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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Shark Attack!

Last month. Unfortunately there's a case of Shark bite in Pulau Payar.

And the story goes...

When I first visited Pulau Payar, Langkawi in 2009, I witnessed how tourists were offering bread to those coral reef fishes and there was a session where sharks were fed.  It is a known fact that wildlife feeding will leave an impact to their behavior and diet thus offsetting the balance of their surrounding ecosystem.

I observed some of those Blacktip Reef sharks came very closely to the tourists and I had   the impression that they were not aggressive at all. I was wrong. A recent incident has proven that these sharks are not to be taken for granted.

Some time ago, a guest of mine related her snorkeling experience during the shark feeding session. She was snorkeling and the operator started throwing the food into the water. Seconds later, she was surrounded by those fast swimming sharks. She told me that she was terrified for the fear of getting bitten. Luckily she was left untouched.
A/L :-
Such a sad story. That's the reason why we do not agree on feeding the fish. Apart from disturb the nature's balance incident like this occurs. Hope the authorities can take action make a permanent guidelines to the operator. Thanks WCHinner for sharing..

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