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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mountains of Langkawi - Can we explore its wonder?

Langkawi Mountains
Picture of the day. Its always amazing to think such a small island have such magnificent mountain. To date, i dont think someone really explore the mountain which still remains enchanted & untouched.

I'm not such whether my good friend Wchinner will agree with this but i duly suggest if this mountain can be explore pathway type to become tourist attraction to fellow climbers. However, need to use Mount Kinabalu as a bench mark on how to do it.

Well who knows..

Thanks to Andras for the picture. More of this picture here.

Comment by him
As for the trip, I am not a great writer - i had a really great time there as a solo tourist, but I'm not sure I can put them into words.
Thanks again for liking these pictures. There are magnificient subjects there, just never enough time :)

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