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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Ingat Bungkus; Ingat Bekal..."

Simply means "Remember container (referring to a food container) when you think of take-away".

This idea was given to a five-star resort last year in conjunction of the Environment week and they did it. It was a very easy task to do and zero cost. The staff gathered at a pasar malam (night market) armed with their own food containers, used plastic bags or cloth bag for storage bags, tiffin carriers, etc. In a troop, they marched down the lane of the night market and took away their dinner using their containers. That was only for one day and how effective or impactful can that be?

A pasar malam stall
Not until last year when I met this amazing local lady, Puan Zuraidah; through an invitation to their Raya open house by her brother, Razak.  Puan Zuraidah is currently an active committee member with Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) Langkawi chapter. As we chatted during the open house, she spoke with passion of her dream to see Langkawi people doing green practices which led to our idea about gathering an army to march down the pasar malam lane with food containers. She was keen about this and not only we spoke about it but she did all the work to materialize this event.

Why pasar malam (the night market) is the target? 

Great Article by my friend WChinner.. Do visit his blog for more details..
Anaklangkawi :-
 I write this as a reminder especially for travelers & locals in Langkawi. As we all know ( i guess so) Langkawi is just a small island with no incinerator (at the moment). But we do have landfill which filled up quite fast. Two days ago the local television talks about terrible rubbish problem in Pulau Tuba. Its quite a shame.. Both the authorities, tourists & locals need to take part in the effort the preserve the surrounding of Langkawi.
Sometimes we don't have the guts to even talk to persons that throw rubbish. We as individual should make a stand to protect & preserve Langkawi. As the local always says.. "Kalau bukan kita sapa lagi? " (if its not us who else will do it).. Let us make Langkawi as the 1st Island in Malaysia that can be Plastic Fre & Rubbish Free.


WChinner said...

Thank you for posting this, Anak Langkawi.

Btw, Kilim now has an incinerator, however not sure whether the operation has started or not.

It is the mentality of the local Langkawians that must be changed... will take a long time.

anaklangkawi said...

Yeap.. not sure whether operation already stated or not..
Well. Its up to each individual of Langkawi to set the mentality of locals..
Dont give up.. It will take tremendous effort..