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Monday, December 27, 2010

Car Rental In Langkawi ~ Hot Topic In Travel Advisor

For readers info, i participate actively in Tripadvisors forum especially the Langkawi Forum section. Its a section where fellow travelers & visitors come for advise, giving opinion & some to the extend giving travel tips report.

Among the hot topic discussed this week was feedback regarding car rental problem. Not knowing the fact right but such arising complain with regards to car rental company. Whether its small or not but all of them have a basis.

A basis such as been conned or not a good service. Been charge excessively & deposit never existed. Such an alarming situation when people start talk bad about the service which might effect the tourism industry as a whole. Tourism Langkawi need to look at this seriously. After all, if we dont want one bad apple to ruin the rest of good apple.

The question is there any guideline the fellow travelers can rely on or aspect? I do tourism authorities can answer this question to eliminate gray area's. And if there's none the Tourism board or whoever responsible shall be proactive enough to create such guideline..

Well, honestly i agree some condition of the car are really bad. The car rental need to be honest & rent the car as fit to the price offered. And as well, need to be very open to give a full refund if the car broke down or having problem. Please, as a service provider be professional & think what it may effect the industry entirely rather than think about short profit.

Be the best on doing business. Our tourism industry depends on it..


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