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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Eagle Point in Kuah

Eagle Replica or Jentayu in Kuah
Picture of the day by Popsytwisty. The legend said that Langkawi was a place for a big bird called Garuda. Legend also said there's Garuda has attacked the convoy from Raja Merong Mahawangsa from its way to China. Raja Merong Mahawangsa using his magic fire a bow of arrow to Garuda which turn in Jentayu (a Legend bird) which fights with Garuda in the waters of Langkawi.

A the end the convoy was safe but the Jentayu bird die in the fight & Garuda left the scene from exhaustion.   

Comment by Popsytwisty about her trip :-
The trip wasn't really recent, it was about 2 years ago. But it was a good trip nonetheless. I enjoyed my stay at Helang Hotel and the food in Langkawi was fantastic especially the pisang goreng stall along the road!
More picture by her here.

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