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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Langkawi Experience ~by mizzvickz

What is there to do in Langkawi
apart from duty free chocs, alcohol and cheap* seafood?

*Cheaper than KL but not super cheap either

Why, take a RM30 tour to go "island hopping" and see eagle feeding!

Such a pity for the bad weather.
Paying peak prices for hotels and flight tix but experiencing off peak weather.
The weather ruined half of our trip. . .
plus my OCD was mentally killing me.

I keep feeling dirty and icky
and I keep having a constant need to bathe and wash my feet.

This particularly happens whenever I go on beach holidays
and stay in hotels with carpeted flooring.

Please refer to her blog for more interesting experience & great picture of delicious food :)..

Orkid Seafood Restaurant, Langkawi Tapaz Langkawi., Sunba Retro Bar Red Tomato Garden Cafe Breakfast Bar Langkawi

Anaklangkawi :-
I must say she should be paid or given free meal for promoting all these nice places to eat in Langkawi.. Such tempting picture.. makes my mouth water drops.. Heheh

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