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Monday, September 19, 2011

Langkawi Code of Conduct Launched by MNS

Islanders chart the way forward for a greener Langkawi – Code of Conduct  Launched
The Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) today launched the Langkawi Code of Conduct, in conjunction with its 64th Annual General Meeting in Langkawi, Kedah.  The event was graced by Yang Berhormat Mohd Rawi Abdul Hamid, ADUN Air Hangat Langkawi at the Frangipani Resort, Langkawi. The Langkawi Code of Conduct is a set of guidelines and principles to work towards the sustainability of Langkawi’s environment and sustainable ecotourism.
Printed in both Bahasa Malaysia and English, this pamphlet was one of the milestones achieved and funded by a GEF/Small Grants Program (SGP) project entitled ”Conservation of Biodiversity in Langkawi Through Sustainable Eco –Tourism”. Beginning in October 2008, the Code was formulated through a series of awareness programs and stakeholder workshops organised by the MNS and LADA.
Speaking at a simple ceremony in Langkawi, MNS President, Prof. Dr Maketab Mohamed commented, ”Since our Scientific & Heritage Expedition in Langkawi in 2002,   MNS has always and continues to be proactive in promoting awareness and conservation of Langkawi’s natural heritage. We will continue to be active in this as we are concerned with regards to many issues especially on-going land-clearing activities that have now fragmented the forests of Langkawi. Fragmented forests in this case will cause a chain reaction and ultimately lead to the loss of unique flora and fauna of the area.”    
He also added that they will meet with local authorities to discuss the full implementation of the Langkawi Code of Conduct and appealed to all stakeholders to lend support to all activities and stressed that sustainable development in the form of sound environmental practices, respect for nature’s gifts and the integration of scientific and local knowledge will ensure that Langkawi continue to offer something unique and sustainable through the ages.
The launch was attended by MNS members, local government agencies, and key tourism industry players.

AL :-
Its about time this thing come out. But.. Its just a code of Conduct. Will the participant & locals of Langkawi follow it? More explanation & awareness need to be made to promote this. All of Langkawi folks, bloggers, papers, & tourism, pages etc2 need to take part..

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