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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Langkawi, whats in it for visitors

Langkawi Island, Malaysia Langkawi, an archipelago of island located west of Kedah, Malaysia, is among one of the hot tourist attraction in Malaysia. Accessible through air and sea.

Malaysia has lots of tourist site that in terms of scenery and nature, are consider better than Langkawi, but Langkawi still remain one of the favourite, especially among Malaysian. The reason behind it may be because Langkawi is a shopping paradise (for certain goods) and also a beautiful island with beautiful beach and scenery.

Langkawi is among the few place where imported products are not being tax, so the imported things found in Langkawi is cheaper than most of the place in Malaysia.

This is a paradise especially for those who are into these 'certain goods' which are liquor, cigarette and chocolate, as these goods which are mostly being heavily tax are levied on Langkawi (example, commonly found beer like Tiger, Carlsberg, the price of one can on the mainland can be around RM5.00/ $1.66, but on Langkawi, its only around RM1.50/$0.50), so do the calculation yourself, or even better, just buy a carton and drink till you throw, and it will still not hurt your wallet. This is why you will hear a saying among the local that 'drinking alcoholic drinks is cheaper than drinking water'.

Here, liquor, cigarette and chocolate can be found easily, as a lot of shop will be selling them, and in this competitive environment, consumers will be the one who’s laughing. But be 'WARNED' as the price is CHEAP, there will be some trade off, and that will be in term of 'Taste', the chocolate doesn't seem to have any difference, but the alcoholic drink and cigarette will definitely taste a bit blander than the ones found on mainland.

One more thing to celebrate for the chocolate lover is that Chocolate fair is being held quite often, so check for it.

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