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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Travel: Savvy traveller


Oriental Village is the entrance to the famous Langkawi Cable Car. Don’t leave the village without trying this thrilling ride. The cable car is a remarkable engineering feat that brings people to the top of Gunung Mat Cincang. The views include the magnificent forest below as well as Telaga Tujuh waterfalls. Get down at the middle and top viewing stations to enjoy a breathtaking panorama of the Andaman Sea and Langkawi Island from an altitude of 700m above sea level.

Then brave yourself to walk on the amazing 125m long suspension bridge to experience the feeling of walking in the clouds!

When you’re back on the ground, check out Oriental Village’s latest attraction — Tiger! Tiger! Gallery & Exhibit. Other attractions include paddle boat rides, elephant rides, deer park and playground for children to enjoy.

Don’t shop before taking the cable car ride. It’s difficult to lug around bags while embarking and disembarking from the small cable cars that can only comfortably accommodate six adults each. Furthermore, it may take up to two hours from the moment you buy the ticket to riding the cable car. The entire ride and viewing on the mountain-top stations may take some time too. Also, visit the washroom at the base station near the ticket counter before taking the ride.

Snacks are aplenty at Oriental Village. There are also proper dining places with a choice of Thai, Japanese or local fare. Snacks and burgers are sold at the top station but at slightly higher prices.

The shops are quite good, especially during sale season, with almost everything from beachwear and handicraft to branded goods. There is also The Zon duty free shopping chain where you can get chocolates and many other items at lower prices.

There is a huge discount for MyKad holders for cable car rides and other attractions. So do remember to bring your MyKad, even for your children. As for the cable car ride, it can be quite tiring to queue for hours but sometimes, solo travellers or small groups of two or three persons may be grouped to fill empty seats. So keep an ear out for these ad hoc announcements. You may just be lucky and enjoy the ride earlier than you thought you would!

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