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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Langkawi Buffalo Park Needs New Entrance Road

LANGKAWI, 7 JUNE, 2011: The management of Buffalo Park in Kampung Nyior Cabang here has appealed to the authorities, including the Langkawi Development Authority, to build a new entrance road to the park.

Its manager, Johari Saad, said today the existing road was narrow and already damaged, making it difficult for vehicles to bring tourists to the park.

He said residents in surrounding area would also benefit from the new road.
There are 70 buffaloes at the park which produces more than 50 litres of fresh milk every day for making cheese, yogurt and ice-cream.
About 1,500 locals and foreigners visit the park every month.

AL :-
I'm not sure about this idea. Even if there is no proper road i think the tourist will still be flocking to the site.. Rather than the money use elsewhere in terms of promoting or enhancing the things that can be offered from the farm existence.