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Thursday, April 7, 2011

HDR Shot of Telaga Harbour & Kedawang Mosque

Telaga Harbour

Kedawang Mosque
Picture of the day. Fantastic picture of Kedawang Mosque & Telaga Harbour. Not many photographer have the skill to produce great HDR shots. Thanks for sharing. More picture by JSRL'S here. 

My KL skyline shot is taken without any flash... just a normal setting... on tripod..

Program : M
shutter speed : 2.5 sec
f : 11
ISO : 200

All my other landscape shot are done without flash either... mostly HDR shot.. how to take in HDR.. follow this link...

Waterfall... I use ND8 filter as the filter will reduce exposure by 3 stops to avoid overexposure for slow shutter speed... setting usually

Program : M
shutter speed : 8 sec
f : 22
ISO : 100

Waterfall, all shot taken on tripod with remote release cable to avoid camera shake..

All taken without any flash....

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