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Friday, January 20, 2012

Stop permits for zoos

SAHABAT Alam Malaysia’s attention was drawn to an e-mail from a tourist diverted to us for follow-up action on a tiger exhibited in a small area at a cafe in Burau Bay, Langkawi.
A visit by SAM revealed a tiger on display at a cafe in an enclosed area, with a natural setting of grass and bamboo plants, while another exhibit next to the tiger enclosure displayed a marmoset.
There is intent to bring in a pair of tigers some time this year.
There are already zoos in theme parks and resorts.
Such being the case, it won’t be long before cafe outlets move in with plans for mini zoos, aviaries and/or aquarias.
The cafe claimed that the wild female animal presented by a zoo was not a hybrid.

Sahabat Alam Malaysia.

Full letter here.

p/s: Agree with SAM. This is not a good way to make profit.

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