWI: The Fisheries Department is breeding trepang, a species of sea cucumber (gamat), via a research and development project in the waters of Langkawi.
Deputy Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister Datuk Mohd Johari Baharum said it was to diversify the species of sea cucumber bred at Teluk Yu, Ayer Hangat here.

"Trepang has many other benefits and comes in the form of gamat oil. It is used in producing cosmetics and food," he said at a Merdeka Raya celebration with fishermen at Pasir Hitam here.

A flotilla of 80 fishing boats hoisted the Jalur Gemilang in a procession from Pasir Hitam to Teluk Yu.
Johari also released 40 trepang in the breeding area at Teluk Yu.

Increasing demand for trepang had pushed the price to as high as between RM150 to RM350 per kg.

"We have identified areas in Kuala Temoyong and Pulau Tuba for expansion of the project and we also plan to increase fish breeding grounds."

Johari said the Fisheries Department was considering building a jetty at Pasir Hitam for the benefit of more than 150 fishermen. -- Bernama

AL :
Trepang @ bronok sama ka?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Overview of Langkawi from above.

Picture of the day. Overview of Langkawi from above. Clearly can see the wave breaker at Pantai Chenang. Also Telaga Harbour Port & its two wave breaker Island. Also on the right Burau Bay Resort. Picture was taken from Cable Car.
Thanks to Nicotine for sharing. More from him here.

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Nantikan kedatangan LIMA 2011.

Gambar ditangkap oleh Arifuddin Rahmad.
Gambar RSAF Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon dari Singapore sewaktu persembahan LIMA 2009.
Pemandangan seperti & bunyi bising kapal terbang akan menerjah masuk ke halwa telinga masing-masing sepanjang LIMA 2011 berlansung. Lihat disini utk lebih jelas.

Dikatakan beberapa pengusaha kapal terbang tempur antarabangsa akan datang utk membuat promosi masing-masing sepanjang LIMA 2011 bagi melobi utk menggantikan pesawat MIG-29 TUDM.

Satu saja soalan yg mahu ditanya kepada mereka yg berniat utk mengunjung LIMA 2011. Adakah tempat tinggal telah ditempah?? Kalau belum.. Maka saya cuma boleh ucapkan 'good luck'.

Email kepada saya utk berkongsi cerita menarik di Langkawi @ berminat utk meletakkan iklan.

Arifuffin Rahmad juga menyediakan pakej photography kepada pengantin & acara-acara rasmi @ tidak rasmi. Sila layari website beliau di .. 
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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Stunning Lubuk Semilang Waterfall

Lubuk Semilang Waterfall
Picture of the day. Never seen such a beauty taken of Lubuk Semilang waterfall. Such amazing. I'm stunned. Well this waterfall quite not famous compared to Telaga Tujuh or Temurun. However, this place gives opportunity for you to explore the surrounding forest. 

Comment by Him 
Hi anaklangkawi
What a big honor for me.Thank you for your offer.
I giving you permission to use my picture in my flickr but with my name as a copyrighted image on your blog.
I also sell pictures to anyone interested. Btw, I'm real Langkawi citizen. Just got few weeks free here to photograph more at Langkawi Island for my Landscape Portfolio.For link to my Flickr acc,I'm very agree with it.
Thank you again for dropping by and also for the offer.I really appreciate that.
Arifuddin Rahmad

There's a lot of amazing pictures taken by him here. If you wish to use it in your magazine, pamplet, banner etc2.. Do contact him ok... Thanks mate for sharing.. Amazing picture of the lubuk semilang waterfall mate.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Middle of the sea on a Yacht

Picture of the day. Combination of great colours. Sure quite hard to take since its a moving boat/ yacht.

Thanks for sharing mate. More from him here. 

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Group holds protest over revoking of Langkawi ferry discount

LANGKAWI: About 30 Umno, PAS and PKR representatives held a joint protest Tuesday against the sudden decision by the ferry consortium here to revoke the RM3 discount for Langkawi folk on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
They claimed the discount for both the Kuala Kedah and Kuala Perlis routes was revoked from last Friday, without any prior notice or an announcement on the decision.

