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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Why i Love Langkawi - by Angelo

I just need to share this..
Nice comment in Langkawi-updates Facebook :)

Thanks bro for being supportive.. Your comment are some of the reason why a lot of expratriate choose to settle down in Langkawi.. :) Hope you'll find your innerself & true meaning of life..

Nice to see this title for the site: Mystic… . The obvious reason for me liking Langkawi so much is that the people are the nicest people I have ever encountered in all my world travels including Thailand, India, USA, Canada, Eastern Europe and several south Pacific Islands i.e. Maui, Bora Bora and Tahiti. Not that there aren’t nice people there, as well, in those regions but here almost 99% of all the people in Langkawi are very nice. The warm hearted smiles exchanged simply from one human being to another crossing all boundaries of creed, race and skin color are really shocking. Most other areas of the world people are even afraid to make eye contact. What to speak of a beaming, smiling mouth and glittering eyes hellos from almost everyone I meet. Wow now that is really rare, believe me. I am thankful for having Langkawi finally revealed to me. Of course now, after my travels, I can compare and truly appreciate this wonder of Earth. 

For me this has been the magic in the mystical attraction of this location on Earth; the people. Then of course the location on the Earth planet situates us surrounded by almost unlimited opportunities for lying on a new white sand beach virtually every day. Tired of this white sand beach, then try that one, lol. There is enough adventure here for several lifetimes of exploration; even on this one island Langkawi. Never a dull moment indeed. So yes, what is this mystical magnetic island all about? Why do I want to live here the rest of my life? Why am I so peaceful here and happy to meet so many friendly local people. It’s not the fact that it is a “duty-free” island because I don’t drink or smoke and never shop. How can I be enjoying myself staying in a dormitory room? 
What about all that heat and hot weather doesn’t that get to me w/out ac? There has got to be something going on here that allows me to be content and not care about going anywhere else anymore. Maybe there is something here not seen that I am connecting with that fulfills my needs for pleasure? Could it be all the coconut trees, or all the wild jungles, or being surrounded by the Andaman Sea and a part of the archipelago of a hundred islands? Those things I can see but like I say could it be an unseen energy? I would like to know all the mystical things that happened here to try to uncover the “tractor-beam” of magnetic energy that holds me here like a bee stuck in honey.
Right now the strong all day breeze coming off the Cenang Beach is just like nectar to my lungs and skin. Warm enough to allow me to be in shorts yet cool enough to stave off any perspiration. These sea breezes are like eating a meal. And now the gentle sound of the call to prayer echoes up at the local mosque near the main street. And the cows bellow calling to each other in the distance as the coconut palms announce generous winds. These sounds of a natural world are certainly part of that unseen force that holds me on the island. 
But are there other unseen living beings here comforting my heart? 
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