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Friday, April 8, 2011


Langkawi is a cluster of about 99 islands on Malaysia's west coast and is a great holiday haven. Nestled in the azure blue Andaman Sea, some of the islands which are uninhabited are a tourists' paradise. Langkawi can be visited throughout the year and hotels in Langkawi are always busy.

1. Cenang Beach is on the south-western shoreline of Langkawi. This is a well-known beach and one of the most beautiful too with its stretch of faultless white sands. This beach has a lot of restaurants, and hotels catering to all budgets. The island interiors have thick rainforest foliage and are also a hub for adventure trips. The sunset view is great from this island and the duty-free shopping policy at Langkawi also adds to a tourist's joy. Wading to the nearby Rebak Kecil Island during low tide, the underwater World and Laman Padi are other major draws here.

2. Gua Cerita or the Legend cave is situated in the northeast of Langkawi. This is basically two legendary sea-facing limestone caves located one above the other. Many tourists visit this place to view this limestone marvel.

3. Gunung Mat Cincang is the second highest peak of Langkawi and proffers a stunning view of the island, the Andaman Sea and the neighbouring islands. This peak is one of the oldest rock formations and was formed at least 2,400 years ago. There is a cable car transporting tourists from the base to the top and that is an exhilarant mountain view ride. Also there is a 125 metre bridge to soak in the beautiful landscape.

4. Mahsuri Mausoleum or the Makam Mahsuri was built in honour of princess Mahsuri. In the Mausoleum there is a traditional Kedah house, a well, a tomb and a birdhouse. There are some ethnic cuisines available near this and also there are many local curios and memento stalls.

5. Mandara Spa is a group of spas located worldwide. They have Ayurvedic and herbal cures and massages on offer. In Langkawi there are two outlets - one in Sheraton Beach Resort and the other is at The Datai. There are custom-made packages to fit each guest's requirement. Whatever the mode of treatment, it is rejuvenation all the way.

6. Pasir Hitam Beach is one of many well known Langkawi beaches. The highlight of this beach is that the beach is black in colour. There is a sense of mysticism about this beach. The presence of minerals like iron oxide contributes to this colour. So tourists can definitely take time off to visit this unique and beautiful beach.

7. Pulau Dayang Bunting also known as the island of the Pregnant Mermaid, and Tasik Dayang Bunting or the lake of the Pregnant Maiden, are the largest island and lake in Langkawi. The attractions of the island would be the Gua Langsir or the Cave of the Banshee is a limestone formation on a hillock, located on the western coast of the island. To reach this cave, tourists require considerable mountaineering skills as it is not easy to reach this. Also there are mangrove swamplands, variety of birds on the island and rainforests.

8. Temurun Waterfall is located in Teluk Datai, in the north-western part of Langkawi. It is a beautiful 30 metre fall flowing down the northern slope of the Gunung Mat Cinang and flows into the Datai Bay. The rainy season is the best time to visit here when the water is gushing in full force.

9. Telaga Tujuh a fresh water spring: The fresh water springs that forms seven majestic springs in Telaga Tujuh (seven pools) of Langkawi is a must-see site, and hordes of tourists throng here.

10. Beaches: Some of the other attractions here are the Tanjung Rhu Beach, Teluk Yu Beach, Tengkorak Beach and the Tengah Beach.

The beckoning beaches, the greenery, rainforest terrains, water sports, duty free purchases, ethnic cuisines- a foodie's delight, complete with curio stalls, arts and handicrafts stores all ensure that there is a perfect holiday calling for everyone in Langkawi. Tourists can book Langkawi hotels and experience a memorable holiday.

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