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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pantai Chenang Beach

Chenang Beach by Mario Gala
Picture of the day. If anyone wonder how Chenang Beach look like please to this picture. This is the most famous place for beach activity as well as relaxing place at night. The calmness might varies dependent on the
season. For fellow tourist need to plan ahead so that you trip might be enjoyable. Please check here for weather forecast
Anyway, i've ask Mario to comment about his trip to Langkawi. So here goes.

Comment from Mario (more great picture from Mario here) :-
One bad thing that I found was the lack of public transportation, no public bus to go anywhere... Since there are public buses everywhere else in rural towns in Malaysia, you would expect Langkawi to have some too, at least for the main routes, and not just expensive taxis. Also, just having one or two ferries a day (from Penang) sounds a bit too little.

About taxis, at least something could be done to make it easier to find taxis to share (e.g. some specific taxi stand for a few common destinations), rather than just having taxis for individual hire. I had to walk around the Kuah Jetty for quite a while looking for tourists with large backpacks before I was able to find someone to share a taxi with...

Apart from that, I visited the beaches of Pantai Cenang and Pantai Tengah, and I found them very nice, and they were extremely quiet and uncrowded compared to what I was expecting. There were only a few people here and there, not a mass tourist destination as you might expect from its popularity.

Timbermad :-
I totally agree with Mario. Normally we travel by car in Langkawi. But that does not mean that public transportation like bus cannot be introduce in Langkawi. Not all tourist have huge budget to travel. Sometime its more exciting to travel by bus around Langkawi. Perhaps this should be a new areas that LADA or Local authorities can improve.


Kamal Sanusi said...

Some info from my Langkawian friends...

The first party to object and/or against the other type of public transport namely bus is taxi association in Langkawi.

It will then be supported by political parties who take it as an opportunity to gain popularity in the name of welfare.

For Mario's info, there are no taxis in Langkawi, actually only Kereta Sewa. Taxi needs to be installed with meter. With more than 1000 so-called taxis in this small island, don't be surprise they are overcharging passengers. I'm a frequent traveler to this island. The cost of renting a car is alternatively cheaper than taking a taxi.

It take a strong political will to have the bus as public transport in Langkawi.

anaklangkawi said...

Kamal.. dont be to negative thinking.. if the authorities decide to do so why not?
Politics has nothing to do with it..
Anyway the taxi's in Langkawi should improve themselves if they wish to compete with bus. Well, after all its a different set of customer after all..
I do agree that the taxi's need to slowly follow taxi's in KL in terms of using mileage & receipt.