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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Jellyfish Stranded

Picture of the day. Jellyfish presence in Langkawi are no more a secret. There're rarely cases of jellyfish attack but it did happen. Some hotels make a pro-active action by having 1st aid by the beach. Normally typical attack can be cure by using vinegar. That is why the tourist must be aware by the hotel on the 1st aid kid in the case of attack.

Most of the jellyfish as per above picture are harmless but some like the tiny box type are very dangerous. Sightings were noted even in Langkawi. Some actual cases highligted in the media as well as discussed in Trip advisor. But not to worry its rarely happen.

My opinion is the jellyfish problem in Langkawi is not that critical. But, if things or improvement to control the species does not take place there will be no more people want to swim at the beach. I wonder if the current local Hospital has the ability to take cases like box type jellyfish attack.

Thanks Nina for sharing the pic. More from her here.

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