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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Langkawi Buffalo Park by Keats the Sunshine Girl

I have to admit I'm not one to sit around on a holiday. Even on a wedding destination which was already packed  with ceremonies. Now you know I'm a kind of pain in the ... with my folks who say that I can't stay still !!! So while  many chilled out and pampered themselves at the hotel, I made contact with my blogging friend, wChinner. She made the arrangements for my husband and I to do an short escapade on the river to  the mangrove swamp. And when I heard about the existence of a Buffalo Park, my mind was made up right away!

No mooing greeted us at the Langkawi Buffalo Park. It was all too quiet when we visited. In the building where the mozarella cheese is made, there was no activity. A pity 'coz we wanted to watch the manufacturing  process.

We headed to the big shed following a signpost. There the buffaloes stood, busy munching  away their green meal. After a while we caught sight of a farm hand who introduced himself as Din. He was busy with the day's routine but stopped to answer some questions.

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