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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Panorama Langkawi in rebranding exercise

LANGKAWI: A geo-tourism product, which will enhance technology and educational elements, along with improved jungle-trekking activities are among several sub-brands which will be unveiled by Panorama Langkawi Sdn Bhd as part of its brand restructuring exercise.
The company, a wholly-owned unit of Syarikat Prasarana Negara Bhd, currently operates the Langkawi cable car system.

As part of its rebranding exercise, it also unveiled yesterday its new tagline, "Welcome to Happiness".

"Langkawi Cable Car has been the island's flagship brand for a decade, but the time has now come for Panorama Langkawi to be brought to the forefront of public attention as our main brand," the company's chief operating officer Ebi Azly Abdullah told reporters during a media gathering here .

He said Panorama Langkawi is now in talks with a telecommunications provider and local university to set up a collaborative arrangement for the project.
"By partnering these two parties, we will be able to develop the content and facilities required for this new product, which we are touting as Malaysia's first," Ebi Azly said without elaborating.

Ebi Azly said with the brand restructuring of the company's assets, which include the cable car and a 700-metre-high curved bridge, Langkawi Cable Car will be better positioned to host its present and future products.

"By rebranding ourselves as Panorama Langkawi," he noted, "present and future world-class products can be parked comfortably as sub-brands.

"We are now at the threshold of change and this rebranding exercise will also see the inception of a completely new brand identity, which in the months to come, will transform our venue into a more tourist-friendly destination."

AL :-
Interesting to hear Panorama planned to extend their business for jungle trekking. 
I suggest they should make a trek from the lower part of the cable car to the upper part. But make sure that it will not harm the virgin rainforest.

Panorama Langkawi recorded some 700,000 paying visitors last year and the company plans to topple the figure this year said Ebi Azly, by re-designing its venue, adding more revenue-generating products and launching an aggressive marketing campaign.

In unveiling the new logo which is underscored by the letter "P", Ebi Azly said it is designed in a manner which is reminiscent of a young shoot of leaf.

"The new logo and tagline will be applied extensively in all our communications materials, including advertising and merchandising.

"We want our target market to know that when they come here, they will experience a sense of happiness which is defined by two world-class infrastructure projects, the world's steepest cable car ride and one of the world's most spectacular observation bridges which connects the tips of two mountains at 700 metres above sea level."

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