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Monday, March 21, 2011

Eagle Square Reflection

Eagle Square reflection
Picture of the day. A great reflection of eagle square. Nicely taken picture. Thanks Achiam for sharing. For more picture by Achiam please refer here.

Comment by Achiam's trip to Langkawi :-
I had a pleasant time in Langkawi. I stayed in Sheraton Langkawi and I was very pleased with the service and the resort itself. I enjoyed the serenity of the sea from my room balcony and the greenery surrounding the place. Sunset was absolutely beautiful. The breakfast was amazing! The trip was very rejuvenating, took my mind away from the hectic work life in the city.

The other things I enjoyed the most was the drive along the smooth clear highways and the exploration in the inner part of the suburbs. The walk along the nightspots and the massive shopping in the duty free stores on the island. Liquor, cigars and chocolate were so cheap, it seems like paradise.

Timbermad :- 
A thumbs up to Sheraton for living up to the tourist expectation. 

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