They claimed the consortium, , had issued a new directive that the discount, introduced in 2004, would only be given to them from Ferry Services Consortium on Monday to Thursday.
The group held a peaceful demonstration at the jetty terminal parking area, demanding the discount be returned to the locals, before submitting a memorandum to a consortium representative.
"The locals were given RM3 discounts for ferry fares on the KuahKuala Kedah and KuahKuala Perlis routes after showing their identification card at the counter when they buy the tickets," said Langkawi Umno Youth chief Nor Saidi Nayan.
Without the discount, he said the islanders have to pay the normal price of RM23 for adult and RM17 for children for the Kuala Kedah route and RM18 for adult and RM13 for children for the Kuala Perlis route.
Nor Saidi said the ferry consortium should consider the effect on the locals who depend on the ferry services to go to mainland for official and family businesses.

Langkawi PAS chief Zubir Ahmad urged the Transport Ministry to intervene in the matter as it involve the welfare of the local people.
Consortium spokesman Ng Eng Soon when met said the discount for Langkawi people was given since 2004 out of goodwill.
"We are not permanently revoking the discount as we hope that we could urge the Federal Government to give us fuel subsidy. We are now paying the industrial price for fuel," he said.

I applause the joint effort of all political parties with regards to the protest. Its fair to give RM 3.00 discount to the folks of Langkawi. Its consider part of Corporate Social Responsibility. By asking government for fuel subsidy does not justify the revoking of the discount. Not only that the government has done so much to promote Langkawi which as well boost the sales of ticket ferry. Perhaps Langkawi Ferry Services should re-check their own services before asking for subsidy. Much comment with regards to safety & services of their staff

Please consider the well being of Langkawi folks which need to travel to the Island nearly everyday or every week.

Please email me if you need any info with regards to your travel to Langkawi & also if you need any advertising enquiry. ( )


Monday, September 19, 2011

Langkawi Code of Conduct Launched by MNS

Islanders chart the way forward for a greener Langkawi – Code of Conduct  Launched
The Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) today launched the Langkawi Code of Conduct, in conjunction with its 64th Annual General Meeting in Langkawi, Kedah.  The event was graced by Yang Berhormat Mohd Rawi Abdul Hamid, ADUN Air Hangat Langkawi at the Frangipani Resort, Langkawi. The Langkawi Code of Conduct is a set of guidelines and principles to work towards the sustainability of Langkawi’s environment and sustainable ecotourism.
Printed in both Bahasa Malaysia and English, this pamphlet was one of the milestones achieved and funded by a GEF/Small Grants Program (SGP) project entitled ”Conservation of Biodiversity in Langkawi Through Sustainable Eco –Tourism”. Beginning in October 2008, the Code was formulated through a series of awareness programs and stakeholder workshops organised by the MNS and LADA.
Speaking at a simple ceremony in Langkawi, MNS President, Prof. Dr Maketab Mohamed commented, ”Since our Scientific & Heritage Expedition in Langkawi in 2002,   MNS has always and continues to be proactive in promoting awareness and conservation of Langkawi’s natural heritage. We will continue to be active in this as we are concerned with regards to many issues especially on-going land-clearing activities that have now fragmented the forests of Langkawi. Fragmented forests in this case will cause a chain reaction and ultimately lead to the loss of unique flora and fauna of the area.”    
He also added that they will meet with local authorities to discuss the full implementation of the Langkawi Code of Conduct and appealed to all stakeholders to lend support to all activities and stressed that sustainable development in the form of sound environmental practices, respect for nature’s gifts and the integration of scientific and local knowledge will ensure that Langkawi continue to offer something unique and sustainable through the ages.
The launch was attended by MNS members, local government agencies, and key tourism industry players.

AL :-
Its about time this thing come out. But.. Its just a code of Conduct. Will the participant & locals of Langkawi follow it? More explanation & awareness need to be made to promote this. All of Langkawi folks, bloggers, papers, & tourism, pages etc2 need to take part..

Please email me if you need any info with regards to your travel to Langkawi & also if you need any advertising enquiry. ( ) 

Black Sand Beach or Pantai Pasir Hitam

Picture of the day. Fish eye of Black Sand Beach. I still amaze on how the Sand is Black. Need to find why & posted here. As far as i know at the moment it is due to the some material deposits in the sand which existed long back time. But its not ore or tin deposits. Amazing Black Sand Beach.

