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Monday, June 6, 2011

Languid Langkawi

We find an unusual companion as we tour the country's biggest group of islands — the rain
At Langkawi, you don't sip hot chocolate by the windowsill when it rains. At least, I didn't. I was stranded at sea pretending to be a pirate. Savvy?
The largest group of islands in Malaysia, Langkawi is a maze of emerald green and turquoise blue. There are rolling hills swathed in silver-grey mist that follow you everywhere and palm trees that wave you by. As if that weren't enough, happy clouds bounce around in clear blue skies and light up the pristine, silent roads. But, there is danger lurking at the corner.
“The cow,” says our guide Azham Ahmed, “is the most dangerous animal in Langkawi.” We look around, imagining a raging bull on standby. Instead, I notice a gentle beige-coloured cow dawdling by us, turning one lazy eye to observe the seven pairs gawking at it. “We have more accidents caused by cows lying on the roads at night than drunk drivers.” And we all understood.

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