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Monday, September 12, 2011

LIMA 2011 is coming.. Brace for impact!

2005 LIMA Jet Plane
LIMA 2011 will visit us again by end of the year. I dont want to promote LIMA itself but just a gentle reminder to all the folks who wish to visit Langkawi during the event. PLAN YOUR VACATION WELL. Because during this event all hotel normally fully booked & cars are all rented out.

You'll might end up frustated & do not gamble coming to Langkawi without those two confirm unless you're a backpackers (which u dont mind where to sleep).

To Langkawi folks, hotels, restaurant & chalet/ homestay. Make sure the service provided to be at maximum best & please don't take this opportunity to make extra ordinary profit which does not make sense.

LIMA 2011 will be a memorable event to us. Hopefully it will to them. For chalet & motel owners, please ask deposit for confirmation to avoid last minute cancellation.

Jet picture provided by Nice captured.. in 2005. More from him here.

Comment from him..
These pictures were from a holiday trip in December 2005. I remember Langkawi was very beautiful. Would love to visit again some day.
I didn't know beforehand that there would be an air show when we got to Langkawi, was a bit surprised to see all the airplanes flying. I literally ran closer towards the airport to take those photographs.  :)

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