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Friday, March 18, 2011

Langkawi: Thumbs up from tourists

THIRTY-five year-old Swiss national Annia Titus holds a special place in her heart for Malaysia because her father is a Malaysian and she tries to come "home" at least once a year to catch up with family and see more of the country.

After not visiting Langkawi for more than five years, Titus returned early this year with a friend and stayed for three nights.

"I always prefer small islands like those on the east coast like Perhentian, Redang and even Tioman, where I can snorkel," said the decoration painter who has visited Langkawi six times.

"Apart from the cable car rides, which I have been enjoying in Langkawi, I only use the island these days as a hopping point for the ferry from the island to neighbouring Koh Lipe in Thailand," she added.

First-time Langkawi visitors Henry Wong and his wife Sandra Fong from Sydney, Australia, have had generally good things to say about the island, with a few suggestions for improvement.

"We rented a car from the airport and found the signages very clear and helpful to get to our hotel Berjaya Langkawi Resort," said Malaysian-born Wong, who has lived in Australia for 40 years and returns to hometown Sibu in Sarawak once every two years.

The couple, who did a lot of research on the Internet about Langkawi before deciding to hop over from Penang where they were also on vacation, gave the thumbs up for the hotel they were staying, which they said gave good value for money.

"We thoroughly enjoyed the cable-car ride and good exercise provided by walking the sky bridge," said accountant Sandra, who was born in Australia.

"Our Japanese lunch at the Oriental Village was a bit of a letdown, although we enjoyed the beautiful view of the hills," she added.

For Wong, who is a computer network engineer, the rusty railings on the Langkawi sky-bridge - which is suspended 700m above sea-level - can be given a new coat of paint or a clean up.

"We really enjoyed the walk on the curved pedestrian bridge from where we could take in the spectacular view of the Andaman Sea, but when one wants to grip the rails for better support, they tend to get put off when it is coated with rust," he added.

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