Nice picture by Athirah. Thanks for sharing. More from her here.

Comment by Her :-
about comment,i'm not good with my words but the only thing that shocked us was the price of the cable car cus we thought its RM15 like before..the other experience is superb :)
thanks ya..

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Burning trash while generating power, a long-term solution

IN THE mid-afternoon June heat, XCN Technology Sdn Bhd executive director Caleb Khoo wiped sweat from his brow and asked: “Is the smell really bad?”
Not as bad as standing in a landfill in the scorching June heat, I said.
He laughed and proceeded to give the group of invited journalists a tour of the new RM68 million incinerator-cum-power generator that XCN Technology operates on 2.02ha of land in Kuah, on Langkawi island.
Behind large, steel doors sat rotting garbage, waiting to be turned into electricity.
Khoo said the concept of the facility is simple: garbage is shredded, sorted from recyclable materials and fed to the incinerator for combustion.
The incineration of waste fuels the generation of steam, which in turn, powers a turbine to generate electricity.
The Kuah plant, which is currently undergoing test runs, can generate up to 1 mega-Watt (MW) of electricity that will be connected to the Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) power grid.
There is one thing that separates this machine from the rest, Khoo said, mainly that combustion is near perfect, whereby a significant amount of substances inherent in the waste is stripped of pollutants.
The waste is burnt twice: the first burning process is conducted at 800 to 1,000 degrees Celsius and the secondary process is at a whopping 1,035° Celsius.
“The technology we developed involves a good mixture of air with the fuel to burn the waste,” he said.
According to tests done by the company, the smoke that emanates from the facility contains levels of pollutants like dioxin and sulphur dioxide that are far below those set by the Environment Department (DOE).
The dioxin and sulphur dioxide levels emitted is 0.0613 ng/Nm and 0.00263g/Nm, respectively, while the DOE permitted emission levels are 0.1ng/Nm and 0.2g/Nm respectively.
Once burnt, the waste is reduced to black ash that is collected and sent to a landfill about 10km away.
The custom-built facility can store up to 100 tonnes of waste per day, which is what Langkawi Island produces.
“Once the garbage is burnt, the volume is reduced by 95%,” Khoo said. The reduced volume helps to extend the life of the landfill by as much as 20 times.
Currently, the Kuah plant, which is designed to last for 20 years, has yet to receive clearance from the Ministry of Housing and Local Government to begin operations.
“Once we get the clearance, we can start things going,” he said, adding that once operational, it will have 45 staff to run it.

The Fight for Garbage

“Everyone is fighting for garbage. There is a lot of money to be made from it," XCN Technology executive director Mazeed Abdul Wahab told reporters after the tour.
This year alone, Kuala Lumpur City Hall allocated RM170 million solely for solid waste management.
But can technology alone emerge as Malaysia's solid waste saviour, especially when there are many players vying for a piece of the waste pile?
The issue is especially pertinent in Selangor where the availability of land is a pressing matter.
But cost factors and technology reliability issues are preventing local councils from embracing power-generating incinerators.
Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water's renewable energy national project team's chief technical advisor Ahmad Hadri Haris said tipping fees for transporting garbage to an incinerator cost more than sending waste to a landfill.
“Local councils find that as a major inhibition,” he told theSun in an interview.
Transporting solid waste to a landfill only cost local councils between RM30 to RM80 per tonne.
However, the proposed fee to transport and properly dispose garbage using incinerators will cost local authorities almost double the normal rates, he said.
To counter this. the government has offered incentives to companies to adopt waste-to-power generation technology, namely via the feed-in-tarriffs in the new Renewable Energy 2010 Act.
Ahmad Hadri said the rates offered are reasonable.
For instance, the feed-in-tarriff for using municipal solid waste as an energy source is 41 sen per kilowatt hour.
“Companies can recover their operating costs within 10 years of operation,” he said.

To Adopt or Not To Adopt?

