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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pantai Chenang Master Plan..

I've been waiting patiently for the Pantai Chenang master plan to kick off. I've studied the masterplan which can be access from 'unit perancangan bandar' website. The masterplan consist some of current solution of problem existance in Pantai Chenang.

Some of the problem are:
- pollution from hotel's seawage system
- e coli rate increases
- jellyfish rate increases
- accident from water sport.
- limited space for picnic areas
- beach acces block by hotels (legally used land or unlegal)
- many more

As of now, discussion been made with various party with regards with the master plan. There're pro's and con's feedbck. Some object totally some waiting for the transformation plan with joy.

Among my input & suggestions are:
- involve local SME with regards to development of new areas & hotels
- smart partnership for boutique hotel with local land owner with private company, Not merely take over land or purchase from locals.
- allocation of 50% of shop or properties at chenang by local langkawian. With rebates & business oppurtunity..
- extend the masterplan to area untill near the airport in nxt future plan.
- target of working oppurtunity to local up to 60% on the planned areas. The plan/ manpower training shall start frm now in order to ready the locals.

Anyway my concern is more towards benefits of the locals. The locals shall not be sideline. Local state govermmt need to inforce strict land procedure to avoid land changes hnd to outsiders. Balance of economic pie are crucial in langkawi. In order for the langkawi transformation a succes..

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