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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Info on Box JellyFish

Box jellyfish is poisonous

Box jellyfish is poisonous and the sting from this species can sometimes be fatal to humans or other marine life. The bell or cube-shaped jellyfish has four distinct sides and swimmers would not know they are bitten until they feel excruciating pain, and sometimes can die from it.
The box jellyfish is not edible and are known for their sting which is rarely detected until the venom is injected, but also because they are almost transparent.
It is also found in the tropical oceans around northern Australia, in the waters of the Indo-Pacific region near Papua New Guinea, the Philippines and Vietnam.
Vinegar is the only known treatment for jellyfish stings and most beach resorts and lifeguards around the Andaman region now keepvinegar at all times.

Malay Mail. 

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Such a beautiful creature yet dangerous. 

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