For local council heads, dealing with rubbish is a very real necessity, and the adoption of technology may be inevitable.
Kuala Lumpur mayor Tan Sri Ahmad Fuad Ismail said the problem with landfills lies in its concept.
“You cannot use the land for anything else but to store garbage,” he said, when contacted.
“Once it is fully utilised and work to rehabilitate the land is done, it takes a long time for the land to recover.
“We cannot run away from using other technologies besides landfills, considering the circumstances that we face,” he added.
He also said the transportation costs for solid waste is increasing with the hike in fuel prices.
Therefore, Ahmad Fuad is optimistic about the future of utilising incinerators for efficient garbage disposal.
“In 20 years' time, the technology and safety aspects will improve,” he said.
“The main stumbling block to using the technology, besides land shortage and the cost, is public opinion,” he added.
Petaling Jaya City Council president Datuk Roslan Sakiman, however, was less enthusiastic about the technology.
Although he agrees that Malaysia needs alternatives to landfills, he said the main problem to the implementation of incinerators is that Malaysians do not sort their rubbish.
“If household waste is not segregated, the incinerator will fail,” he said, adding that it's one of the reasons we cannot have incinerators.
Also, local authorities do not understand the technology and what is required from the local councils for smooth operations.

Anaklangkawi :- 
When will the incinerator on? Good news for Langkawi folks. Hopefully will decreases the problems of rubbish in Langkawi

More here

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tips Ke Langkawi 2011

Langkawi merupakan destinasi yg menarik bagi pelancong-pelancong. Tetapi kadang-kadang menjadi destinasi yg membosankan jika tidak mengetahui tips @ tempat yg menarik utk dikunjungi.

Rancanglah perjalanan sebaiknya utk mengelakkan percutian ke Langkawi menjadi tempat yg membosankan :-
1- Tempah awal Hotel/ Homestay @ tempat penginapan. (Budget, 5 Star lain-lain)
2- Tempah rancang awal Sewa Kereta. Jika ke sana sewaktu cuti sekolah adalah di'advise utk tempah awal-awal kereta mahupun bas jika dalam rombongan besar. (Kalau homestay mintak owner uruskan)
3- Cari peta & kawasan-kawasan menarik utk pegi. Elakkan sampai di Langkawi baru merancang. Lihat di blog-blog seperti ( :)) utk tips pelawat-pelawat terdahulu, tips tempat makanan, tempat bersejarah, gambar-gambar & lain2. (Perlukan ketahanan fizikal & mental utk cari)
4- Sediakan duit yg mencukupi kerana 'ATM' hanya ada di tempat-tempat tertentu.

Akan bersambung...

5,000 pelancong disasar kunjung `Jom Pi Homestay Kedah’

LANGKAWI 13 Sept. - Lebih 5,000 pelancong dalam dan luar negara disasarkan mengunjungi Karnival Jom Pi Cuti-Cuti Homestay Kedah 2011 selama tiga hari di Kampung Wang Tok Rendong di sini mulai Jumaat ini.
Pengerusi karnival itu, Mokhtar Shabuddin berkata, mereka terdiri daripada pengusaha pelancong, pengunjung dan penduduk tempatan.
"Karnival tiga hari itu akan disertai lebih 500 pengusaha homestay dari seluruh negara," katanya di sini hari ini.
Mokhtar berkata, pelbagai aktiviti seperti pameran, pakej homestay, demonstrasi masakan negeri-negeri dan persembahan kebudayaan akan diadakan.
"Karnival ini diadakan untuk mempromosi homestay di seluruh negara serta memperkenalkan pakej-pakej baru," katanya.
Sebanyak 12 gerai akan disediakan untuk negeri-negeri mengambil bahagian. Mokhtar berharap agensi dan pengusaha pelancongan akan membawa lebih ramai pelancong yang menginap di hotel-hotel ke karnival itu yang julung kali diadakan.
Bagi Langkawi, sebanyak enam homestay akan mengambil bahagian. - Bernama

Diharap lebih byk aktiviti seperti ini diterapkan utk pelancong.
Satu ja risau sikit mungkin kena la buat sikit aktiviti tolong org kampung dilanda bencana.  

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kereta dihanyutkan Kereta dihanyutkan banjir

KUAH - Empat sekeluarga nyaris dihanyutkan banjir apabila kereta yang dinaiki hilang kawalan ketika melalui jalan raya yang dilimpahi air.

