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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Group holds protest over revoking of Langkawi ferry discount

LANGKAWI: About 30 Umno, PAS and PKR representatives held a joint protest Tuesday against the sudden decision by the ferry consortium here to revoke the RM3 discount for Langkawi folk on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
They claimed the discount for both the Kuala Kedah and Kuala Perlis routes was revoked from last Friday, without any prior notice or an announcement on the decision.

They claimed the consortium, , had issued a new directive that the discount, introduced in 2004, would only be given to them from Ferry Services Consortium on Monday to Thursday.
The group held a peaceful demonstration at the jetty terminal parking area, demanding the discount be returned to the locals, before submitting a memorandum to a consortium representative.
"The locals were given RM3 discounts for ferry fares on the KuahKuala Kedah and KuahKuala Perlis routes after showing their identification card at the counter when they buy the tickets," said Langkawi Umno Youth chief Nor Saidi Nayan.
Without the discount, he said the islanders have to pay the normal price of RM23 for adult and RM17 for children for the Kuala Kedah route and RM18 for adult and RM13 for children for the Kuala Perlis route.
Nor Saidi said the ferry consortium should consider the effect on the locals who depend on the ferry services to go to mainland for official and family businesses.

Langkawi PAS chief Zubir Ahmad urged the Transport Ministry to intervene in the matter as it involve the welfare of the local people.
Consortium spokesman Ng Eng Soon when met said the discount for Langkawi people was given since 2004 out of goodwill.
"We are not permanently revoking the discount as we hope that we could urge the Federal Government to give us fuel subsidy. We are now paying the industrial price for fuel," he said.

I applause the joint effort of all political parties with regards to the protest. Its fair to give RM 3.00 discount to the folks of Langkawi. Its consider part of Corporate Social Responsibility. By asking government for fuel subsidy does not justify the revoking of the discount. Not only that the government has done so much to promote Langkawi which as well boost the sales of ticket ferry. Perhaps Langkawi Ferry Services should re-check their own services before asking for subsidy. Much comment with regards to safety & services of their staff

Please consider the well being of Langkawi folks which need to travel to the Island nearly everyday or every week.

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