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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Eagle by Safaa.Hamaza

Picture by Safaa.Hamaza
Picture of the day. Nicely taken picture by Safaa. With green & forest background.

Comment by Samaa.:-
I was in langkawi for couple of days .. and i went on this island hopping trip :)..
and one of the stops is to go and feed eagles .. loved the experinece cos its the first time that i really see them that close.. i took millions of shots of them .. but it was hard really hard for me to coop with how fast they are... even with sequence shots didnt help at all.. we were on a speed boat .. but stoped ofcourse .. boat man was doing the feeding part and we were shooting :).. this is one of the best i got.. :)
hope u like it :D

AL : Great to know you enjoy your trip there. Great pictures of course. Thanks for sharing your pic & experience.  More picture by him here

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