Kejadian berlaku ketika hujan lebat dan angin kuat melanda sekitar Kuah dan seluruh Pulau Langkawi petang semalam.

Bagaimanapun tindakan segera orang ramai yang menghulurkan bantuan berjaya menyelamatkan keluarga itu daripada mengalami sebarang musibah.

Mangsa, Yusri Omar, 40, berkata, ketika kejadian itu berlaku hujan lebat berterusan dan ketika dalam perjalanan pulang dari mengambil anak dari sekolah, tiba-tiba keretanya tidak dapat dikawal.

“Kejadian berlaku dengan pantas, saya tidak dapat mengawal kereta kerana aliran air yang deras menolak kereta hingga masuk ke dalam longkang berdekatan. Saya terus mengarahkan anak-anak yang berada dalam kereta untuk segera keluar menyelamatkan diri daripada lemas,” katanya.

Yusri berkata, dia bernasib baik kerana kebetulan isterinya yang sarat mengandung bersama anak kecil tidak bersama ketika itu.

“Saya mengalami sedikit trauma akibat kejadian yang berlaku dan kereta mengalami kerosakan pada bahagian enjin apabila hampir keseluruhan enjin ditenggelami air,” katanya.

Sinar Harian

AL :-
Jangan dok biaq anak2 main ayiaq. Nnti apa2 jadi kang menyesai seumur hidup.

Mountains of Langkawi - Can we explore its wonder?

Langkawi Mountains
Picture of the day. Its always amazing to think such a small island have such magnificent mountain. To date, i dont think someone really explore the mountain which still remains enchanted & untouched.

I'm not such whether my good friend Wchinner will agree with this but i duly suggest if this mountain can be explore pathway type to become tourist attraction to fellow climbers. However, need to use Mount Kinabalu as a bench mark on how to do it.

Well who knows..

Thanks to Andras for the picture. More of this picture here.

Comment by him
As for the trip, I am not a great writer - i had a really great time there as a solo tourist, but I'm not sure I can put them into words.
Thanks again for liking these pictures. There are magnificient subjects there, just never enough time :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Attraction Of Langkawi-made 'Crystals'

By Kamarul Ariffin Md Yassin

LANGKAWI, Sept 13 (Bernama) -- Items handcrafted from crystals are considered exotic, and have always received attention. Many are used for home- and office-decor.

Crystal-based handicraft pieces are more expensive than many other handicrafts, as they exhibit such unique features as the ability to shine and gleam.

Making handicrafts from crystals is not easy, however, so not many handicrafters are keen to craft them.

For crystal-based handicraft entrepreneur Kamarul Faizy Roslan, 41, producing crystal items needs patience and tenacity.

What's more, he said, the crafter has to endure heat of up to 1,400 degrees Celsius when making the items.

For a large-sized crystal item, the crystal glass-blowing technique is necessary to form a shimmering type of crystal that will capture the attention of buyers, said Kamarul Faizy, who makes and sells his work at Langkawi Craft Complex here.

"If we want the crystal to be big, then the flame also has to be big, and we have to blow (more) to make it bigger. If the product is small, then a small flame is adequate and we do not have to blow (the glass) as much.

"Glass and crystal come from the same source, which is silica. To make crystal, the silica has to be turned into a high-quality matter, softer and more resistant to temperature changes. Crystal is actually a high-quality silica," he told Bernama.


Kamarul Faizy said the shortest time it takes to make a crystal piece is two minutes, while the longest is two hours.

"Making crystal products is different from making ceramics," he said.

"In ceramics, we can stop at one stage and continue later. In contrast, when making crystal products we have to continue until we finish. Stopping halfway would be pointless.

"To make the raw material melt, heat of up to 1,400 degrees Celsius is needed. For the end product, heat of 1,100 degrees is required," said Kamarul Faizy, who hails from Batu Pahat, Johor.

He said crystal-making during the fasting month of Ramadan is carried out at night, as workers may not be able to withstand the extreme heat generated in making the crystals.

"Workers have to drink lots of water because of the intense heat, and can work only up to eight hours. In order to meet demand by the customers in Ramadan, workers have to work at night," said Kamarul Faizy, who has been making crystals since 1995.

After a crystal item is crafted into a shape, it has to be placed in an oven for two hours for "cooling off" before ending up as a finished product, he said.

