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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Langkawi Cambrian- Final Part

Picture & article by LADA
From then,during the Jurassic age of the dinosaours, this newly exposed land experianced severe alterrations due to chemical reactions and erosions and a series of  uplifting eruptions. The land was carved and gouged and hills were formed and valleys drained. Later during the extreme climatic conditions coinciding with the last ice ages(1.8 million to 10 thounsand years ago),sea levels were pushed up and down drastically as a result of glacial melting and global cooling. So now above the rainforest we find caves full of sea life : Shells, corals and ancient fossils some hundreds of feet above sea level. 

Also among the island of marble,shale and limestone, we find caches of semi precious stones and crystals and even odd, cold water Brachiopod clam fossils. We see amzing towers of limestone soaring hundreds of feet above the sea at Tanjong Rhu, inland lakes as on Dayang Bunting where the roofs of huge caves have collapsed and strange mudstone boulders, which look like layered cakes, lie baking in the sun. This is the land that has been proved to be the oldest in the peninsular Malaysia the “Birthplace of the Nation” so to speak and the cradle of ancient life form which have evolved to some of the world’s most rare and unique species. But first came the jungle. Main Article Here.

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Langkawi Cambrian by LADA. 

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