Anaklangkawi :-
One of the main attraction for handicraft lover to Langkawi. Its quite rare skill & rarely seen.
Come & see for yourself at Langkawi Craft. 

Heavy Rain In Langkawi & Place to Visit

Northern state of Malaysia at the moment are experiencing heavy rain & downpour. This includes Langkawi which for the past few days heavy rain caused several village or 'kampung' having flash flood. Even some of the village homes roof came off.

Luckily at the moment no serious injuries occurs. For tourist & people who wish to come. Plan well & brace for wet surrounding. Avoid boat activity & if you wish to still go on with it plan well & be more aware of the surrounding.

A great place to visit during the raining season is Temurun Waterfall in Datai. You'll be amaze on the cascading waterfall & its water..

Monday, September 12, 2011

LIMA 2011 is coming.. Brace for impact!

2005 LIMA Jet Plane
LIMA 2011 will visit us again by end of the year. I dont want to promote LIMA itself but just a gentle reminder to all the folks who wish to visit Langkawi during the event. PLAN YOUR VACATION WELL. Because during this event all hotel normally fully booked & cars are all rented out.

You'll might end up frustated & do not gamble coming to Langkawi without those two confirm unless you're a backpackers (which u dont mind where to sleep).

To Langkawi folks, hotels, restaurant & chalet/ homestay. Make sure the service provided to be at maximum best & please don't take this opportunity to make extra ordinary profit which does not make sense.

LIMA 2011 will be a memorable event to us. Hopefully it will to them. For chalet & motel owners, please ask deposit for confirmation to avoid last minute cancellation.

Jet picture provided by Nice captured.. in 2005. More from him here.

Comment from him..
These pictures were from a holiday trip in December 2005. I remember Langkawi was very beautiful. Would love to visit again some day.
I didn't know beforehand that there would be an air show when we got to Langkawi, was a bit surprised to see all the airplanes flying. I literally ran closer towards the airport to take those photographs.  :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Deadly Polluted Beach ?

Ugly sight of Langkawi
Picture of the day. Do we want Langkawi become one of the legend in terms of lovely beach. Picture above might be altered in term of color but the rubbish is real. No one will come to Langkawi if correct attitude of Langkawian towards rubbish are not enforce.

Let's all make Langkawi clean & ugly sight like above never happens.. Thanks Zyxuz for sharing. More here.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cat at Langkawi Skull Beach

Cat at Skull Beach
Picture of the day. Nice shoot. I wonder who owns the cat. It's quite beautiful cat for a stay cat. Someone please take her home. Great looking cat..

Thanks Raymondtan for sharing.. More of his lovely pictures here.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

iBilik for Rent Langkawi

Hi All,

Come across this interesting website. Eventhough it is quite new to the public but its quite interesting more & more effort being made to advertise for the good being of Langkawi Tourism industry.

For those who wish to just rent a room in Langkawi try this website.

You might find what you want. or

Langkawi Link Vacation Guide - 2011 September Issue

Get yours now at selected places - Free at Airport & Jetty Point
Langkawi Link is a free travel magazine which offer great guideline & travel info to Langkawi Tourist.
Get yours today in Airport, Kuah Jetty or selected places. Please email me at for pdf copy..


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jemputan Ke Rumah Terbuka Datuk Paduka Abu Bakar Taib


Dgn ini sebagai wakil, Dato' Paduka Abu Bakar Taib Ahli Parlimen Langkawi menjemput semua warga Langkawi utk hadir beramai-ramai utk menghadiri rumah terbuka Dato' di Dewan As'syifa' Padang Matsirat.

Meh datang beramai-ramai.



On-behalf of Dato' Paduka Abu Bakar Taib Parliament Representative of Langkawi invites all Langkawian to attend Aid Open House at Dewan As'syifa' Padang Matsirat.

All invited to come & enjoy Malaysian Open House which is only done once a year..

Selamat Hari Raya & Happy New Born to Malaysia

I think it's not to late to wish. 

Selamat Hari Raya kepada semua pengunjung Langkawi-updates & Salam Kemerdekaan pada semua. 

Mintak Maaf kerana amat blog sedikit slow semasa bulan Ramadan. :)..